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Written by Jules

"Ah! The handsome and very tall Joe Ma. We get to see so much of him, which I'm not complaining."


Released In



Bowie Lam

Kenix Kwok

Joe Ma

Benny Chan

Tavia Yeung

Eileen Yeow

Evergreen Mak

Belinda Hamnett

Kwok Fung

Law Koo Lan

Mark Kwok

Ben Ng

Derek Kwok


A police drama starring my guy Bowie Lam and my other tall handsome guy Joe Ma! It's a typical TVB cops drama with cases, relationships, bad guys you want to kill, etc.


Bowie and Kenix are from the same village and they've known each other since forever. They're great friends and see each other as brother and sister. Kenix is a doctor and Bowie is the respected policeman. The talented doctor right now is seeing Mark but she's always too busy with her work to pay any real attention to him. Bowie is also seeing Eileen who he treats like a maid but for some reason Eileen's still with him.

One day, Joe Ma moves into the village and starts off on the wrong foot with Kenix and Bowie. Actually, Joe was from the SWAT team and transferred to Bowie's sector and becoming his boss, so Bowie resents him a little for kind of taking his job.

Benny is Bowie's little sidekick and he looks up to Bowie like he's god. I think they both grew up in the same village.

As the Plot Thickens

Mark one day because of an accident dies on Kenix's watch at the hospital. He makes Kenix promise him to take care of his mistress and their baby. (I think that's what happened because seriously, my tape was all messed up at that part). So Tavia shows up causing havoc for Kenix. She threatens Kenix that she'll have an abortion if Kenix doesn't provide the necessities for her, aka money. Tavia is actually squandering money for her bad brother, Derek Kwok, who's obviously in a lot of debt.

Anyways, Kenix promises and Tavia agrees to live with Kenix so that she can look out for both mother and child. Meanwhile, Benny is developing feelings for Eileen because every time when Bowie isn't free he sends his little sidekick to go with his girlfriend. The two develop feelings and begin to go out behind Bowie's back. Bowie finds out, gets furious but then realized that he wasn't that great of a boyfriend and gives them his blessings to go out. Eileen and Benny decides to get married but at this time Benny is a little tight with money,blah blah, anyways, Benny ends up in real debt.

Bowie now starts to like Kenix but Kenix is also starting to realize that Joe isn't such a bad guy after all and they both have feelings for each other. (Actually, Joe in the very beginning saved Kenix from a sociopath, but unfortunately, she didn't see his face. So when Kenix realized that Joe was her savior, of course that also helped put things into perspective and made her like Joe even more!) Bowie once again, is unlucky with love and is left alone. So this leaves the pregnant Tavia and Bowie. I guess the two hang around each other a lot and developed feelings for each other as well.

Ok...enough with that plot.

My Comments

This actually was a very entertaining series. There were plot twists and unpredictable outcomes. It's also very unusual for the main girl, Kenix and main guy, Bowie not to end up together and to me very refreshing. The pairing in here was a little unpredictable, especially Eileen and Benny. I like both actors but to me Eileen looks a bit mature for Benny but hey, it's also refreshing to see change.

Joe and Kenix

Ah! The handsome and very tall Joe Ma. We get to see so much of him, which I'm not complaining. I think he's a great actor and I'm so happy TVB is giving so many opportunities. His pairing with Kenix is actually very enjoyable and the two prove to be a cute pair. Kenix in my opinion is too skinny. I think she should fatten up more because sometimes I think she's going to keel over. But hey, that's my opinion. Kenix is a good actress to me but her roles now are too similar making it a little boring to watch. Her character in here was nothing too eye catching and it was interesting just to watch her with either Bowie or Joe.

Bowie and Tavia

Tavia in my opinion has done it the old fashion way, going to school, which is something I respect. Not saying that the Miss HKs aren't any good because I do respect them too, well some of them, I'm just saying Tavia didn't get the boost that they did or the pre-exposure. She definitely has some talent and it shows in here. She's very natural in all her scenes from the annoying money hustler in the beginning to the responsible caring mother she turned in the end. Bowie and her made my favorite couple. Bowie looks so cute when he smiles, it's like his eyes shrunk or something, just too cute. He also transformed himself too, from being negligent to the caring boyfriend who'll do anything for his family.

Benny and Eileen

At first, I thought I wasn't going to like them one bit. But I really wasn't watching it for them so they didn't bother me. I still think Eileen looks too mature for Benny but chemistry wise, they were great. I was very touched especially towards the end with how Benny cared so much for his wife. Very odd pair but in the end it was a pleasant surprise.

Favorite Female

Tavia. Very spunky, funny, cute, you name it. Just very enjoyable to watch. Her character at first, annoyed me like anything, but then you see where she's from and why she's doing all those things. She then realized that she doesn't have to lie for money anymore and her true colors showed. She befriended Kenix and Bowie which was fun to watch.

Odd and Ends

I thought it was too cute with the four couples all getting married in their traditional outfits. Evergreen's ending was what he deserves but I do feel sorry for him. Such an underrated actor with so much talent. Although, he doesn't have the looks but if you give him a rich character that you can just fall in love with, he's all set.

Ben Ng's in here. I never liked him to be honest. I thought his acting was too forced especially in that other cop movie with Benny and Maggie Siu. He was Joe's good friend turn bad in here and I did not enjoy him at all.

Mark Kwok showed up for like 10 minutes in all. I think it's because of all the bad guys he's played that I'm not very fond of him but I do recognize him as an actor and I think he should get meaty role parts. Granted, he's not that handsome but sometimes, he reminds me of Frankie Lam, who reminds me of Chilam Cheung. Call me crazy.

Jules' insight

A very enjoyable series but I remembered pressing the "ff" button a lot. Good storyline, good cast, and enjoyable couples. It's not on one of my must watch list, but it's entertaining nonetheless. The cases aren't anything to rave about but again it's enjoyable.



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