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"I find this story quite unbelievable and ridiculous."


No. of episodes

But 16 in Vietnamese version

Released In

Names in brackets are the Vietnamese version

Kong Wah - Emperor Yung Jing /Lee Dai Ha (Ung Chanh)
Maggie Cheung - Lui Sei Leong (Lu Tu Nuong)
Melissa Ng - Rachel Sum Yat Ngoi (Tham Nhat Ai)
Gilbert Lam - Frankie Sum Yat Gnoy (Tham Nhat Le)
Paul Chun Pui - Sum Siu Hong (Tham Khang)
Anthony Tang - Hugo Sum
Cheung Chi Kwong - Brian Sum
Halina Tam - Tina

(the Cantonese version taken from )

This is a time-traveling story like A Step Into the Past. But instead of a person going back in time, a king is traveling to the future. Ung Chanh is a king during the Manchu Dynasty. Maggie Cheung is a famous heroine during that time known for her courage to assassinate the king. Once she chased him all the way out to the sea, a hurricane happens to start at the time, and they were both transfer into the future.

I find this story quite unbelievable and ridiculous. Kong Wah is a king from the past, but he seems to know a lot about the future when he was transfer there.


Kong Wah
My first question seeing him on the poster was, "Again?" Once again Kong was into the role of a king during the Manchu Dynasty. His other time was in Happily Ever After with Bobby Au. TVB must have really liked his portrayal back then to let him play this. He was okay in a king's shoes I guess, but not significant. The king in here was very smart, that's why he was able to stop his half brothers from overthrowing him. Wah's other character, Lee Dai Ha, is similar to the king. Except being bloody rich or being able to order people around, the actions and words are from the same person in the Qing Dynasty. His walk is the same too if you notice in some scenes, I think if the director or Kong finds that walk funny, I do not know what to say. But it is weird and annoying, I did not laugh.

Maggie Cheung Ho Yee
She is very fit for this character, her performance was excellent. Lu Tu Nuong somehow annoys me. Maybe because she's a bit 'dumb.' I can't blame her though, she's not supposed to be really intelligent like Kong. I have no complaints for Maggie, except her clothes. Please, she's the main
character in here, at least let her have some good clothes on. Some of the episodes have her wear this plaid t-shirt and pants. I was like, "So cheap! How hard is it to buy some decent modern time clothes?" Even the supporters have better clothes than her, what was TVB thinking?

Melissa Ng
This is my second time seeing her, the first time was in Crimson Sabre. She looks like a thin stick in here, and her face is a bit too skinny. Aside from that, she did a good job as the responsible, rich

Gilbert Lam
I can't believe that he's evil! I feel so sorry for him at the end, he's such a nice guy in the beginning. Gilbert is one of my favorite actor, he definitely needs to be promoted more. He looks so tall and handsome in the suit, one of the reason for me to continue this serial.

1. Fav. Character - Melissa Ng. because she's the only one I did not once find annoying in this series.

2. Most annoying - It's Akina Hong, I don't mind the fact that she's gay. But being friend with Melissa for a few years, shouldn't she know that Melissa is not gay?

3. Best Supporting Cast - Gilbert Lam

4. Best Villain - Gilbert Lam

5. Fav. Pair - Melissa and Kong, I really wished they could have ended up together.

6. Least Fav. Pair - The Gay pair. I do not need to be exposed of that.

The I-do-not-get-it-all

1. Maggie kept on holding the sword to try and kill> Kong during the year 2003, I am really surprised that no police caught her. Is security in HK that low?

2. Why must they add the gay stuff in here? This is entertainment, TVB shouldn't have gone that far. There are young young children watching this, what would they think?

3. How come Paul Chun isn't arrested for polygamy (having multiple wives?) Is it legal in HK now?

These 3 reasons are enough for me to hate it and teach children the wrong thing. Once again I must add that, "TVB's qualities is totally going down these days."

Interesting Fact
I have just been browsing through the net, and saw this website. It was a page that wrote the complaints people have for TVB programs. This is what it says:

"Sixty-nine viewers complained about the program King of Yesterday and Tomorrow. The allegations were that the series contained a bad theme, featured indecent gay sex, promoted homosexuality and polygamy, portrayed important human relationships in an irresponsible manner, exerted a bad influence on children and young persons, and was unsuitable for broadcast at the scheduled time slot. The complainants also alleged that the programme misled viewers into believing that homosexuality was innate and common among the rich and the professionals."

(Taken from

I agree with it, there are children who are watching this, and they shouldn't be exposed to stuff like that. The polygamy problem was also a mistake to show too, since I did believe for a while that that's legal in HK.

Final Say
Is this worth the rent? I'd say, "No." If you're like me, who only watches modern serials once in a while, it's very boring and the points up there is enough to keep you away. But if you really like Kong Wah, Maggie Cheung, then by all means give it a try. It's not that bad, but if you are picky to the 'law' point like me, you'll find it ridiculous and irritating. The choice is yours to make.



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