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Written by Seagull

"Ada Choi. The first time I see her in a more light hearted role and one with a good ending. You know, Ada always seems to die in her serials, from Secret Of The Heart, to Healing Hands to HH2."


How Long
32 episodes, 16 tapes

Bobby Au Yeung - Siu Sung
Ada Choi - Ah Zi
Marco Ngai - Ah Fung
Joyce Tang - Sam Yuen
Ellesmere Choi - Winson


If you had read my AR2 review, you should know that I didn't really think an AR3 is feasible because Esther had left TVB and she and Bobby is one big draw factor for AR. But after watching AR3, I would want to take back all my words. AR3 is the


version of the 3 in my opinion, and I would definitely vote it to be the best serial in 2001. In fact, it has already topped my list of favorite TVB serials!!!! Really if you REMOTELY trust my taste,


Spoilers are sprawled all over the review, DO NOT read the review at all if u do not want me to spoil the serial for u coz I really don't know how to write a review without revealing all the important scenes of the serial. . Please note that any negative comments about the character written is aimed at the character itself and not the artiste playing them!

Siu Sung/Ah Zi/Winson
Ah Zi is a new traffic police officer in Sam Yuen's department. Siu Sung and Ah Zi met through some misunderstanding. Ah Zi thought that Siu Sung is a big lecher and is always picking on him and quarrelling with him. Later Siu Sung became friends with her dad. Once Ah Zi make a mistake at work and was later transferred to Siu Sung's department. Siu Sung asked Ah Zi to work as an undercover agent and she was almost killed in the operation. Siu Sung saved her just in time. Ah Zi finally discover that Siu Sung is very concern about her, and he's a good superior. They resolved their conflict and became best of friends. Ah Zhi met Winson at a wedding and they have a good impression of each other. They soon dated. Siu Sung is the love adviser of Ah Zi. Ah Zi and Winson's courtship is very sweet and smooth sailing initially, however Ah Zi find that Winson only seems to share his happiness with her but will not tell her about his problems. Siu Sung is always there to support Ah Zi. Winson soon proposed to Ah Zi and she agreed. Winson later had an affair with his ex girlfriend cum colleague Maggie and Ah Zi found out. She decided to call off the wedding, but after seeing Winson's dying dad, she decided to marry him for his dad's sake. Just when they are holding the ceremony at the church, Siu Sung came barging in, saying that he opposed to the wedding. He finally expressed his love for Ah Zi. Just then, Ah Fung came and arrested Winson. It turn out that Winson had killed Maggie while trying to break up with her. Later Ah Fung asked Ah Zi to be the bait to lure out a group of robbers. Siu Sung opposed vehemently to it as it's highly dangerous but Ah Zi wanted to catch the thieves so that justice will be done to her dad. Her dad was implicated in a robbery case because of these robbers. Siu Sung had no choice but to agree with the operation. He posed as Ah Zi's boyfriend so that he can protect her round the clock. This day was Ah Zi's birthday, Siu Sung brought her to the arcade to play. Later her dad called from prison to wished her happy birthday. Siu Sung had prepared a candlelight dinner for her and gave her a big bouquet of flowers. He kissed her repeatedly, wishing her happy birthday. Just when he's about to kiss her lips, Siu Sung's phone rang and Ah Zi quickly find an excuse and went back to her room. Ah Zi is very confused and she looked at her wedding photo with Winson.........
Ah Zi asked to withdraw from the operation because she wants to avoid Siu Sung. Ah Fung asked her to give him 3 more days. The robbers finally appear and Siu Sung was injured while trying to save Ah Zi. Ah Zi finally realizes Siu Sung's importance in her heart and told him about it.........

Sam Yuen/Ah Fung
Sam Yuen and Ah Fung had repeated quarrels over their kids' education. Sam Yuen wanted them to get into a prestigious school and hence arranged for them to attend a lot of extra lessons. Ah Fung on the other hand feel that they should let the kids grow normally and not to stress them too much. Their son Ka Ka suffered from some psychological problems due to the immense stress he is under. Sam Yuen finally listened to Ah Fung's suggestion, not to stress the kids anymore. There was a series of attacks on prostitutes lately and Sam Yuen is disturbed by this case as she was reminded of her own rape case. Ah Fung asked her to see a psychologist. It turn out that Ah Ping(the one who raped Sam Yuen) is manipulating Ah On, teaching him to kill people. Sam Yuen feel that she can get the truth from Ah Ping and wanted to pay Ah Ping a visit at the prison. Ah Fung is opposed to the idea but she went ahead with it. Sam Yuen incurred the wrath of Ah Ping and he decided to instigate Ah On to harm Sam Yuen's family members. Her sister was almost strangled to death by Ah On. During Ka Ka and Sa Sa's birthday, Sam Yuen went to fetch Ka Ka, on the way to her mother's house, she stopped by a shop to buy something. She then saw Ah On at the opposite of the streets, staring at her. Without thinking, she gave chase. Ah On lured her to an alley and locked her up there. He then brought Ka Ka in front of her, swinging him around. Sam Yuen was hysterical, demanding Ah On to release her son. Ah On then took Ka Ka away. Just then Sam Yuen broke the lock and Ah Fung and Siu Sung came. Ah Fung blamed Sam Yuen for her negligence. Later they received a phone call from Ah On, asking them to go to a warehouse to look for Ka Ka. They found nothing there. Just then Siu Sung saw a briefcase in the middle of the warehouse. He asked Ah Fung and Sam Yuen here. Ah Fung slowly opened the suitcase and saw Ka Ka's corpse. He wept and Sam Yuen fainted. Ah Fung started to ignore and avoid Sam Yuen after this incident. Things were so bad that Ah Fung decided to move back to his mother's house. Ah Fung killed a robber during one operation. The robber's buddy kidnap his daughter for revenge. Ah Fung is frantic. Sam Yuen gave him her support. Ah Fung apologized to her, saying that he finally understands her feelings, that he shouldn't have blamed her for Ka Ka's death. The robber contacted them telling them that Sa Sa was in a shopping complex. They finally found her and there was a bomb in Sa Sa's bag. Sam Yuen dismantled the bomb with the guidance of a professional and they finally survived the ordeal.......

Comments on each characters
Siu Sung (Bobby) - As funny as ever. I think in AR3, we get to see a more mature side of Siu Sung. I feel that Siu Sung is so kind that a lot of people always take him for granted and likes to exploit him! Like the way Ah Zi and her dad always make him their slaves! Haha, really funny, I think Ah Zi and her dad are so mean to Siu Sung at times! Always criticizing his figure, but then the magnanimous Siu Sung never took it to heart. He's always the one that shares everyone's sorrows and worries, from Ah Fung, to Sam Yuen, to Ah Zi. Definitely one good listener. I really agree with Ah Zi's comment, she said that Siu Sung is a nice and sensitive guy that every girl would like to have as a buddy, but few girls would think of him as a potential boyfriend! Isn't that sad =p

Ah Zi (Ada) - My favorite character, partly because it's Ada taking the role, and also because this is one charismatic character itself. I personally find this character more entertaining than Esther's character of Ah Ngor. Ah Zi is wacky, funny, impetuous at times, emotional and very nosy. In the front part we see the tough side of her when she catch the thieves, later, we see the tomboyish and sometimes unreasonable side of her when she argue with Siu Sung, then we see the girlish side of her when she fall in love with Winson. I personally like all the scenes with her and Winson, Ada and Ellesmere definitely make a cute couple! Ah Zi's relation with her dad is something that I think a lot of daughters would hope to have with their dad. They are just like old pals, always teasing and poking fun at each other. Though her dad is not very good at encouraging her, he's also always there for her and the way he comforts her is really very innovative!

Ah Fung (Marco) - Great father, great husband, great cop, great person. I think we can't find such a great guy anymore! =p I sort of pity Ah Fung, he seems like the one who experiences the most number of emotional tortures, and having such an unreasonable and un-understanding wife is so tiring! First his wife got raped, then his son got killed, then his daughter got kidnapped! We can see that he's almost crazy when he thought that the box outside his office contains Sa Sa's corpse. Haizzzz actually if I'm Ah Fung, I feel that it's really tiring to be with someone as headstrong as Sam Yuen. She always refuses to listen to people's advice. She always blame Ah Fung for not considering her feelings and throws tantrums when she feel like it, but does she ever consider Ah Fung's feeling?? I feel a sense of thrill when I saw Ah Fung scolded her after their son's death:" I told you before, if the kids got hurt because of your rashness and wilfulness, I would not forgive you." Ah Fung is a very understanding, forgiving and sensible person. I remember a scene where he told Ding Ye (the brother of the guy that raped Sam Yuen), "When I beat the hell of out you at the rooftop after Sam Yuen got raped, you think I would be happy? When I saw Ah Ping jumped to his death, you think I would be satisfied? No matter what, the pain I have would not be any lesser. We just have to look forward and continue with our lives......." You might think, he can forgive Ding Ye so easily but why can't he forgive his own wife Sam Yuen? Afterall, Sam Yuen also lost her son! I think precisely because Sam Yuen is his wife, he finds it ever harder to forgive her. We always expect more from the people closest to us, isn't it? Ah Fung had told her before to look after their children carefully, he trust her enough to be responsible to the kids, but Sam Yuen dump Ka Ka alone to chase after the killer not just once, but TWICE! And this "little" mistake on her part cause the death of their's not easy to forgive really.....

Sam Yuen (Joyce) - ARGHHH this woman, from liking her in AR1, to weeping so hard for her when she was raped in AR2, to detesting her in AR3. I find Sam Yuen's character getting more and more unreasonable with each sequel. I already notice her unreasonable behavior in AR2, but because she was rape later, she toned down a lot, so I thought after this incident and after becoming a mother of 2, she would be more mature and steady but I'm really wrong. I find Sam Yuen quite a selfish person. She always complain that Ah Fung never spare a thought for her, but when has she ever spare a thought for him? She always did what she think is right without consulting or considering Ah Fung's feeling, just like the way she forces her kids to attend extra lessons. Yes her intention is good, she wanted her kids to have a brighter future, but she should try to listen to what the kids have to say too! Ka Ka was so pressurized by her that he suffered from some psychological problem! It always seems like Ah Fung has to give in to her whenever they argue. She always thinks she can't be wrong. Again, because of her stupidity, rashness and unwillingness to heed Ah Fung's advice, she caused the death of her own son. I don't blame Ah Fung for blaming her because it's really partly her fault!! She's not fit to be a mother. A mother, to me, is someone who would stay by her child's side at the most dangerous moment, but she just dumped the kid at the store with an old lady who can't even fend for herself?!?! Ok I might be too harsh to her here, she is afterall a victim herself too, but I can never forget the scene where Ah Fung wept so hard when he saw Ka Ka's corpse. Actually I almost wanted to smash the tv when I saw Sam Yuen dumping Ka Ka with the store lady. I really wonder, how can someone so immature and rash be a head of the traffic police unit? Don't you think that Sam Yuen is someone who always need to learn her lesson the hard way? First she got rape, now she lost her son, but all these really happen partly because of her own wilfulness, oversight and rashness. If she still doesn't become more mature after these 2 incidents, I have nothing else to say for this character. I guess the only thing I didn't like about AR3 is making me "detest" Sam Yuen for a period of time, of course I also forgive her later....but I didn't like her as much as AR1 and 2 already. I actually quite like her in AR1 and 2 and I thought Joyce and Marco make such a cute couple. But their relation is quite strained here. You can say love has to be put to test, I hope if they ever have a AR4, they would try to make Sam Yuen more likable please!!!

Winson (Ellesmere) - I know he's not the best boyfriend around. He's a workaholic, sometimes neglecting Ah Zi's feelings and even have an affair with Maggie, but I really like him and I don't know why. All started because he tempered with his company's accounts. Haizz one wrong move and everything is gone. I find him really sweet during his courtship with Ah Zi. He wants his girlfriend to share all his joys and achievements, to be there to share his glory, but when he has trouble, he wants to hide it from her, so that she would not worry for him. I think it's his pride, he sees telling his girl his problems a wimpy act. This is something that is different from Ah Zi's thinking. Ah Zi feels that if they are a couple, they should be sharing joys and SORROW together, not only sharing joys. He would be a great boyfriend and husband if there's no such person called MAGGIE. I HATE HER!!! I love all the scenes with him and Ah Zi.

Fav scenes
Most scenes with Ah Zi are my favorites. Not only because I like Ada, but also because this character provided the "laugh" factor for the serial. I thought with Esther gone, the "humorous" factor would also be gone, but I'm utterly wrong. Ada's character in this serial is really wacky and funny, and you would be amazed by the way she can bicker with Siu Sung in the front part of the serial.

I especially like the part where Ah Zi just started to fall in love with Winson. She's really funny and I like her relationship with her dad. I remember one scene where she thought that her dad got someone pregnant, she started to "interrogate" him like some criminal, pushing him to the wall, with his hands on the wall. Then she kicked his butt. Hahahaha it's really hilarious. I've captured this scene and it's available for download at Ada's Cache. Drop by if you are interested!

Ah Fung moved back to his mother's house after Ka Ka's death. Once Sam Yuen took Sa Sa back to spend a few days with her. Ah Fung found out that Sam Yuen is sick and the house seems to be in a mess. Dirty dishes filled the sink, there's no water to make coffee, the refrigerator is empty, magazines and books sprawled everywhere. He asked Sam Yuen to take a rest in the room and he clear the house for her, restock the fridge with fresh food and brewed medicine for her. He's such a GREAT husband!!!! I really wonder what will become of Sam Yuen if Ah Fung left her.

The "I almost wanted to vomit blood scene"
Well after watching this scene, I REALLY WANTED TO STRANGLE SAM YUEN!!! Remember that guy that raped Sam Yuen in AR2? He tried to harm Sam Yuen's family members again by manipulating someone else called Ah On with a mental problem. Sam Yuen know that he's targeting her family members. That day was Ka Ka and Sa Sa's birthday. She went to a store with Ka Ka to buy something and she saw Ah On just opposite the store, looking at her. And without thinking, she just dump her 6 year old kid at the store and ran after Ah on. WHAT THE HECK?!?!!?!?!?!? WHAT A "GOOD" mother she is!! I mean even a COMPLETELY brainless person should know better than to dump your son and ran after a highly dangerous criminal who is very likely to harm your son. STUPID. I really think Sam Yuen is damn STUPID. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! And by the time she is walking near the alley, she already lost him, why can't she just turn back? That alley is so dark and deserted and she's not armed, she wants to get rape again is it??? And when Ah On locked her up in the alley, couldn't she just CLIMB OVER that damn gate?!!?!?!?!? I know there's the spiral thingy at the top of the gate, but SHE'S A TRAINED POLICEWOMAN, she should be agile enough to handle the gate!!! Can't she do a simply thing like climb over a gate instead of just screaming and yelling and telling him not to hurt Ka Ka like he would listen to you?!?!?!!?!?!!! Anyway I find the scene where she broke the lock really ridiculous because that lock is so thick, I don't really think it can be broken just with a few jerks!

Side note: why I think Sam Yuen is partly responsible for Ka Ka's death.
First, Ah Fung asked her not to meddle with the case and not to go provoke Ah Ping. She went ahead because SHE THINKS she would be able to convince Ah Ping to tell the truth even when someone as intelligent as Siu Sung failed to. Don't you feel that Sam Yuen is always so full of herself, right from AR1 I already have this feeling. She's someone who doesn't really understand or know her own capability, or rather, she tends to overestimate her own ability.

Second, she saw Ah On in the streets once, she dumped KaKa ALL ALONE, really ALL alone this time to run after him. Ok it's ok coz it's the first time and she's mentally disturbed coz of Ah Ping, I can understand that. But after this incident AH FUNG told her AGAIN that she should be EXTRA careful with the kids and even warn her that if their kids got into trouble coz of her rashness, he would not forgive her. Clearly, NONE of the words ever get into her head when she rushed to chase Ah On again the 2nd time she met him. Yes she left Ka Ka with the store lady, but do u have any brains? That lady is an old woman! Do u think she is capable of protecting Ka Ka if Ah On were to stalk him? If she's unlucky, Ah On might even kill the old lady!

And before all this, Ah On strangled Sam Yuen's sister. Sam Yuen should know that Ah On actually is targeting her FAMILY and not her and should be even MORE alert about her family's well being. And her chasing after Ah On is really dangerous! I don't know if she carried a gun, I think she doesn't and she just went ahead and followed Ah On to a really dark and deserted alley. Ah On could possibly kill her or rape her!!! She's always like this, all she cares is to chase and chase and not the consequences of her chasing so impulsively. What will happen to Ka Ka and Sa Sa if she's killed? What do u think will happen to Ah Fung if she's raped again? Or seriously injured?

Lastly, when she was locked up in the alley, can't she just try to climb over that gate? I saw the gate, it's possible to climb over it considering she's a policewoman. If she's fast and intelligent and composed enough, she can catch up with Ah On!! All she does is to scream and shout!! ARGHHH

You get my point? You know why am I so pissed?

Do you think if it's Ah Fung, he would dump Ka Ka and ran after the criminal? I guess it all boils down to maturity. Sam Yuen isn't really cut out to be a cop if you ask me. The thing a cop needs the most is to be composed AT ALL TIMES because they would face a lot of unexpected situations. If they are so easily agitated, so emotional, how can they make judgments and save people? I sincerely hope that if there's an ARMED REACTION 4, the scriptwriter would let us see how Sam Yuen finally become more mature and a cop deserving of her post. She shouldn't be the head if you ask me.

Actually Ah Zi is a bit like Sam Yuen in some ways. She's also quite emotional and impetuous at times, but I think even Ah Zi is more mature than her, and she knows her own shortcoming and is willing to change. After so many years of being a cop, Sam Yuen is still so irrational.

The ultimate classic, saddest, most heart wrenching, most intriguing, most "my heart almost STOPPED completely" scene
The one where everyone was in the warehouse, trying to find Ka Ka. They saw a suitcase in the middle of the warehouse. Siu Sung said he would open the suitcase for Ah Fung, but Ah Fung said he would open it himself. And they played the background music while Ah Fung slowly and painfully opened the suitcase. He saw what he most dreaded to see. He saw a corpse. He saw a corpse of his most beloved son Ka Ka. Sam Yung was very agitated, she ran to the suitcase and fainted halfway, while Ah Fung wept and wept, hugging Ka Ka like he would never want to let go..............

You just got to watch this scene yourself. Guess what, I already know his son will die before I watch the serial, but the pain is almost indescribable. When u see Ah Fung wept. Though Sam Yung wept too and fainted, but I only felt sorry for Ah Fung. I cried buckets of tears and I was literally shivering as I watched. I was repeating to myself "No, there's nothing in the suitcase, don't worry", though I know that obviously the suitcase will have SOMETHING. Haizzz. I think I'll be sad for a month.

The other was the scene where Ah Fung thought that the box outside his office contains Sa Sa's corpse. He almost fainted while walking towards the box. He couldn't suffer another blow of losing his child again. Ding Ye helped him to open the box and everyone held their breathe when he opens the box. When Ah Fung realize that there's nothing in the box, he went crazy and ran out of the station. He threw things and broke down in front of Sam Yuen. You can see his pain, and you realize just how much he loves his kids.

Other sad scenes
Ah Fung brought a pizza to Ka Ka's tomb, and said sadly:" Ka Ka, you always say that daddy is a superman. If daddy is a superman, you wouldn't be killed......." And he wept really hard............

Another one was when he was watching a video tape on Ka Ka in the middle of the night and he finally smiled when he saw Ka Ka in the video. I cried really hard because you can tell that he loves his son A LOT. Really A LOT. I dare to say that he loves his children more than Sam Yuen. He's a really awesome dad. Of course I was also sad because Sam Yuen was hiding at the corner and she wept when she saw Ah Fung. I guess she finally realizes how much pain she had caused Ah Fung.

Ah Fung went to Ka Ka's tomb again, asking Ka Ka where is Sa Sa. "Ka Ka, daddy is so useless. I failed to save u before. Now I failed to protect Sa Sa......" He looked really down and out and rugged. His eyes look sad and tired. You can feel his pain just by looking at him.

The break up of Winson and Ah Zi. I really like them together!!!! Why must they make Winson into a baddie so that Siu Sung can be with Ah Zi?!?!?!?! I definitely prefer Ah Zi with Winson. After confronting Winson, and confirmed his affair with Maggie, Ah Zi ran out. She wept really hard and I felt very sad for her.

Sam Yuen wanted to pacify Ah Fung after Ka Ka's death. She bought dinner for him and brought it to his office. She called him when she reached the station, asking him what he is doing. Ah Fung lied that he's still having a meeting. Actually he just doesn't want to go home and face Sam Yuen. Sam Yuen was sad that he lied. She said that since he finds it so hard to face her, they might as well separate for a while. The next day, Ah Fung went home early, he fixed the fused lamp at home and the leaking water pipe and bought some tonics for Sam Yuen's mother. Sam Yuen was really happy and thought that Ah Fung would start afresh with her. But Ah Fung carried a luggage case from the room and said that he would moved to his mother's house for a while. Sam Yuen wept. I think Joyce did this scene pretty well. I actually felt sad for her, hahaha I'm so fickle minded huh, just cursing her moments ago and now I felt sad for her.

The most "deserve my respect" character
Ah Fung without a doubt. Ah Fung is patient to listen to the children's problem, and tolerant to Sam Yuen's almost unbearable and unreasonable character. And though he's overwhelm with anger and hate for Ah On, he didn't abuse his power as a cop to kill Ah On. The scene where he was fighting with Ah On is really terrific. He was badly beaten by Ah On and almost couldn't get up anymore, but later he saw Ka Ka's toy robot and all of a sudden, he seems to have enough strength to kill Ah On. When Ah On was badly beaten up by him, he pulled out his gun and pointed at Ah On's head, wanting to shoot him to avenge Ka Ka, but he stopped. He thought of the vow he took when he became a police, that he would be a responsible policeman and do his best to protect the interests of the civilians. I came to admire him from the bottom of my heart after this scene. Oh yes there's the last scene too! Sam Yeun is trying to dismantle the bomb in Sa Sa's bag. Ah Fung's colleagues wanted to drag him away coz the bomb might explode anytime during the dismantling process, but Ah Fung took out his gun and pointed at his own head and shouted :"I'll kill myself if u all try to pull me away! They are my dearest, without them I don't wanna live anymore, our whole family will be together, life or death." Very touching!!

The "I Don't Quite Get It" Factor
How can Ah Zi love Siu Sung so quickly???? I think it's only months before she broke up with Winson and accepted Siu Sung. I really think it's a MAJOR flaw in the story coz from tape 1-13, we see the entire courtship process of Winson and Ah Zi, most fans would be attached to this couple, WHY WHY WHY must the scriptwriter separate them just so that Siu Sung is not alone. The only explanation I can find is maybe Ah Zi already love Siu Sung before she broke up with Winson, but it's kinda WEIRDDDDdddd! If I can choose, I would make Ah Zi wait for Winson, coz from the courtship, Ah Zi seems to really love Winson, and she seems like a devoted person. Having a change of heart so

The cute factor
Ka Ka. I think Ka Ka is cuter than Sa Sa and that's why I was so sad when he died. Haizzzzz poor kid.

I find Winson rather cute too. I think it's Ellesmere! He's a bit chubby and looks really cute with the spectacles.

The hate factor
I would say Sam Yuen if I write this immediately after I watch the scene where Ka Ka died. But now having finished the whole serial, having cool down after watching Ka Ka's death scene........ I think I shouldn't be too harsh on Sam Yuen coz she's also a victim and she's also very sad over her son death. To err is human, to forgive and forget, time heal all wounds.

The most hateful person is actually MAGGIE!! That irritating and sadistic person. Poor Winson for being manipulated by her. She deserved to be killed.

The Cool Factor
The traffic police costume and the motorbikes!! Ada looks absolutely cool in the costume and bike!!!

Fav Couple
Ah Zi and Winson for the front part.....until Winson had an affair with Maggie. Though I know he has his reasons and he really loves Ah Zi a lot.....but all these cannot be excuses to do something unfaithful to Ah Zi! Poor Ah Zi. But I really enjoy their courtship process. Cute and sweet. The scene where Ah Zi visited him in prison was quite sad too. Winson told Ah Zi not to wait for him, he's not worthy of her love. He said that the deepest regret in his life is not being able to be with Ah I wish Ah Zi would wait for him!

Mistmatch Couple
Ada and Bobby. I like seeing Ah Zi and Siu Sung bicker, they do HAVE chemistry, but I wouldn't think it as a lover kind of chemistry, it's more of a buddy relation to me and I find it really weird to see someone so old like Bobby pairing up with Ada. In the serial, Siu Sung is buddy of Ah Zi's dad, so Ah Zi is something like a niece to him!! One generation gap ok! So weird to see them together!

Actually I think the only one that can ever match Bobby is Esther. I agree that their chemistry is unbeatable. It would be nice to have Esther back with Bobby and just let Ada be a new character who will be Bobby's best buddy.

If I'm the director, I would.......
1. Let Winson be a nice guy. And let him have a happy ending with Ah Zi.

2. Not let Sam Yuen be so unreasonable. And have more sweet scenes of Ah Fung and Sam Yuen. The main reason why I love AR was really because of Joyce and Marco, but in a way I feel sad that their part in AR3 is kinda little and once again the scriptwriter make Sam Yuen out to be quite unreasonable. Let her grow up please!

3. Prepare for an AR4 now!! hehehe

4. Let Joyce and Ada be more involved in the cases. Armed Reaction, in chinese is called Tou Qiang Shi Jie, meaning "Women carrying guns". But why is it that the only time the ladies are involved in the cases are when they are required as baits? (like the case where Ada posed as prostitute, and later she's the bait to lure another big robber out, and in AR2, Joyce was the bait to lure the psychopath killer) And when it's back to BIG cases, it's always back to Bobby and Marco? It really defeats the purpose of the title if you ask me. And why is it always the guys who save the girls? Like how Joyce's colleague shielded a bullet for her and how Bobby shielded a bullet for Ada. Are they trying to say that woman cops are not capable of defending themselves and always need guys to save them? It seems to be the message coming to me. So if there's an AR4, for goodness sake, make the female leads more mature, let them handle some big cases, let them be the witty ones who solved the cases, show us that women cops are as tough, if not better, than the male cops! I really like the scene in AR2 where Esther fought with the psychopath killer Ah Ping because previously I always see her as a weak cop not capable of handling big cases. But she proved me wrong in that case. I love it.

The Best Performance
Marco Ngai. When u see him weep u would agree with me.

Just one thing, I think Marco seems to have gained weight? And he is more tanned in AR3.

The Good Performance
Ada Choi. The first time I see her in a more light hearted role and one with a good ending. You know, Ada always seems to die in her serials, from Secret Of The Heart, to Healing Hands to HH2. I hope she would take more wacky roles and smile more often! She's so natural and cute in this role that I can feel that Ada became more energetic and young after taking this role! She over acts a little in some crying scenes, but she's very good in that breaking up scene with Winson. I can feel my heart ache with her as she wept.

Bobby is good as usual, funny and cute.

Joyce is good, despite my "dislike" for Sam Yuen. She cried really well in some scenes and I like her hairstyle in here better than the previous 2 AR, I mean when she let her hair down. Joyce looks very pretty and feminine with her hair down and cool in the traffic police suit! Oh yes, she dyed her hair too!

Why is AR3 better than AR1 or AR2
1. Funnier. I didn't think AR1 is funny at all. In fact I dislike any scenes of Bobby and Esther in AR1 and thought them as absurd and a waste of my time. Things were better in AR2 and I begin to see their chemistry and humor. But I prefer Ada and Bobby's humor in AR3.

2. The cases are better, more intelligent, a lot more exciting and enthralling scenes, more gun firing scenes, and I love the car racing scenes in the front part of the serial. I found them pretty exciting.

3. Cooler than AR1 or 2. This is because of the traffic police costume!!

Some recaps of the previous ARs
AR1: Why did I like AR1? Actually I'm not at all crazy about AR1, I thought it's a very normal police serial. If not for Joyce and Marco, I wouldn't like it at all because I found Bobby and Esther's part really ridiculously and a waste of my time.

My favorite scenes in AR1:
1. Sam Yuen just realized she loves Ah Fung, Ah Fung hurt his leg and Sam Yuen found all sorts of excuses to visit him everyday! Hahaha. Yet Ah Fung thought that she's just using him as an excuse to get near Joe Ma's character!

2. Sam Yuen stuffed durians into Ah Fung's mouth. He feared the smell of durian initially, but later he actually love them!

3. Sam Yuen was asked to be the bridesmaid. You know what a tomboy she was and she felt so strange wearing that bridesmaid dress and just when Ah Fung thought that she looks gorgeous in that dress, she fell down!!! HAHAHAHA.

4. After the wedding Ah Fung declared his love for Sam Yuen and kissed her. Very sweet.

5. Sam Yuen thought that Ah Fung is just using her as a substitute for his ex girlfriend and felt really sad. Later she and Ah Ngor got trapped in a freezing warehouse or something. By the time Ah Fung and Siu Sung arrived, they fainted. Ah Fung then expressed his love for her and proposed to her, saying something like "it's ok if you don't want to wear dress at the wedding, you can wear trousers...." really funny.

Ok how about AR2? I like AR2 much better than AR1 because not only do I enjoy Joyce and Marco's scenes, I have also came to like Esther and Bobby's pairing. Here are my fav or most remembered scenes of AR2:
1. Siu Sung gave Ah Ngor a voice dial handphone and both of them are playing happily with it. I really really really like this scene and this is when I started to like this couple. They are so mushy and cute. I love the way Ah Ngor would pinch and kick Siu Sung.

2. I can't really recall any sweet scenes of Sam Yuen and Ah Fung before Sam Yuen got raped. I just remember them always quarrelling when Sam Yuen was under Ah Fung. But I think the rape scene was a classic. Though it's not a fav scene, it's a most remembered scene. Later when Ah Fung wept at the hospital, he told Sam Yuen that he no matter what happens, he would love her just as much. Very sad. And I also remember the scene where Sam Yuen broke down in front of Siu Sung at the rooftop. It sort of shows how deep her relation was with Siu Sung. This is a bit lacking in AR3 I feel, because AR3 concentrated too much on Siu Sung's relation with Ah Zi.

3. Sam Yuen was afraid of having intimate moments with guys after she got raped. Siu Sung teaches Ah Fung how to create atmosphere. When Ah Fung tried to kiss her, she remembered how she got rape again, grabbed a vase and smashed it into Ah Fung's head. He's not seriously injured but Sam Yuen felt very apologetic, she suggested a divorce and Ah Fung said that she's his wife and not matter what happens, he would not divorce her.

4. Sam Yuen asked Ah Ngor to accompany her to the place where she got raped. She wanted to overcome her fear. Later that rapist appear again and Sam Yuen and Ah Ngor fought with him. This scene is great and I think it's the only scene in all the AR series that brought out the theme of the serial: "Policewomen carrying guns". It shows the might of the policewomen. They are not just a vase or wallpaper decorating the police stations! They can catch thieves too!


Interesting Point
There's a psychology test in the serial that I find it quite interesting. Try it!
A girl met a guy during her dad's funeral and she decided that the guy is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. When she went home, the first thing she did was to take a knife and stabbed her sister to death. Why did she do that?

Some people reasoned that the sister also likes the guy, so she killed her. Some said it's coz the guy loves the sister and not her......'s because she wanted to hold another family funeral so that she can see the guy again! It turns out that most psychopath criminals would give the same answer! So are u a psychopath?

Why would they give such an answer? It's because they have a low view in the value of life so they tend to take away innocent lives for the weirdest reasons.

The Ending
The ending is quite a typical AR ending.......a happy one but also one that left room for a possible AR4.

The serial ended with a wedding ceremony of Ah Zi's dad. Sam Yuen and Ah Fung reconciled and Sam Yuen was pregnant again. Meanwhile, Siu Sung was pressurized into proposing to Ah Zi. And Ah Zi said that she would marry him if he managed to catch the whistle and she threw the whistle really high up.



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