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Written by Funn Lim

"For me the biggest tragedy in this series is not when Kei Tak Tin died, that was pure nonsensical needless drama. The biggest tragedy was when Michelle, happily chatting away with her dream guy (Wilson Tong) heard him say over the phone, 'Wife...'."



Alex Fong Jung Sun as Tong Ming (Wilson)

Wong Hei as Kei Tak Tin

Maggie Cheung Hor Yee as Chung Yun Yee

Yoyo Mung Ka Wai as Kong Yut Ngah (Yan)

Stephen Au Kam Tong as Choi Nam Fung

Annie Man Jung Han as Yip Heung Yeung

Kevin Cheng Ka Wing as Kei Hing Tin (Mark)

Flora Chan Wai San as Ho Bo Lam (Michelle)

Jenny Shing Ka Ying as Kei Yiu (Yiu Yiu)

Yuen Wah as Kwan On Yam

Leila Tong Ling as Kwan Wing Yan

Ellesmere Choi Chi Kin as Yeen Jai

Cheung Chi Kwong as Man Kung

With a cameo appearance from Jessica Hester Hsuan as Ling (Kei Tak's deceased wife) and Gilbert Lam as Wilson's gay brother.

(Taken from Bridget Au's review of the same series)

About ...

Firemen and their very intense private lives. This is not a sequel to super smash hit, Burning Flame but rather a different series, different settings, same lead actor playing a totally different character. So you won't see Louis Koo in here and luckily no Lee San San.

The Plot

Many reviews on this series can be found in SPCNET and one can be found here as well. So I am going to just skip this one.


Ahhhhhh, took me such a long long time to complete this so called review of mine, writing and rewriting countless of times as to how I feel about this series. The difficulty is not in finding the rights words to express my feelings but rather I kept losing the disks containing this series' review! So there goes my effort, my brilliant summary on the plot, character analysis and everything else done I think about 3 times in all. I am getting quite sick of writing the same thing all over again and not remembering what I wrote which made me think what I wrote was great. Therefore I have decided to chuck my review and just have a conversation with you, dear readers.

I am sure by now you would have watched this series, if not a few times, at least once. I am sure during the time you were watching this series you must have one object of desire. For women, surely it must have been Alex Fong or Stephen Au or Wong He or Kevin Cheng. Maybe some of you like Cheung Chi Kwong or even Ellessmere Choi! For guys, I am sure it's either Michelle Chan, Annie Man, Yoyo Mung or Maggie Cheung. If you're thinking about Jenny Shing, man you need therapy, a few strokes of cane and a few dozen years of jailtime.


I must tell you this one truth about my expectations of this series; when I read Alex Fong was going to be the fireman in this series, I drooled at the mere thought of him clad in fireman attire. Not sordid stuff but I predict style. For me he's the ultimate sex symbol in this series and his Wilson Tong is delicious to behold. Sometimes I feel like Michelle Chan's character, Michelle in here, pining hoping and everything a woman feels when she is in lust and in love. For me the biggest tragedy in this series is not when Kei Tak Tin died, that was pure nonsensical needless drama. The biggest tragedy was when Michelle, happily chatting away with her dream guy heard him say over the phone, "Wife...". That keyword wiped off her happy smile and made her miserable everytime she bumped into him. At that one singular moment in that series, that one scene represented the universal truth that all single attractive (or not so attractive) women faced when meeting the perfect men; they're either gay, engaged, useless or worse of all, married. I cried for Michelle, and the injustice of it all. And being in Michelle's shoes, how would you feel when you meet the wife who is actually a dependent no opinion type of leech who burdens her husband like a child would than being an adult wife? I felt like thunder should strike and the violin should be played as the background music. The great thing about Michelle is she is a really nice lady. She loves this man madly but she knows, no way can she get him. So she just step aside, but still pondering the words, "What if?". When she knew the lady she employed who was pretty useless is his wife, she is wrecked with guilt because Yan is such a nice lady (ok, useless but nice, naive but strong willed, clueless but determined, all the qualities big strong man like Wilson will like whilst independent career women like Michelle gets side stepped because of the notion, "she can take care of herself what!").When Yan found out (and at this point she was already best friends with Michelle), she was torn between feeling anger at the deception and low self esteem as she knew Michelle is strong, independent and really nice. The funny thing is Michelle isn't THAT strong. She cries alone, she had to be strong to succeed, she is in other words the product of today's society which demands women to be like men. In a way Yan was shielded from such harsh realities by her strong manly husband. When Yan left in a huff after she suspected her husband was having an affair with a woman named Michelle, she reasoned betrayal, she felt anger. At the same time she was still waiting. The thing is, I do not know what she was waiting for and so I was very frustrated. What did that Yan want? What? WHAT?! Michelle knew what she wanted. Yan didn't. And the thing is I never ever blamed Wilson. To me Wilson was the victim of his wife's indecisiveness and Michelle's bad timing. He should have met Michelle first. Of course then you might say he actually really loved his wife. I agree, because one good scene has them narrating one same event with two different reasoning and poor Michelle had to be the one to tell her enemy-in-love that her dream lover really loves this nitwit of a wife.

Yes, yes I really disliked Yan. I just disliked her because I am on the mistress' side. Of course they never had sex, this is PG rated, but there was one scene where Michelle sat in the car looking at Wilson with her silky plump glossy lips and Wilson looked at her with his bedroom eyes. Briefly they moved forward to one another and darn! Wilson kissed her forehead and Michelle looked disappointed. I cursed! That was such a sexy scene without the need for graphic sex. But for once I just wish they show these two go to a motel and just do it to satisfy my lust for these two characters to copulate (sounds so seedy of me!). All in all, the ending for this triangular love is really a forgone conclusion; husband was for a moment dissatisfied with his marriage found solace in a woman who speaks in the same wave length with him and then returns to his wife because well, he loves her, she loves him, and Michelle flew away. In fact there was not even any triangle whatever, it's pretty straight forward. In the end I felt like I was taken for a ride. Yes, I felt cheated. Lame ending. Wilson should end up with Michelle and Yan and Michelle should end up as best friends and Yan should marry another, maybe a doctor.

Kei Hing Tin - Chung Yun Yee - Kei Tak Tin

Peculiar relationship and obviously woman is older than handsome younger brother. Anyway in love with handsome younger brother but gets on better with uglier older brother. So in the end who wins? NOBODY because uglier one died and the handsomer one lives with guilt all his life whilst woman became a widow even before she married him.

In a way this relationship is also a forgone conclusion as it was very obvious, the chemistry between Tak and Yee is much more watchable and much more electrifying than with younger brother, Hing. Glad to see that the uglier one got the girl and the handsome one the loser. What I like about this triangular love is the selfishness in it on the part of Hing and the givingness in Tak. Or you could say the selfishness in both men. At times I understand Hing's problems with his older brother who would scold him in front of all of his subordinates (mind you younger brother holds a higher rank) and starts breathing down his neck everytime the girl goes crying to Tak. Tak became too meddlesome but Hing does not deserve our sympathy and I will tell you why; he has ulterior motives and the more Tak cares about Yee the more Hing grabbed her and kept her away from Tak. This is not because he loved her, it was obvious he found her convenient, that she's just there so why not date her type of relationship and at the same time he was two timing her with Kwan Wing Yan who was the god daughter of his superior. I feel someone as intelligent as him should not need to go to such dirty tricks to get promotion or attention. You know, I think Hing is rather stupid in a way. At the end he had no women and no brother. He never really reconciled with his brother and that became his greatest guilt. In the end when he stood before his brother's cemetery and opted for teaching post in the fireman academy, I love him more than I first liked him, because it shows a man of maturity. Why use a woman to fight over small matter? What promotion when your only family is gone?

As for Yee the nice thing about her is she is one determined lady, very single minded and focused. And yet when it comes to love and Hing, she became weakened by her love for him and blinded by her devotion. When she finally realised Tak was the man for her, tragedy struck. But instead of wasting away with tears and sorrow, she in a way adopted Tak's beloved daughter, Yew Yew and became Tak as in a parent to his child. That is the most giving act of love; that she takes care of his one single worry and greatest love in life. Tak would have died a contented man.

Heung Yeung - Choi Nam Fung

Ok, this pair is my least favourite because the woman gets on my nerves with her demands, her control of things and her every effort to kill the spirit in this man that I love to watch. Fung is a great guy, he's honest, hard working, loving and a great uncle to Yew Yew. He doesn't get along with Tak (because he always felt his dead sister married beneath her status) but he loves Yew Yew enough to endure the taunts and snide remarks by Tak. Then he fell in love with his dead master's young widow who also did her part to seduce him. Formed a relationship and wham! she doesn't like him being a fireman and yet this is his ambition. On their wedding day, he walked away because he wanted ambition. At last the woman (now heavily pregnant with his child) understood why he held on to his dreams, and his beliefs in a rather corny scene (she was devastated by the death of a baby found with the baby's drug addict mother in a public toilet who survived, then she understood people must help people ....I don't know what she understood but she understood something important) and got back with him. I dislike this woman and I feel Fung should have gotten a better deal than be with a control freak.

There are many more characters in this series actually but most of them are like plants in a movie; to decorate only. Leila Tong for one, Yuen Wah just there to add one more unnecessary storyline into an already over crowded series, Ellesmere Choi and Cheung Chi Kwong both likeable actors now relegated to supporting roles and forgettable characters. Some characters are unforgettable though such as ...

Kei Tak Tin

Lazy bum at first, very irresponsible mainly because his wife died in a freak accident and wanting to see his daughter grow up, he adopted the attitude of 9 to 5 for his rather unconventional occupation. Then he began to adopt responsibilities because he wants to become a better example to his daughter and also because he fell for the most hardworking paramedic there is. His end though is sudden, unnecessary and really heart breaking not because he is dead but because of his young 7 year old daughter.

The actor, Wong He

Amazing performance, no longer the nice underdog but the disgustingly lazy underdog and yet I grew to like his Tak. I won't say more of his performance because that's unnecessary. Definitely the best actor in this series and I love his chemistry with his "daughter", the playfulness and all. Finally a series with Wong He in it that's befitting his talent because there was a time Wong He was on his way DOWNNNNNNNN, becoming rather stale and predictable. Here he gives a different perspective in a character I rarely see him play. But I had to get over my initial shock first because I absolutely love Lok Tin Yau in Burning Flame and to see the same actor in such a horrible character gave me a shock. I quickly overcame it because of the sheer brilliance of his performance. There are some dissenters who said when he talked, he sounded like he's reciting the script. I disagree. There's passion in his delivery, and however small his eyes may be, I see fire in his performance. FIRE!

Kei Yew

My most favourite character in this series and for obvious reasons. She is cute, she is real and she is a magnet; I can't take my eyes off her. But what I love about her is her maturity in certain matters and sometimes she seemed like the wise one whilst her father and uncle are busy fighting each like little children.

The actress, Jenny Shing

I have seen her in Ups and Downs and fell in love with her. In this series, she was the sole reason that probably elevated this usual mundane storyline into a very watchable series. In fact her performance itself belies her young age and she gives such a steady confident and heart felt performance, she alone can put many so called experienced actors to shame. No doubt the best actress in this series and yes, far far better than the adult counterpart. Her best moment was when she sat down in her father's room on his bed looking outside the starless night sky, her uncle came in and hugged her and she tearfully confessed that she knew her daddy was never going to read her another story or coming home. My heart broke at that moment and silent tears fell down my cheek. TVB was being cruel and that should never have been the ending. Her performance in that one single scene was worth the entire rental fee and the boring storyline, useless characters and stupid ending.

By the way, Jenny Shing reminds me of one young actor that forever made me remember his face, if not his name. It took me years to know his name that is Gregory Lee. His performance in Return To The Truth and ALL series he was in as a child star was all unforgettable and totally phenomenal. Jenny Shing has the same talent and bears the same "weight" when it comes to drama as Gregory Lee. Hopefully though she will grow up to be as phenomenal as an adult actress than as a child actress, unlike Gregory who I sadly note has yet to rise above his greatness as a child and blandness as an adult.

Kei Hing Tin

I hated him, what a hypocrite. Ok, no more on this guy.

The actor, Kevin Cheng

He's such a good looking man and yet very small looking man. He has this perfect features, a bit lazy devilish devil may care type of look, and his rather interesting lazy eyes. He looks amused most of the time, the classic expression of "Really? Realllllyyy??". Dark healthy skin tone, a bit too thin but no one is perfect. Yes, his biggest fault is he's short. His performance is surprisingly interesting and I can see where his interpretation was heading. Whilst I grew to hate the hypocrisy of Hing, I grew to like the actor himself whom I shall say give style to the word despicable heartless hyprocite. However not in a million years will I believe he could ever be Wong He's brother.

Wilson Tong Ming

My idea of perfect drool factor. This guy is perhaps the most interesting male character in this series. Many reviews wrote how boring this man is, I beg to differ. I prefer to use whiny when his wife ran away and he became rather desperate in getting her back. I love the earlier scenes where he was in charge of this superman firemen team and then he was transferred to this rather laid back station with the ever lazy Tak there. He took an instant dislike of Tak because Tak was unmotivated and a thorn in his eye. Tak took an instant dislike to Wilson because he was too strict, too fierce and too heartless. But as time goes by many of his men realised they had a good boss who was always looking after them. If you notice carefully, whilst he may have complaints about Tak, he never complained about Tak to the higher authorities. Instead he blamed himself that he could not garner and win this man's respect and loyalty. How can you not love this perfect leader?

But when it comes to home life, he is totally clueless. Having a pampered wife who is ever dependent on him, he began to feel strong attraction to an independent woman named Michelle. But nothing happened. In the end he realised he loved his wife but wife ran away. He then tracked her down and even had to beg her to accept a monthly allowance! What a man! Anyway, he almost lost his sight, lost his career and all but in the end very happy ending for him as he loosened up and became one of the boys in his fire station.

Best Scene

Apart from that very sensual kiss on the forehead scene and the roll in bed with Yan scene, one scene was particularly funny. This was when he saved the day and several of his men and they were having a chit chat in the locker room. The men were saying things like "Boss is like a good husband, taking care of us, we don't have to worry anymore!". He wasn't there but still it was a true depiction of him as a boss and yet a very wrong depiction of him as a husband; he's a total failure when it comes to his spoilt wife. Another nice scene was when he was running after his wife who was in a taxi, his shirt a bit unbuttoned and looking like in a hurry. The funny thing was his apartment was just next to his station and his men saw how their mighty, cool, strong, silent boss running after his wife!

The actor, Alex Fong

The reason why I watched this series. The reason why I kept hearing sirens in my head and hoping Treasure Raiders to just end fast so that I can watch him. I am not his fan nor do I watch his every movie. But it is very rare for TVB to hire an actor that is cool, good looking, taller (but still no way 6 feet as some described him to be) and someone so desirable and sexy. Admit it, you don't feel like ripping Wong He's clothes off but Alex Fong will illicit those thoughts and you won't feel guilty about it. Granted he is not a great actor. In fact I get very annoyed when he started to cry and beg and all. Sounded whiny to me. I want super cool Alex Fong, therefore he would be the best in roles that will require him to be a cool arrogant pompous rude rich successful man. Ok, I admit for once, I Funn Lim watch a series purely because of one man's good looks. Hey, he is 40 plus and look at him, if he doesn't smile, he looks at least 5 years younger. What a man! I can't decide if it is Tong Ming or Alex Fong I desire. I think Tong Ming because I can't imagine Alex Fong running into a building on fire. He's a bit soft in real life but in no way weak!

A Note On Stephen Au, Ellesmere Choi and Cheung Chi Kwong

Stephen looks like a parody of Bruce Lee in here. Anyway his best scene when he had to give up his job for the sake of his woman and he cried lying on the bed. Very funny. Ellesmere and Cheung would probably be the two highest paid ke-le-fes in this series, playing best friends of Wong Hei but frankly no chemistry, no fireworks. Just obligatory best buddies who will do nothing except hang around the lead actor pretending that they're doing something of great significance to the plot.

Funn, you forgot the women!

Yes, I did, didn't I? But I am a girl torn between so many desirable handsome body beautiful men, you have to forgive me for not mentioning the women. Even Stephen Au looked good in here. I believe to act in this series, the men must be of a certain height, of certain skin colour tone and must look like they're able to run up 50 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing. All three male leads in here look like they could clear 100 flights of stairs. Ok, the women.

The Women

Flora Chan

I particularly like Flora Chan's performance (well she has played the role of Michelle in many many series but only in this series she really looked like she is desperately in love and in lust with her male lead and I could sense chemistry, attraction of the sexual kind), because she gave a very sexy performance though clad ever conservatively. I like her intelligent but emotionally weak Michelle. Her chemistry with Alex Fong is so real and so good, I find myself hoping they will end up as a couple in real life! Her acting though quite the usual but because of the sexual tension (yes, this couple is all about sex but they didn't do it!), her performance was in my opinion tense and hot (no pun intended).

Yoyo Mung

Ok, now let's talk about Yoyo Mung. She's weird. I like her performance but frankly she's not a leading lady in my opinion. She looks awful in certain scenes and yet when she puts on more makeup, change her clothes a bit, she looks really pretty. Her chemistry with Alex Fong is impeccable, very good but she alone, I find it tedious to watch her. Maybe I am biased since I like the men more but I do think her performance, though adequate, is rather ordinary. Of course she is a better actress than most I can think of.

Annie Man

I think she is an adequate actress that is very boring to watch. I don't find her a bad actress but there are many scenes she did not put her heart and soul to it and she therefore was very bad in them. I find her performance not the weakest but one of the weakest. I disliked her character Heung Yeung but I dislike her performance even more. I dislike the way she spoke her lines like she is holding her breath, I dislike the way she played Heung Yeung who is already a character that I doubt many will like her character. Overall I find her performance uninspiring and her character annoying.

Leila Tong

Nothing much to say. Nothing spectacular, nothing new, looks like a little girl next to so many grown man.

Jenny Shing

I repeat, the best actress in here and the best performance by anyone I have seen thus far.

Maggie Cheung

At first I thought same same same but after a while I like her ease at playing this character. So she looked old next to Kevin Cheng and I do not see her as compatible or lover-ish with Wong He. But I like her chemistry with Jenny Shing and I love that scene where Wong He died and she looked at all the firemen who came out slowly from the building, her eyes wide and hoping, smiling and then when she saw how everybody looked, her eyes were shining with tears and then we knew she knew what everybody knew. I often find her not a very emotionally charged person as in she does not scream nor shout. If the actress in this role is Ada Choi and Kenix Kwok, (I pride myself as being able to predict their acting style and pattern), when playing a rude or happy go lucky person, they point and talk very loudly. Playing sweet innocent people or evil person, they talk very softly and heads always facing downwards. Playing professionals, they walk straight and tall, playing uneducated person, they slouch a bit. At all times their acting is rather same only their physical being changed a tiny bit. The same can also be said of Jess who plays all characters with the same expression, same gestures and same body postures. I can differentiate them all but after a while, nothing exiciting ever comes out from these actresses anymore.

Maggie Cheung can be said to be of the same breed. And yet once in a while, like in Awakening Story, she will turn in a performance that will blow your mind away There is no doubt her characters are always ambition driven, always seem unreasonable and all. And yet she manages to give her characters a bit of integrity, something new and yet something familiar. Very hard to explain.

Put it this way. Often in a series we never get to see the childhood of the key characters so what we see them as adults we can only assume these adults has a past. Some actresses somehow can never convey that past in their acting as an adult, so you're like watching a scene per scene performance, without a totality effect. Some can convey some hidden emotions but too little and too indifferent that you can't imagine what they were like when the characters were younger. There are those rare breeds who walked into a scene and into a character all grown up and yet looked burdened or lifted by something that must have occurred in their past. Like they have a soul. In this series Maggie Cheung's character had some flash back scenes, so that could help in establishing a real past for this character but what I do like about Maggie and appreciate her as an actress is her ability to convey a past without a single scene shown. Somehow you can guess that must have been what the character must have went through when she or he was younger without having to see one single flashback scene. Like I said, it's very difficult for me to explain. I just see that in her, and not many in others. I believe Maggie Cheung is a "total" actress, someone who is consistent throughout, if you know what I mean. The only way I can show you what I mean is just observe her in any series (best would be The Awakening Story-I believe one of her best performance and she at her bitchiest and yet most vulnerable) and Charmaine Sheh (the only actress I have consistently criticised for not being a "total" actress but she was once really good in An Herbalist Affair) in any series, case in point would be Country Spirit or Witness To A Prosecution II if you want something more recent.

I can't say she's a great actress but like all exciting actresses who becomes boring after a while, she is still watchable. I like the fact she rarely screams but my God, she points a lot. Her heads move too much when she talks. Those are habits and they're hard to change.

As for her performance in this series, I find her delightful, wonderful, likeable and a strong performance.

Favourite Pair

Yew Yew and her neighbour whose name I can't remember. They're cute you know. Ok, adult pair? Michelle and Wilson. Sexy.

Favourite Scenes

All with Jenny Shing in it, and some with Alex Fong in it.


This series is like big things happening every other episode. Bigger fire scenes, bigger action scenes, more people, more stations and definitely can be the pin up series for "Intro to the world of Fire Dept" because they show basically ALL functions of a fireman and various dept. We have operators (Annie Man), we have firemen (all the men), we have successful PR person (Michelle), we have paramedic (Maggie Cheung), housewife (Jess in a guest starring role which was rather shocking to see her die the way she did but puh-lease, Jenny Shing does not look like her so stop writing lines like "She looks like her dead mother"), obligatory cute children. But after a while this series became rather stale, boring. It's boring to watch men running after women, women running after men. Again the emphasis of the lives of firemen seem to be their private lives, not their professional lives. The fire scenes are amazing but somehow the entire focus is not on professional dilemmas but personal dilemmas which gets a bit tedious towards the end. Other than Yew Yew, there are not really any characters that I care about nor am I familiar with. In fact this is one series where you'll watch and then move on to another series. It is not memorable to me as a whole and whilst I liked it, it is still a poor sequel to the excellent Burning Flame.


Interesting Comparison

Ok, many debated in their reviews, which is better? Part 1 or part 2? My vote is of course for Part 1 and for very obvious reasons.

Many praised this series and liked it. I guess this is because the general masses like big action sequences, big dramas and big everything. I find part 2 lacked focus. Part 1 gave us many memorable scenes and especially characters. When we were instroduced to 3 best friends, we follow them from 1st episode to the final episode. We see how they failed, succeed, went through hardships and all. Part 1 never set out to be a series about firemen. They're about people who works as firemen. The casting was impeccable and the characters very well written. Whilst many liked the traditional love story (Louis Koo and gang) I loved the story about 3 best friends. As one turned unreasonable, like their friends you too will question "What happened to him?". When Szeto But killed himself, I bet many of you cried. I could still remember that scene and till this day, if such a man ever lived, like his best friends I questioned why he had to die. The great thing about Burning Flame is the characters and the performances. It may turn melodramatic after a while, but it's the characters that made me watch and pay attention. It felt like I know them. This present series lacked all of that and more. Moreover Wong He was at his best there, in here he's still wonderful but somehow a bit lacking in something I can't pin point.

So my choice is Burning Flame 1 because it's not all action or big dramas, it's about characters and performances. For once TVB has produced a series worthy of praise without sounding like a paid fan because Burning Flame 1 was really great acting and some wonderful writing combined. Of course older series were better but well, when you see a gem (despite the series faltering in the last few episodes), you will forever remember it.

If you ask me now how much will be my rating for Burning Flame 1, I will not hesitate to give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. It would have been perfect 5 if only there wasn't so much melodrama in the last 2 episodes.

Interesting TV Mistakes

It's not really a TV mistake but rather a scene so ridiculous that I consider it a mistake.

One scene, people rioting at the container terminal. I guess there was about what, 12-20 people? Anyway, that scene was ridiculous because:-

1. I was told people cannot just walk into the container storage terminal and stage protest. Moreover when the drama was about some explosives in the container or something like that, I was told container storage terminal stores empty containers. So why all the drama?

2. 12-20 people and we have let's see; at least 2 -3 big fire engines (which means a lot of firemen), many police officers, many paramedic and ambulances, many more riot police, all that to deal with a few of those guys holding banners shouting slogans. Isn't that a bit too much? Are police in HK so incompetent that they can't stop those few people?

3. Almost final end to that ridiculous scene, someone started some fire. Big time panic and our super cool heroes, I think it was Wilson and someone else rode cool looking fire dept motorcycles to save the day. The distance I believe is within running distance and there we get to see cool looking motorcycles.

My point is, aren't all these a bit too much?

AlsoKidd posted this in the shoutbox on 8.8.2004. Thanks Kidd. I forgot about this blatant mistake!

"Just read ur Burning Flame review. U left out 1 TVB mistake. Wilson dream of Yan's email and start wrting to her using that email. The illogical thing is the email Yan gave in her dream does not have @ and Yan has not open such account yet. So, wouldn't Wilson receives 'failure of delivery' replay emails everytime he send to that add?"

Now I remember! Yeah, because this series assumes everybody in this world has their own unique email address without even registering their names first. Even for IC nos you have to register first! Maybe TVB's tech dept was on leave when the writer wrote this scene?

Interesting Stupid Quotes Compared

In this series, we have some rather stupid quotes like how Heung Yeung tried saving a baby in a toilet to being a fireman. I can't understand, I mean shouldn't being a doctor be more relevant when talking about saving dying babies in a toilet than a fireman? Was the toilet locked so it needs to be kicked opened or something? Does the firemen know how what drug to use to stop what illness?

We have everybody saying how Yew Yew looked like her dead mother. Jenny Shing looked neither like Jess or Wong He. I do not want to imagine them looking alike. Like in The Family Man, there are 4 sisters looking like they came from 4 different mothers.

But this series' quotes aren't all that stupid. I remember one series tops it all. Yes, that series about that cuckoo,The Return Of The Cuckoo. The quote? "Look at my daughter, she is so tomboy, I worry she will never marry!". And that was Nancy Sit talking about of all people, Charmaine Sheh, perhaps the most girlish girl in TVB. It's not the marry part that I find hilarious, it's the tomboy part.

Just proves, acting is not about casting the right people in the right role anymore. Nowadays, especially with female actresses, it is casting the more popular ones in the lead roles. Where is the quality control?


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