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"I feel so much hatred for this series, and this is one of his very very very BAD novel. I feel sorry for myself for enslaving myself by watching it."


Released in

How many tapes?
12 in Viet

Phuong Vi - Francis Ng.
Thuy Ngan/Ba Hoa - Kitty Lai

(There are others, but I do not know their names.)

Thuy Ngan and Ba Hoa are twin sisters lived in a tribe. But Thuy Ngan was much more loved because she was a virgin, while Ba Hoa is like a slut. Ba Hoa is evil while Thuy Ngan is good. One day, the tribe's holy stick was stole by Lu Tam. Lu Tam hated the tribe's former leader for killing his family and kicking him out of the tribe.

Lu Tam's son, Thien Bao is a rapist. Knowing this, the tribe's leader asked Ba Hoa to seduce the guy and steal the holy stick back. She didn't agree the first time, but her lover Ba Na, persuaded her that if she can get the stick back, he'll marry her. Of course he has not intended to do that, but Kitty still believed him. She went to Thien Bao, and slept with him. Things goes and she finally got the holy stick back.

By this time, we met a drunkard Francis Ng. He is an assassin, and was hired to kill Kitty. Well, but this so called hero of ours have 3 rules that he sticks to: never kill women, children and innocent people.

Thien Bao then captured Francis's best friend, to force him into finding Kitty. Francis agrees, and
he did find Kitty. He almost kill her, when he found out that his best friend suicide, he turns around to kill Thien Bao. From then, Lu Tam hates him too. He is on the run and meets the other Kitty Lai. He thought Thuy Ngan was Ba Hoa and tries to kill her. But turns out unsuccessful, as people will know, he falls in love with her.

Why can't they get married though?

Of course to make it more dramatic, Thuy Ngan is a holy maiden of the tribe. The holy maiden must be virgin all her life. Thuy Ngan also drank poison, one which cannot be cured, the poison will make her live in pain every time she gets close to a man. Things keep on dragging, until she dies. (AMEN!!!) Francis of course is very very sad. But then he meets this woman, To To (Su Su), who is on the run from Lu Tam along with her husband. She accidentally let him eat a fruit which made him dizzy not knowing what he is doing. They ended up sleeping with each other, at this time, her husband has thought to be dead.

She had a baby, but the truth finally reveals. To To is a wife of Lu Tam, and her husband was Lu Tam in disguise, he told her to seduce Francis. But she had feelings for him by the time the child was born, she was very sorry (Sure you are, hypocrite.) In the end, Francis teamed up with his friends to kill Lu Tam. He ends up with To To because rice became porridge already. Ba Hoa finally found out that Ba Na (her lover) only used her to get power, both of them dies during a fight.

*There are more characters to the series, but I only mention the main one which is Francis and Kitty.

Francis Ng. - I do not like him, he does not have the looks or the skills to play this character. Phuong Vi is supposed to be a cold assassin, what the heck is he doing being wishy-washy with this holy maiden? He is really a pathetic piece of a character, I don't feel sorry for him, I clapped when Kitty died and when his child got killed. He can't cry, when he stood before his friend's grave, I thought he was laughing rather than shedding tears.

Kitty Lai - She is the reason of my renting of this series. But it really disappoints me, I hated both her characters. One's a crybaby, and one's a slut, which one should I like? Why does she go and star in a stupid series like this?

Should you rent this?
If you are some psycho who loves to be tortured. I suggest you not to. Gu Long is very very repetitive that it is annoying. Is there any main character of his that is not a drunkard, powerful, and is like a wishy washy jack*ss? I feel so much hatred for this series, and this is one of his very very very BAD novel. I feel sorry for myself for enslaving myself by watching it.

I'll rate it as since Kitty's in it. Or else it would have gone to a 0.


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