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"Charmaine Sheh - I am surprised to find myself actually liking this character that she plays."


Released in

During the Song Dynasty.

Who's in it?
Sung Chi - Bobby Au Yeung
Yun Yuk Zhu - Charmaine Sheh
Choong/Ng. Siu Loong - Stephen Au
Kit Siu - Ellesmere Choi
Yun Yuk Bo - Halina Tam
Sen Fung - Joyce Tang

What's it about?
WTTP 2 continues after Bobby Au married his 2 wives (Jessica and Marianne Chan.) It started with the two wives being pregnant. One day, their house was set on fire, and the wives were killed. Bobby turn out to indirectly caused the death of a man's wife, the man wanted Bobby to know what it feels like to lose a wife. Au blamed the death of his wives on the detective job, he got depressed and decided to go to another town.

Favorite Character
Must be Yun Yuk Zhu. She was misunderstood by everyone in her town because her fiancee died before they could get married. People thought she was a comet and was scared of being near her. Yuk Zhu's job is to dress up dead people (nicely) so they can be buried. I don't like Charmaine Sheh that much, but she is good in this role.

Most Disliked
Yun Yuk Bo, she is the half-sister of Yuk Zhu. Yuk Bo cares about money the most, and she agreed to marry this rich old man. She laters kill him to get his money, but unfortunately for her, she met Sung Chi and got her head chopped off.

Most Annoying
Choong, he is so stupid to believe in that hypocrite Yuk Bo. After he got a bit of talents, he started to think he's all that. If he didn't actually have a part in helping Sung Chi solved the crime, he would already be the most disliked character. Stephen Au is quite good in here, but he looks really weird in ancient costume.

Most Disappointing Character
Sen Fung, don't ask me, I just think the character is quite unreasonable at times.

Favorite Couple
Of course Yuk Zhu and Sung Chi. Very compatible, that doesn't mean that the actor and actress match though.

Least Favorite Couple
Ellesmere and Irene Wong. I just hated relationships like that. It is so cliché.

Bobby - I really hated the fact that he drinks himself after his wives died. Sure, he can be sad but do it to a certain length. Over-drinking yourself is not going to make your wives alive again. TVB always have these kind of scenes (drink after you get rejected) that it is getting overly annoying to see. Come on, at least think up of something else he could do rather than drinking himself to death. Bobby is the same in here, nothing spectacular.

Charmaine Sheh - I am surprised to find myself actually liking this character that she plays. I personally hated her role in Flying Fox, Crimson Sabre and HSDS. I liked to see her in evil characters so that she'll suffer in the end, but she plays this lovable Yun Yuk Zhu very nicely and I didn't wish for her to die.

Joyce Tang - I think she is the savior of the series. Despite the bad story, she somehow able to bring some warmth into the story. But why does she always get supporting roles?? She is as good as any other leading actresses, even better than most in TVB nowadays.

What about other actors?
I think they're all okay. I don't particular like any of them, but they are all very boring in their performances.

Is this worth renting?
This is truly disappointing to its prequel. Like many other sequels, this one lacks the charm and the good script of the first one. The cases were easy to solve, and they basically TELL you who did it before Sung Chi even figured out. I mean, what's the fun in that? The other bad thing was the final case, you KNOW that Jay Lau is the evil person in the early tapes. It's not fun for a series to be so predictable. Unlike the first one, where I absolutely do not have a clue that Frankie Lam was the bad guy all through the serial. But it is not too bad, despite the bad storyline, Bobby Au and Joyce Tang could keep you through the series.

A Case of Misadventure - I say this is better than WTTP 2. It's similar, but I think ACoM have a more lighter mood than this.

Witness to the Prosecution 1 - This is definitely better, as I have said up there. I advise you to just leave it at the happy ending.

SPOILERS (for those who want it)

1. Bobby ended up with Charmaine.
2. Stephen married Joyce.
3. Ellesmere (a guard) gets a happy ending with Irene Wong (a prostitute.)
4. Halina gets her head chopped off.
5. Jay Lau died (I think.)

Anything else to say?
No, I don't know what else to say. This is one of the bad sequels. It shows why TVB style has really gone down since the millennium. I only write a short review because this is not something I enjoy, and it also pains me to write something about it. Get this if you can't find any other series to watch, WTTP 2 at least has a happy ending, so you can look forward to that.



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