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"Lisa. I'm biased yeah right. U can say whatever u want but I absolutely hated her way of acting. Or is it because her character is always the noble and preachy sort that's why I can't stand her. Or is it really her acting. Fake is the word."


How Long
36 episodes, 16 tapes

Lisa Wong
Wong Hei - Ah Kong
Jessica Hester Hsuan - Ah Moon
Jade Leung


Wong Hei/Jessica
Wong Hei and Jessica are neighbor cum colleagues. Wong Hei is a loner who couldn't get along with his colleagues. Jessica always tries to talk to him but just got snubbed at most of the time. During operation, Wong Hei always assigned Jessica to be the reinforcement. Jessica is not very happy with this as she want to take part in the action and wants a chance to prove her abilities. She thought that Wong Hei is picking on her but found out that it's Lisa's idea.

Jessica began to misunderstand Lisa. Wong Hei later allows Jessica to be part of the operation but Jessica was injuried during her very first operation. That criminal stabbed an injection needle at Jessica's leg and that criminal turned out to have contracted AIDS. Jessica is devasted and horrified by the thought that she might have contracted AIDS. She rushed out of her ward and Wong Hei chased after her. Jessica expressed her worry. "I cannot fall, I still have to take care of my family. Ever since my mother lost her money in shares when I was young, I had to take care of the family. They won't know what to do without me." Wong Hei told her " No matter how close u are, u are not responsible for their life, u can't take care of them for the rest of your life. Let them have a chance to learn to be independent."

Wong Hei gave Jessica a lot of help and encouragement during this time and they drew closer. Jessica found that she did not have AIDS and overwhelmed with joy, she kissed Wong Hei. Soon after, they started dating.

During an operation, Wong Hei realizes that he cannot overcome the past incident and is unable to shoot at criminal anymore. He can't bring himself to open fire. He is dejected and wanted to quit. He shuts himself out from everyone, including Jessica. She is very worried about him. Later Lisa talk him round.

That convict that was shot death by Wong Hei has a daughter Gong Siu Yau. She's mentally unstable and kept trying to seek revenge on Wong Hei and his family. Wong Hei, feeling guilty, tolerated her and tried to help her. With Wong Hei's care and concern, Siu Yau finally found a job and became more cheerful. Wong Hei and Siu Yau became really close and Jessica was so jealous. Finally they broke off, but not all because of Siu Yau, but because they realize that the 2 of them are too similar in character that they argue too often. Wong Hei later fell in love with Siu Yau and Jessica dated Hei's brother.

Siu Yau and Wong Hei is really close, but unfortunately, Siu Yau's mother was murdered by her father's lover (her father is a gay actually). Siu Yau suffered a serious blow again and she hides away from Wong Hei. One day Wong Hei saw her taking dope and is devastated. He wants to help her, but everything is too late, Siu Yau contracted AIDS and is dying. Wong Hei helps Siu Yau pre-celebrate her birthday before she dies.

Jessica on the other hand feels that she cannot get along with Wong Hei's brother at all and decided to break up with him. Actually in Jessica's heart there is always Wong Hei. Wong Hei accidentally fired at Queenie during a mission and Wong Hei once again became very despondent. Everyone is very worried about him, especially Jessica, who tries ways and means to get Hei back to the right track. But Hei seems to have given up all hopes. He started to hang around with gangster, and once, to convince the leader of the gang that he's no longer the old Hei, he almost broke Jessica's leg.

However, it seems that Hei is acting as undercover agent, trying to nap the big ring leader. Everything went smoothly, the leader trusts Hei, but unfortunately, she saw Hei hugging that helmet belonging to Jessica at an alley and starts to have doubts. She tested Hei and found that he's undercover and starts to take revenge. Hei's father is killed as a results and Hei is once again very devastated. He asked Jessica to marry him to lure the leader out. That leader is a girl and she's in love with Hei actually.

They succeed, the leader captured Jessica and tied her in the middle of the sea. Hei has a fierce gun battle with that leader and finally succeed in killing her. But Hei fell into the sea (actually I think he fell into the sea purposely, he wants to commit suicide) and Jessica search frantically for Hei in vain.

I'll briefly talk about them lah, since I fast forward most of their part.
Lisa is a widow, her husband died in a car crash and she remained single till now. She met Danny through her parents. Her father is a famous football player and Danny's magazine firm had an interview with Lisa's father. Lisa went to Danny's company to take back her parent's photo and met Danny. They met in the church and a book store before this and later became good friends. Danny had a fiancée but she went overseas. Danny did something wrong to her and she is unable to forgive him. Danny is still waiting for her after 8 years, but she's adamant about their breakup.

Lisa and Danny got closer and closer because of Lisa's parents. Later, Lisa's parents died and Danny is always there to support and help her. They decided to give each other a chance. However, just when they started dating, Melissa came back. She wants to patch up with Danny. After much consideration, Danny still chooses Lisa and proposed to her.

Danny seems to be involve in some drug trafficking business. Lisa begins to wonder what happens to Danny. It happens that Danny killed his mother in Holland when he was young, and Ah Ho found out that threatened Danny he would called the police unless he traffick drugs with him.

Once Danny is trying to smuggle some drugs through a custom and Lisa caught him red handed. Danny told Lisa about it, and Lisa forgave him, partly because Danny is repentant and Lisa is pregnant.

When my mother asked me whether this serial was worth watching, I hesitated. Because I received quite some feedback that it was a pretty boring show and a lot of Jessica and Hei's fans were kind of disappointed with it. But I went ahead, because it has been a long time since I watched Wong Hei's serial and I sort of missed his performance.

When I watched, yes, it was indeed boring. But only Lisa and Danny's parts are boring. I love every part with Jessica and Wong Hei and I really enjoyed seeing them together much to my surprise coz I didn't think they would match initially.

And there are quite some touching bits between the 2. Basically I just fast forwarded all the parts with Lisa and Danny and I ended up finishing the serial in just 3 days? Coz their weightage is 50% Lisa/Danny, 50% Wong Hei/Jessica.....

Another thing, before I watch this serial, I thought it's only 20 episodes, but when the tapes kept coming and coming, I was like "OH NOOOOOOOOO, how come soooooo bloody long? It's getting on my nerves really." Such a boring show and it's so long?!!! If they cut all the Lisa and Danny's parts and make the serial 20 episodes, I would like it 100 times better.

Fav scenes
I guess any scene with Jessica and Wong Hei is nice. Let me name a few.
I like the one where Jessica thought she had AIDS. She rushed out from her ward and Wong Hei was there to comfort her. Jessica says she cannot have AIDS, she has to look after her family, she cannot break down, no matter how sad she is.

Another one is where Jessica cannot stand her mother's grumbling and ran out of Lisa's house. Wong Hei took her to the swimming pool to calm her down and both of them swam happily together.

When Wong Hei still couldn't get over the fact that he killed an unarmed criminal. Jessica followed him but he ignored her and threw her helmet away. Jessica was completely helpless and so worried about him. I love this scene.

When Wong Hei finally found Siu Yau taking dope. He tried to help Siu Yau, only to find out that she contracted AIDS. Really sad scene. One of my favorite and the most touching one of the entire serial.

The Could Have Been Better Scene
Lisa's father died peacefully one day morning. It's really unexpected because he seems to be in the pink of health. Everyone is shocked, especially Lisa and her mother, so devastated and sad. I thought this scene could have been more touching. I only felt a little tinge of sadness when I watch this and later I felt literally nothing when I saw Lisa and her mother cry. Not even tears welled up in my eyes. Rarely do I feel nothing when a character died.

Fav character
I like Moon in the front part. She's strong, determined and cute at times. But later she got pretty unreasonable again. Why is Jessica always playing such unreasonable characters leh??! Why why why? But actually I still like Ah Moon though.

And I like Wong Hei's character at the later part. I blamed him for a change of heart initially, but when I see how he treats Siu Yau, I am really touched.

I also like Jade's Leung character, though it's a minor one. I always wonder where Jade Leung went to after Burning Flame, coz there don't seems to be many of her serials. Frankly speaking, I personally think Jade is another great actress but not well promoted by TVB. Her performance in Burning Flame is terrific and left me a deep impression on her. I really wish to see her more often.

Fav Couple
Lisa and Danny.

You gotta be kidding Seagull!!

Yeah right, how do u know I was pulling your leg. =p

Of course the favorite couple in my mind is none other than Jessica and Wong Hei! If not for them I WOULD NEVER WATCH THIS SERIAL. Trust me I tried, I REALLY TRIED to watch Lisa and Danny's part! But I found myself zzzzzz when I tried to watch their part, so I concluded that it's better for me to fast forward their parts instead of sleeping.

The Best Performance
Wong Hei. It has gotta be Wong Hei. He's very good in here. Well ok he's good in every serial he is in. When he doesn't smile, he really have that attitude face, if u get what I mean. And when he found out that he is unable to shoot at criminals anymore, he's so devastated. Ah Hei did that scene very well in my opinion.

The "ok" Performance
Jessica, though I like her character, I think she's only alright in here, not that striking. I think she was better in Game of Deceit and DIF4.

The Worst Performance
Lisa. I'm biased yeah right. U can say whatever u want but I absolutely hated her way of acting. Or is it because her character is always the noble and preachy sort that's why I can't stand her. Or is it really her acting. Fake is the word.

Danny. This guy is WORSE than Lisa. At least Lisa is able to talk well. This guy couldn't even talk well if u ask me! Just that silly look and irritating grin. I can't even stand his voice! One of the worst older actors I ever saw. And this kind of guy got 2 woman snatching him?!!!

I also don't like that guy who acted as Lisa's father, he also always just with the kind and silly face of his. Err I thought only the quality of new actor/actress is declining, now looks like even the old actors/actresses are getting on my nerves?!

The Surprisingly good Performance
That girl that played Siu Yau. Well, I first saw her in Healing Hands and ICAC. She's such a fake actress then and I thought she can never improve. Well I guess she proved me wrong in AMOC. Her performance is really surprisingly good. Of course not as terrific as Wong Hei or Jessica, but considering her acting experience and her past performance, her acting is good in here.

The Comical Factor
Why does TVB always like to give us the Lisa is still young impression? As in, remember that guy who played Gallen and Hawick's father in ATE!!!! He's now acting as Lisa's FATHER in here!!! My?!!! I think Lisa and that guy is about the same age in real life or somewhere near? I feel a bit funny coz they look like the same generation to me. And that Danny looks even older than Lisa's father if u ask me, and he has to call him UNCLE?!!

The Irritating Factor
Wong Hei's character sometimes. When he first appear in the serial, I thought he's a gang leader but he's a POLICE!?! A gangster looking police. And I hated the way he always snubbed at Ah Moon initially like the whole world owns him something kind of an attitude. So aloof, so conceited and sometimes arrogant. Very bad tempered. But we cannot really blame him, he had a rough time, he felt guilty for being so rash and killed a guy.

Queenie, that curry favoring pig! Very irritating!!!! Why are there such people in the world. Don't they feel their goose pimples coming out when they say such fake and shallow things? I hate her as much as Moon hates her in the serial.

Danny's character. Preachy and fake and wimpish. I just cannot stand the way he tries to be a "Mr Nice Guy".

From Irritating to wimpish to pathetic character
Definitely Siu Yau. At first u hated her for the way she treats Wong Hei, then u started to find her a bit irritating and trying to gain people's sympathy. Then u will start cursing her when she comes between Ah Hei and Jessica, but finally u would still feel so sad for her when she died. Actually everything is not her fault, she's the greatest victim in the whole mess. If only she is stronger, if only she can trust Wong Hei, they would make a cute couple.

Is it better than...
Nothing to Declare? Both are Custom shows and both stars Wong Hei, it's just as BORING. If AMOC take away Lisa/Danny, then AMOC is better, but AMOC has too much Lisa and Danny, so Nothing to Declare is better.

Detective serials like: DIF series, UE, O-Kay, AR etc
A BIG NONO. Of course those mentioned above are twice better and more action pact and intriguing.

So, what's the verdict really
See which group u belong to and decide for yourself whether u should rent AMOC.

1. If u are a Jessica and Wong Hei's fan and u don't mind watching your idol serials when they appear for only like 5 tapes out of 10, u can rent it. U should and would enjoy all the parts with them in it.

2. If u cannot stand the fact that Ah Hei and Jess only appeared for half the time in the serial, u would get a "I FEEL CHEATED OF MY MONEY" kind of a feeling. So don't rent, u would start cursing and u won't enjoy the serial, go rent DIF4 for Jessica or Burning Flame for Wong Hei. U get to see them a lot more. This is definitely not the right serial for Jessica's fans, coz if u ask me she's no where near pretty in here. I think she shouldn't tie her hair that way.

3. If u absolutely hated Lisa and Danny, don't rent this one, they appear very frequently.

4. If u are a Lisa and Danny fan, a definite yes because rarely do any TVB serials have these older artistes as the lead.

5. If u have no more new serials to watch and u just have to watch some TVB serial or else u will suffer from withdrawal symptoms!

6. If u like preachy serials, where the characters seems to be playing word games and talking in a "I know all" kind of a tone. They throw out a lot of "wise" quote at u.

I think I would be in category 2 if the tapes are not provided FREE of charge by my auntie! Even when the tapes are free, I feel pretty pissed sometimes, coz I'm not cheated of my money, but I'm cheated of MY TIME! If I know earlier this serial is so long, trust me, I won't bother.


Interesting Gossips
There are rumors that Wong Hei had some conflicts with Lisa and Danny. There were rumors that Ah Hei and Danny Lee did not quite get along because Ah Hei did not follow the script and would sometimes improvise and thus, Danny was confused. And Lisa thought that Wong Hei is an arrogant person. Also, Danny said that Wong Hei does not pay attention to his work and play around during the AMOC production.

Well if u ask me, of course I am all the way behind Wong Hei! I don't believe he's such an irresponsible actor and if he does not pay attention to his work and can have such a brilliant performance in the serial, then I must say he's a ultra talented actor.


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