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"A very well acted ensemble cast in any series I have seen though the plot is all too familiar. Watch this series to see the differences in acting approaches in HK, Taiwan and Singapore."


Title deciphered

Why such a pretentious title? The Chinese title, Hau Er Hau Nu was better. I mean why not "Good Sons, Good Daughters"?


Chen Shucheng - Sun Yongshun

Edmund Tay - Sun Yuguo

San Yow - Sun Yutai

Huang Biren - Sun Yumin

Gary Yap - Sun Yuan

Richard Low - Sun Yongfa

Li Yinzhu - Zeng Shixuan

Lin Meijiao - Stella Sim

Chen Hanwei - Thomas Pang

Patricia Mok - Pat Lok

Chen Huihui - Huang Huifen

Joey Ng - Liang Xiaoqi

Unknown - Sun Jieming

Unknown - Tony

About ...

100% family drama set in modern Singapore, produced by MediaCorp and released in 2001 but only shown in Malaysia in 2004.

No. Of Episodes


Released In

I have a feeling it could be 2001 or 2002. Quite old series.

Episode Summary & Character Analysis

The great thing about MediaCorp is they have one specific site for each of their series, so all info can be found HERE. Be forewarned though, their episode summaries are highly undependable, often giving wrong info. For one, they wrote Thomas Pang is a chaunivistic man, frankly I find him the most agreeable man there is. The only chauvinist in here comes in the form of a very prejudiced Sun Yu-min. Everything else, the plot and all are quite accurate. You can even find character analysis, some interviews, not many pictures.

The Plot

This series revolves around the lives, loves, joys and pains of patriarch, Sun Yongshun's family. Widowed decades ago (wife was a lawyer from a very rich family who gave up her career to marry a penniless teacher despite the objections of her mother, the matriarch who in later years accepted her daughter's choice of husband and later wife died of illness at a very young age), he worked as a teacher/headmaster to bring up his 4 children into decent human being. He also tried hard to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a father, therefore often making many sacrifices his children took lightly.

His eldest son, Yuguo is a businessman married to a very materialistic and spendthrift wife and they have a son, Jieming whom old man Sun dotes upon. But since marriage they moved out and it upsets him that he rarely sees his son, wife and grandson who are always busy socialising. One day all 3 moved back into the old house on the pretense of taking care of old man Sun, but actually they secretly planned to migrate to Canada and even bought a house there. So they were just home to save a bit of cash since old man Sun pays for everything. Although Stella, the wife of Yuguo is often at loggerheads with old man Sun about the education of Jieming (she often pressures Jieming to get into EM1 so as not to lose face to Jonathan's mother whom we never see and Jieming often felt so much pressure he cried and old man Sun felt absolutely helpless), life was quite alright until Yuguo lost a whole lot of money when playing with shares. His wife refuses to sell any of their houses and facing bankruptcy, he begged his father for help and in the process mortgaged the family house to the bank. And then old man Sun found out they actually secretly planned to migrate to Canada and in anger, had a stroke and fell into a deep coma. Naturally everybody blamed Yuguo and wife, I too blamed him.

His second son, Yutai is a very quiet man who steers clear of any controversy, much to the disappointment of his wife, Huifen. Although Huifen felt shortchanged in terms of old man Sun's love for her husband, she often helped out with the family chores. When Stella returned, all hell broke loose, first with the maid, then with the washing machine, then with the mortgaging of the house. Because of lack of money, Huifen decided to study to better herself and therefore any plans to start a family was delayed. Then uncle Yongfa took Yutai to a local karaoke bar and Huifen though Yutai was having an affair out there and left the family home but only to come back when Yu-tai went to see her after many days. Once home she became pregnant but felt so angry that her father in law is doing so much for Yuguo and so little got Yutai, she had to be hospitalised. In the end, all well's will always end well. Yeah, they had a baby.

Third child is the only daughter, Yumin who is the most successful of them all. A career woman in her early 30s, her father often worries about her love life and often wishes that she puts aside her career and find a decent man. But Yumin has a high standard for her man and even her job, so no man met her requirements. One day she met Thomas Pang, a successful ad executive who was working with her on several projects. She hated him because she thought he was rude, inconsiderate and a cad due to several wrong impressions. Thomas did his best to steer clear from her and her icy cold stares until they both shared a common friend; Tony a real estate agent dating Yumin's best friend, Pat. When Pat pressured Yu-min to move out to share an apartment with her, her father disallowed that but later relented. However not long after Pat married Tony and moved out. In the end Thomas was her new house mate. From wrong impressions to the right ones, they fell in love and spent one night of passion. Thomas who lost his parents when he was a teenager appreciated the attention given by Yu-min's family and Yumin who never really fell in love liked Thomas' gentleness towards her. And then one day Thomas asked Yu-min to leave her job, marry him and move to New York with him. She flatly refused, Thomas felt she didn't give serious thought to what he said so he suggested they go there for a holiday first. Not that she didn't try to get leave from her boss but it was all during a very busy time so she couldn't. Thomas mistook that as her refusal to be with him and left for New York alone. Yumin missed Thomas but since both are as career-minded and she will never leave her job as this would be surrendering her independence, what will happen to this couple?

The youngest is Yuan, old man Sun's favourite son. Nothing much happens to him except he was supposed to be studying business admin but changed to filmmaking and back home he fell in love with a sweet simple girl whose only problem is having a senile mother.

The entire series basically is about how a father has to learn to let go of his children and let them live their own lives, and how he can find love again. Yes, even at the age of 62, he can still find love which is a very positive thing. But anyway that never materialise. Feel a bit cheated.


Basically there is nothing spectacular about the plot of this series. It is a family drama, not much drama happens, just some bickering and some love issues. Even for 20 episodes, sometimes this series just drags along without really having a real destination. The characters in this series aren't exactly colourful to make a very dramatic and engaging plot. For one, all 4 siblings generally have very good relationship with one another and with their father, uncle, aunt and maternal grandmother. So you won't find any heartfelt bickering between siblings or with their parent. In fact I find all of them very loving and respectful towards one another. So the only characters that could give this series a bit of spice are Hui Fen and Stella, the two sisters in law. Even that I find their bickering tiresome. How much more can one fight about a washing machine? Apparently quite a lot, at least for 3 to 4 episodes. But it's real. I fight with my sister in law over my shoes. Little things make real plot but not necessarily an engaging one.

One possible dramatic point is the relationship between the eldest son, Yuguo and his father. It is evident the father loves this son a lot and yet this son is quite an absentee. I am not saying he is useless, he is a bad son, but he just doesn't really show concern much, which is typical even in real life. He pampers his wife (because he loves her) making her rather obnoxious and rude (though she still gives face to her father in law because her husband gives face to his own father-see the pattern?) and he loves his son, but he was rarely there. He indulges his father and yet doesn't really feel guilt when he makes mistakes. And when he does make real mistakes and his father suffers because of that, he actually has a conscience and genuinely wants to make it up to his father. Is he a bad son? Difficult to say. I don't think he is but he married a bad woman so to speak. She dictates him, as very obvious in this series and their plans to migrate to Canada. One of the best and most emotional charged scene was when his father found out about their plans and his father for the first time screamed and shouted and the shut could say nothing. It was a very well acted scene. Another one was when Yu-guo pleaded with his father to perhaps sell the family house to save his skin (you know his wife could have sold one of their houses-this was when Yu-guo became despicable and an utterly useless son) and his father tearfully reprimanded him and Yuguo (and Edmund Tay's best acting moment) couldn't help but cried, really really big drop of tears. Amazing scene.

And the other point of drama is Stella's relationship with her son, Jieming. This is probably one of the few points in this series that is heart wrenching. As Stella tries hard to save face for herself, it is a surprise her son didn't just jump off the building everytime she mentions "Don't make me lose face to Jonathan's mother, get 100% marks, get into EM1, study, study, study". Often she beats her sons for the flimsiest reasons and her son is made to bear a very heavy burden, thinking he did wrong when he did his best. The best contrast of a caring person is Yuguo's secretary and the way she treated Jieming (with such tenderness and care) and his own mother (who blamed Jieming for failing an exam paper simply because he suffered an acute stomach ache and had to be hospitalised!).

But perhaps the more interesting dramatic point is old man Sun's concern for Jieming and Stella insistence that what she is doing is best for her own son. Often their quarrels over Jieming are the most interesting scenes, providing a very realistic scenes which is at times infuriating, but too few, too few.

Then there are stories about friendship (Yumin and her ultra modern best friend in terms of looks, Pat) which is cartoonish and boring and love (courtesy mainly by Yu-min and Thomas) which is rather lovely.

Of all these relationships outside of the family, I find Yumin and Thomas' relationship the most engaging. From the simple prejudices, misunderstandings and Yu-min's arrogance and Thomas' I-Don't-Care attitude to a very believable love affair and then marriage, I like the progression of this relationship. Basically Yumin, who is one of my most favourite modern heroine is a really nice girl. She's a loving sister, a very dependable sister in law, a good aunt, a nice niece and a very filial daughter. But when it comes to her career, she is the iron lady, unable to compromise in anything. Thomas became her object of hate and disgust when she thought he was rude to a lady, fighting for a parking space, and what nots. All small problems and when they're forced to live together in close proximity, it wasn't easy but they managed and all that blossomed into love. It's a bit cliche but frankly I think this relationship and its progression very entertaining.

Other than that, the rest of the love stories are basically and utterly boring.

Now as I have mentioned above, the main selling point in this series is not really the plot or even the characters though I like some of them and hate most of them (Yutai for one, I believe if he's not such a nice guy he will be termed as a useless guy who never stood up for himself or for his wife). The main selling point for me is because I just finished watching Holland V and then I saw the trailer for this series which was taking over Holland V's time slot. I recognised 4 actors from Holland V who are now playing characters that are total opposites of their characters in Holland V and that in itself is shocking to me, shocking enough for me to tune in to watch this series. Then I saw two other actors that I have often heard about in discussion forums but never seen them act, one actor from my favourite Singaporean movie and one actress from another series I have seen some time ago. Then there are 2 Malaysians (I am sure the guy is a Malaysian, can't be sure about the girl) and feeling a bit patriotic, I had to watch this series like I watched Auguste Kwan in his first dismal acting job in Battle Against Evil. There was also one actress that I was very happy to see, even only for a second or so. Are you wondering who I am talking about? Wonder no more!

Holland V's Actors

Edmund Tay

The biggest shock was Edmund Tay (Zheng Geping) who plays Yuguo in here. He was like 100% u-turn from his very patient, gentle and loving character in Holland V that is Dr Fang Nuowen, my most favourite male character in that series and the best man there is (apart from my current obsession, Shaun Chen). In this series he is not a bad guy, just not that decent a guy. Ordinary, plain, unable to control his wife and sometimes using his own father, he's not really that bad but I won't say he's a decent enough guy. He gave perhaps the best performance in this series with his laid back attitude, his flirtation with his wife Stella and the one scene that made me tune in into this series; when his father tearfully asked him why had to get himself into the mess with those shares and Yu-guo was crying, really really crying. That was a very emotional scene. I am still shocked actually. What a wonderful performance!

San Yow

The second most shocking one is San Yow who plays Yutai in here. In Holland V, he was my most hated character where he played Ah Ming, that sex starved, limping, balding, abusive, rude chicken rice seller. In this series I still do not like him but he's not that bad, just sex starved and timid. Yes, sex starved again. Is it because of how he looks? I am just so surprised, what a shave, office clothes, a pair of glasses and a very timid demeanour can do to an actor. I would say the 100% u-turn was very interesting to watch, but again I dislike Yutai. At times I pity Hui Fen having married a man with zero opinion.But he did gave his opinion at the most important moment, when his sis in law insisted that Yuguo go for a medical check up when their dad laid dying from a stroke. He gave his big brother quite a lecture. Other than that this man is infuriatingly too docile and nice.

Chen Sucheng

The third most shocking one is old man Sun himself played by Chen Sucheng. In Holland V, he had little scenes but lucky guy, he spent most scenes hugging, kissing and sleeping next to gorgeous Jamie Yeo who played his young lover. Yes he was the rich banker, supposedly in his 70s or 80s called Steven. In here he is supposed to be 62 years old. I suspect this actor is younger but always had to play older, much much older man. I find his performance beyond satisfactory, in fact I think he was one of the best in here. I especially liked his interaction with that young actor who played Jieming.

Patricia Mok

The least shocking one is Patricia Mok. Least shocking because in real life I believe she is exactly like Pat Lok, except less blonde. In Holland V she was the timid but kind hearted Mo Lingling, a 100% u-turn from her usual characters that lack style, elegance and finesse. Her performance in here is cartoonish, I'd rather see her as subdued Lingling actually.

Two actors I have heard about but never seen

Chen Hanwei

For one Chen Hanwei, whom I believe is like a heartthrob in Singapore? When I first saw him, my impression was who is this Bae Yongjun wannabe? His hair, his glasses all kind looks like you-know-who from Winter Sonata. Then his lips, so red, so glossy. Too red, too glossy. He had more lipstick on than Huang Biren! But I like his performance, as the rather cool, calm, nice, understanding Thomas who had to give in to the demands and restrictions placed by Yu-min than Yu-min giving in to him. Mediacorp website listed his character as a chauvinist. If Thomas is a chauvinist, then no man in this world can be considered a considerate man. His Thomas is hungry for a family life, as he lacked that when he was younger, he may be ambitious but he was ready to give it all up simply because family to him is more important. Yu-min is dead stubborn but not necessarily a bad woman. But sometimes I do wonder, is Yu-min worth it all? Thomas is indeed one of the nicest guy you can see on TV and Chen Hanwei's portrayal gave him a genuine niceness, no arrogance, no airs, just a simple guy who so happens to be very successful in what he does who has simple needs and simple wants. But is Chen Hanwei really a heartthrob? He lacks that dashing aura that one would associate with heartthrobs, in my humble opinion. But he does have that ordinary guy appeal, someone you just like, though I suspect it may be because of his hairstyle which suits him, though however Bae Yong-jun lookalike.

Huang Biren

Huang Biren has a name I really like to pronounce, again Huang Biren. Such a powerful sounding name you know. This actress I believe is not young but she looks young. My first impression of her was, she talked too fast, way too fast and she looked weird. But by the 3rd episode, I was so used to her way of talking, it didn't matter anymore and I began to see beyond her one annoying trait (that is talking too fast) and just concentrate on her acting. First of all, may I say I have seen quite a lot of beautiful actresses on the screen but only very few manages to look more beautiful as the series went by. Fann Wong for one is the camera's favourite girl and then there's Huang Biren. Her hair suits her perfectly and she looks gorgeous. Her dress sense in here is sexy and yet conservative, elegant and yet wild in a very conservative way. I love her clothes in here. Her make up is only just, not too much and I definitely love her lip gloss. And she is tall, very tall. Figure wise, she is a bit like Patricia Mok, no figure, just thin but well models look best when they're fully dressed so I think she is gorgeous. Acting wise, she is wonderful. Her icy stares, her cold disposition when with Chen's Thomas and her gentleness when with her father. There is a contrast between the career woman and the family woman. Very good performance.

One actor from my favourite Singaporean movie

Richard Low

That is Richard Low from I Not Stupid fame, perhaps his best role todate. I can still remember his "Lin Beh" lines from the movie. If there's one Singaporean movie you have got to watch, I Not Stupid would be it and then you'll understand why Stella and Jieming acted the way they did. Anyway, his performance in here as the nosy uncle is perhaps the worst acting in this series. Totally unconvincing, very juvenile and totally annoying character, it's amazing he was my favourite adult actor in I Not Stupid. It didn't help that his character in here has little to do.

One actress from another series I have seen some time ago

Lin Meijiao

That is Lin Meijiao who plays Stella Sim. I first saw her in Brotherhood, a very good series and she played the god mother who favoured Christopher Lee and mistreated Jordan Chan. I remember saying her performance in there was very good. In here she's playing again a very irritating and unreasonable character but less spiteful. I dislike her Stella, the way she places more importance in saving her face than actually caring for her son's needs, the way she uses the family for her own personal gain and the way she pushes her husband to do something her husband shouldn't be doing. Of course the husband should say no but this woman, like Yu-min is very pushy. The thing is Yu-min is pushy only when working but this Stella is always pushy. However, her performance, though noisy is top notch and her best scenes are always when she is scolding her son and she cries whilst doing so. It's rather conflicting, that she mistreats her son in a certain way but I am sure she thinks whatever she is doing is for her son's own good.

Then there are 2 Malaysians...

Gary Yap

I reserve my comments on Joey Ng as being a Malaysian but Gary Yap who plays Yuan is definitely a Malaysian who won the Star Search I think the year this series was released. Don't take my word for it but I read this somewhere. Cute boy, a very eager actor, competent actor but lacking that star like charisma. I think time and an image consultant may be able to change all that. It's just that some actors just walk out and you'll know, they have got the IT factor. This actor, I am still trying to see that factor. It's less about the characters they play but more about that charisma, that aura, those that will guarantee you the idol like status. So he may lack that but I think he is a competent actor, only if he stops adding "ah" at the end of his every sentence. Sounds like some Taiwanese Qiong Yau series ... "Ba, ni sui pah, ah!" ("Father, sleep, ah!"). Of course his character's predicament is very silly. He got a job with MediaCorp, and with little experience he quit his job to try and raise like quarter of a million of Singaporean dollars to make his first artistic movie. Even Steven Spielberg had to start with something more commercial and perhaps smaller budget.

Joey Ng

Now the girl, Joey Ng playing Liang Xiaoqi. She is pretty and has a very likeable face. Acting wise she is ok, only that she looks nervous and morose in the entire series. I was thinking what's her problem? Why she looks so nervous? Is it because this is her first acting job and she has substantial scenes or because her character is perpetually nervous? She reminds me of Shirley Yeung, except she can act better. Again lacking that star quality that time and an image consultant may be able to change. What I find funny is Yumin was looking for a fresh new look to represent her cosmetic company and then she saw this girl and thought she was perfect. I for one thought Yumin looked more like the model with that special look than this girl.

There was also one actress that I was very happy to see...

Li Da Mu

That is Holland V's Ba Gu (Li Da Mu). Here she was just a ke-le-fe, enjoying a meal with her bratty grandchildren at KFC and San Yow was cleaning the mess and she kept apologising. San Yow was her son in Holland V! I think this series was released first before Holland V.

Last but not least ...

The Boy Who Was Jieming

The boy who plays Jieming. What a wonderful young actor. He was shaky at first but with a domineering mother and a timid personality, I find his performance phenomenal, especially when his mother started crying and everything and this boy tearfully cried and say "It's all my fault". He genuinely blames himself for everything bad that happens and his mom just let him be! I really feel for Jie Ming and the pressure he was in.A pity that MediaCorp site did not list his name.

Chen Huihui

And Chen Huihui who plays Huifen. Apparently a very established character actress who had little success in MediaCorp and jumped ship to rival MediaWorks for I guess better prospects. I was very annoyed with her performance simply because she was whispering her lines. After a while I realise that is not whispering, that is restraining herself and spoke very softly. I hated that because I thought she could have shouted her lines when being confronted by such a useless husband and unfair treatment. But overall it is a believable performance. I guess people shouldn't shout too much, which is expected in any TVB series but not in Singapore. I am just very surprised at how restrained they could be and yet in such restrained performance, I see such realness, that is very rare. Maybe I am too used to dramatic kind of acting. By the way I am very shocked to see this same actress in a very unglamarous role playing a mentally challenged woman in The Wing Of Desire. It was a very good performance, very believable but that doesn't mean I like the actress. I still find her annoying and I suspect it's the actress, not the characters.


A very well acted ensemble cast in any series I have seen though the plot is all too familiar. Watch this series to see the differences in acting approaches in HK, Taiwan and Singapore. Malaysia is not even there yet. I don't understand; we have wonderful newcomers from Malaysia acting in Singapore who all did so well and yet those who stayed back are all such boring actors? Could it be the script? Anyway this series is nothing spectacular but I urge you to give it a try because sometimes you might be sick watching explosions, family killing family, betrayals and what nots and you just want something smaller, more personal and more intimate in terms of family drama. This is the one for you. And the joy of watching other country's series is most of the time you feel TVB could have done so much better but got too complacent. The lesson I learn from watching the few Singaporean series (which I swear the last 2 I watched were wonderful indication that perhaps MediaCorp is doing much better than its previous predecessors, whatever the name may be, and I saw a few episodes of MediaWorks' Power Of Love which I thought was decent enough) is the difference in acting approaches. In Singapore, because of the lack of actors, the same actor may play 2 totally different roles and often they can pull it off. Edmund Tay is a fine example. TVB seems more keen to typecast their actors than to show what they're capable of.


A very good .

Ending Revealed

Jieming went looking for his grandpa and was almost kidnapped by a drug addict when Xiao Qi saw Jieming and followed him and bravely rescued Jieming from the clutches of evil people of Singapore! And then they all went to the hospital, Yuguo reconciles with Stella and father was feeling quite alright. Thomas returns and marries Yumin, foregoing his career in New York since she is not willing to forego hers. Yutai and Hui min has a son (I think).Sometime like 1 year from the first episode of this series, again they're cooking to commemorate the death day of old man Sun's wife. Nope, Shixuan never ended up with old man Sun though there were indications they might end up together. Everybody, including Stella helped in the preparations whilst old man Sun sat in his room listening to his old favourite records holding his family picture. When it was time to eat, Jie ming ran in to call his grandpa but old man Sun wasn't moving anymore, looking peaceful, picture fell, shattered glasses and Jieming screamed; "YEHHHHH YEHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".


The end music was hauntingly poignant though, until I realised there is a sequel. Look at P/S for more info.


There is a sequel to this series called Vive La Famille 2 and I saw the father in the picture which means he didn't die! What is the point of part 1's surprise ending then? Why not he just be dead and part 2 concentrates on his children and their problems? Basically the father has no problems!

And to my utter shock, Chen Hanwei is from Malaysia! How many more from Malaysia? Let's count them all. Gorgeous guys, Chen Hanwei, Christopher Lee Mingshun, Shaun Chen Hongyu ... there's one more in this series itself, who else? Why are they there when we should open our own MediaCorp and make our own stars? What's wrong with our local entertainment industry that we must make series like Homecoming which looks, feels and even is HK's Kindred Spirit which boasts some very bad acting and really bad script? Why must we always put HK 3rd rate actors as leads and push our very own stars way back? Why can't we create our own idols, heartthrobs and casanovas? It's not that we don't have them. We have! Why must they all be in Singapore? Come back! But to what? Sometimes it is unfair to ask them to come back when as an actor I would have chosen MediaCorp, if not TVB or even Hollywood! So frustrating!

By the way I read here that Chen Hanwei was from a very poor family, very very poor. It's just shows what talent, intelligence, good looks, dedication, good mandarin and luck can do for you. Apparently he has been in the business for 14 years (perhaps at the time of posting it could be more) and he is still going strong.

I believe some actors take time to grow as an actor. Once you're a star and a celebrity you might lose sight of who you are. Some actresses are just too concern with fame, earn more money, endorsing slimming products and giving this slim sexy image, sometimes they just forgot what they're supposed to do. Actors generally rarely lose sight as to who they really are, some actresses just got the right stuff that does not stray them away. I have seen far too many untalented people or people with just enough talent (but not much to justify all the leading roles they got) acting in big series, in big roles, in lead roles, getting all the credit not because of how well they perform but because of how good they look. I agree sometimes screen presence justify it all but not all has the IT factor. It's true to say when a series bomb, these actors and actresses will get the public wrath but is that true anymore? There are fans so blinded by their devotion for these group of stars that they will say anything to say that their favourite actors or actresses are the best of the best. I am guilty of the same conduct too sometimes, probably because I genuinely believe this particular person has enough of star quality and talent to make it big and be a better actor though many may differ. I see potential and I hope this prediction is not guided by my blinded devotion. The point is there are many good actors out there languishing in secondary roles (but very memorable secondary roles) whilst not very good actors (especially actresses) hogging the limelight with acting that frankly I think I can do better. I genuinely do think I can really do better, if not a bit different. Some actors found the perfect role and thus gave the performance of their life. Some actors got great roles but screw it all up by not trying. Some try and succeed, some try but failed not because of lack of trying but because not enough research, not enough time, not enough calibre whilst some fail even before trying simply because they have no talent. No talent as in acting, though they may be the best dancer, the best singer, the best pianist, the best mannequin. I can name a few actresses in this category, also some actors as well but I refrain from naming names. Those who reads my reviews will know my sentiments about particular people.

My point is there is a whole new world of great actors and actresses out there. I realise now not to place too much emphasis on plot, just ignore the plot and zoom in on the performances and I find myself discovering many wonderful performances. Singapore certainly impressed me a lot though their series aren't exactly worthy of praise sometimes. Perhaps experience and the chance to act in many types of roles help or maybe, just maybe most of these people got discovered by talent scouts looking for star quality or won talent contests instead of beauty pageants. It's time, I propose that TVB holds a Star Search to discover the next real star who looks not only gorgeous but can act as well. I am sick to death of beauty pageants as a stepping stone to a film career, no matter how good you could be (case in point, Mariane Chen). Which is why however much I may dislike Tavia Yang's earlier performances, I have a grudging respect for this woman. She took the difficult route and now she's enjoying the accolades that she deserves.


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