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"Every time the series introduced a new person, you know THAT person commits a crime."


32 (Viet version)


(I'm not very familiar with Chinese names, so I will use Viet names.)

Tran Dai Hy - William So
Thai Hoan - Flora Chan
Vo Long - Stephen Au
Dung Dung - Irene Wong
La Bo - Derek Kwok
Ngo Tam Tinh - Cheung Chi Kwong
Mr. Dung - Kwok Fung

What is the story in here?
It is the story about the descendant of the famous lawyer Tran Mong Cat in Quang Chau (GuangZhou.) William So goes in the role of a useless grandchild who knows nothing but play. He is assisted by Cheung Chi Kwong, who is a servant of the family for three generations. One day, Flora Chan went to GuangZhou asking for some help. Her newlywed husband, Derek Kwok, was arrested by the local guards accusing him of killing someone. Flora wanted help from the famous lawyer family, in order to prove her husband's innocent. William, never had any experience from being a lawyer, obviously was unable to prove Derek innocent. Afraid the family name will be gone, he and Cheung Chi Kwong quickly left the town heading for Hong Kong. There he was housed by the very rich Kwok Fung, who is an old friend of his grandfather, and Fung's beloved daughter, Irene Wong.
Flora was in debt before to get money for Derek's lawyer. She bound up in Hong Kong working as a maid. As fate would have it, she ended up being a maid in William's house. Thus, the plot finally started.

How many cases in all?
- 4 - a small amount but since this is a short series, it can be forgiven.

What did you think of the cases?

Very, very bad, this point however it can't be forgiven. My 5th grade cousin write better cases in
her English class. The cases in here are not that hard to crack. Every time the series introduced a new person, you know THAT person commits a crime. The ways they crack each cases is also very annoying. By conscience, or by tricking the crime doer to admit to the crimes. The mysteries are the main attraction of this series, and if the cases failed, you know where the serial is heading.

Cast/Character Opinions

1. William So - His character is straightforward, firm, kind, comedic, playful, and happy. Despite his
lack of intelligence like his grandfather, he is a really nice person. William treats his servants as his
family and with most respect. He loves to read porn book, which is a bad thing, but he changes and matures as the series progress. I find William So very good in this role, his face fits perfectly for this comedic character. I can feel when he's happy or sad, angry or relieved. He is the reason I finished watching the whole thing, not skipping any tape or fast forwarding anything.

If I could pick another actor for this role it would be - Dicky Cheung.

2. Flora Chan - I am disappointed with her character. She doesn't have a big impression in here, rather than being a strict but kind maid. She looks very bad in here, it's definitely because she's not a classic beauty. She looks extremely weird with costumes and hair like that. But aside from that, she gave a good performance. As she and William are the only plus to carry on the show.

Another actress to play the role? - Gigi Lai or Ada Choi.

3. Irene Wong - I hated this character, she is such a spoiled brat. I don't have a hate thing toward all brats, because I usually sympathetic toward undisciplined characters. But Dung Dung in here, makes me hate her so much. Irene Wong is not a convincing actress. One annoying scene is when she was crying and running to her father, it is so lame. No wonder why she never get lead roles. I think TVB at least made a right choice letting her only be a supporting actress.

Another actress to play? - Joyce Tang

4. Stephen Au - Being a head of police department in Hong Kong. He is a very respectable person. It's just that he chases after Irene Wong all the time, and not until the end that she realizes she loves him. I feel sorry for him, being stuck with the brat. Stephen Au is not the typical handsome guy, but I do like him in here.

Another actor to play? Steven Ma or Benny Chan

5. Derek Kwok - I hated him. He is such a hypocrite, and he killed 3 people. I can't believe Flora actually told William to let this serial killer leave Hong Kong. What the heck was wrong with her? She loved him so much, that she would let a murderer out in the street? William was stupid too, because he likes Flora, he agreed to let Derek leave peacefully? One of the I do-not-get-it. Very unreasonable actions from both of them. This guy Derek does not match with Flora at all, IS TVB BLIND????? Look at the guy, and look at Flora. He is so skinny, and looks SHORTER than Flora,
he looks weird, hard to understand how she could do all those thing for him.. At least find a guy who's compatible.

Another Actor? Gallen Lo

This series is watchable if you're a Flora Fanatic. Don't watch it if you have high expectations for casesserials. Justice Pao and Justice Sung is a lot better. Despite some of the bad casting, this series rolls along very smoothly. It's average for me.

I give this series a


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