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"Best Actor: Most people would say Roger Kwok, but in my opinion, definitely Derek Lee!!"


20 episodes


Roger Kwok -Cheung Yee Fai
Charmaine Sheh - Ruby Ng Sin Yu/Ah Bee
Melissa Ng - Sam Yuet
Derek Lee - Wai Yat Siew
Eileen Yeow - Kau Kau
Kou Hung - Cheung Wai Onn
Wu Fung - Cheung Tong Sang

Cheung Tong Sang (Wu Fung), a famous herbalist, gave his business to his son, Wai Onn (Kou Hung) after his wife died. Unfortunately, Wai Onn kept urging people to buy these pills, not knowing that not everyone could eat them so many people got sick, and some even landed in hospital. Cheung Yee Fai (Roger Kowk), Wai Onn's son, worked in another famous herbalist company, and this is were love comes in. Ah Bee (Charmaine Sheh), daughter of his rich boss, is hired as his secretary and at first, Yee Fai did not like her at all, thinking she was imcompetent, but later on, they fall in love.

Althought Ah Bee's father is very rich, she didn't want anyone to know about that, as well as not wanting to rely on his wealth. When Yee Fai found out about her father, he was pretty angry at that, thinking she was spying on him, so he went off to Shanghai to work, and to find an old friend of his grandfather's. Ah Bee found out about this and decided to follow him, to help out. Yee Fai then meets Wai Yat Siew (Derek Lee) and his friend, a female herbalist, Sum Yuet (Melissa Ng).

Soon enough, Fai and Yat Siew become good buddies, so of course, it was only natural that good, kind, Yat Siew volunteered to search for Yee Fai's grandfather's old friend. But little did he know that Tong Sang's old friend was actually his mother!! Well, he did find that out, from overhearing a conversation Sum Yuet had with his mother, so he begged them to let him go back to Hong Kong with Yee Fai to meet his father. At first, his mother would NOT let, but Sum Yuet helped convinced her, saying she had to go to Hong Kong with her dad as well.

In the end, Yat Siew ended up staying at Fai's house and everyone liked him a lot. Except for Wai Onn, who was very suspicious of him.....once he even accused him of coming to Hong Kong to hurt his family!! Well, Yat Siew's mother knew about this and couldn't take it, so she, Sum Yuet and Yat Siew flew back to Shanghai.

Soon on, Fai's irresponsible sister, ended up oweing $200 000 to back her gambling fees, so Ah Bee used her dad's money to pay it off, even though Yee Fai did NOT want her to do that. Ah Bee's father hated Yee Fai, thinking he wasn't not rich enough for his daughter and that Yee Fai only wanted Ah Bee for her money, so Ah Bee and Yee Fai decided to "pretend" they've split up, but haven't really. Later on, when they went back to Shanghai, they agreed to really split up, and to meet back a year later, so Yee Fai can go and study chinese medicine while Ah Bee can go and study fashion design in Milan. But before that, Yee Fai's sister asked if she could borrow $40 000 to pay back the money she borrowed when gambling, and since she was Yee Fai's sister, she let her.

Well, Yee Fai stayed in Shanghai to study chinese medicine, like I said, and he ended up falling for Sum Yuet. In Milan, Ah Bee married this rich guy called James, to save her dad's company. And Yat Siew also fell for someone, Kau Kau (Eileen Yeow) to be exact. Their "dates" were very interesting, funny and cute as Kau Kau was exactly the opposite of Yat Siew. But later on, she flew off, leaving him wandering what on earth was that about.

After Yee Fai finished his herbalist course, he flew back to Hong Kong and discovered Ah Bee and James were together, so he was very happy for them. Unfortunately, James was a very jealous person, so whenever he saw Ah Bee and Fai together, he thought they were back together again. So to clear up his head, he always went to pubs and to drink and started cheating on Ah Bee with an old girlfriend of his, Anna.

Ah Bee found out she was pregnant just before James started cheating on her, so when she saw Anna and James together, kissing and giggling, it was no wonder she fainted. Once she was in hospital, and woken up, she cried and told Yee Fai about James and Anna. How unhappy she was. And then the doctor just has to come along and tell her that she has stomach cancer, and would have to go to Shanghai to get the best medical attention possible, so Ah Bee and Fai went together.

Sum Yuet was not happy to see Yee Fai spending so much time with Ah Bee, but she kept it all inside, until Ah Bee came to her and told her that Fai loved her, not Sum Yuet, and told her to back off. The reason Ah Bee was so mean was because to treat her stomach cancer, she would have to lose the baby, which she SO wanted no to do. She once ever tried to jump off a bridge cos she had lost her baby (look below), but Yee Fai saved her just in time.

Well in the end, Ah Bee and Sum Yuet became good friends, after Ah Bee came to her senses, and she said she'd "give" Yee Fai to Sum Yuet jokingly. And oh yeah, about Yat Siew. Well, Kau Kau came back, saying she was pregnant with his baby, but that wasn't true, because the baby was hers and some gangster. She only said that to Yat Siew to get money off him. But soon enough, she fell in love with him. Yat Siew's dad found out about Kau Kau and the gangster, but couldn't prove it to Yat Siew until one day, at the airport, Yat Siew saw Kau Kau and the gangster hugging and kissing, and he was extremely upset, but forgave her, once she came crawling back. But the others weren't so easy to please. In Yat Siew's mother's restaurant, the gangster came back, trying to kill Kau Kau, but Kau Kau accidentally fell when he tried to chop her and she knocked Ah Bee into the edge of a table and that was how Ah Bee lost her baby. But things for sorted out and everyone soon accepted Kau Kau, so she and Yat Siew got married and had her baby, even though it wasn't his. So all's wells, that ends well. =)

Overall Opinion: I loved this series, but only from 1-4 and parts in the beginning about Kau Kau (Eileen Yeow) and Wai Yat Siew and Yee Fai and Sum Yuet. Those parts were really cute and I loved them. But towards the end, it got pretty boring and annoying, especially Charmaine's character, Ah Bee. The movie had a great cast, who played their parts really well, so I'm giving this series three stars and a half. =)

Favourite Character: Well at first it was Ng Sin Yu/Ruby Ng/Ah Bee (Charmaine Sheh), as she was really cute and funny, but then towards the end, it changed to Cheung Yee Fai (Roger Kwok), as Ah Bee became my most unliked character. But both of them played their parts well, especially Roger. I've never seen ATE I or II (only bits and pieces) so this was one of the first movies I've seen in him in a long time, and he was very good as Yee Fai. Yee Fai was a good guy too, funny, smart and fun, so he was the kind of guy you could probably like from the beginning till the end =)

Most Disliked Character: At first, it was Wai Onn (Kou Hung). He was so annoying!! He kept on going on about Yee Fai and drinking all these medical stuff and he was SO unreasonable when it came to Wai Yat Siew (Derek Lee) Ugh, he was the dad nobody would like to have! Half the time I wanted to jump at him and strangle his neck!! But later on, that turned to Ah Bee. She was beginning to seem a lot like Wai Onn, annoying and unreasonable. She was so slack to Sum Yuet (Melissa Ng) and kept going to Yee Fai, "Don't leave me here, I need you" in a whiny, sulky voice. could she change so much?!

Best Actor: Most people would say Roger Kwok, but in my opinion, definitely Derek Lee!! I learnt that this was his first serial ever and personally, I thought he acted very well in it. His acting was very natural and he was just amazing as Wai Yat Siew; it was almost as if he was Yat Siew himself! And he was just so cute in the scenes with Eileen Yeow (Kau Kau). Another good actor was Kou Hung (Wai Onn). Even though he pissed me off, he acted very well as an annoying father!

Best Actress: Melissa Ng, definitely. I've never seen her act as a character like Sum Yuet; most of the time she played the responsible, dull characters, but this time was different. She was very cool in A Herbalist Affair and pretty funny too, especially when she was arguing with Roger Kwok's character, Yee Fai! Hehe, yeah, definitely a 4.9999/5 for her.



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