A must read, if you don't already know ...

Written by Funn Lim


Released In : 2000
AKA : Siworae

Is this French or what? Anyway a weird film with an equally weird title. Don't know if should write a review for this really literally time warped type of movie. Keanu Reeves will be in the US remake and I hope it will have a more solid base and plot. Not that's it's bad and I like the ending. To those who may be confused over the ending, it was like what if this and what if that and in the end he read the letter. So happy ending! But still weird. And the actress was quite bad. Classic was when she saw a man being knocked down by a car. Feeling shocked for the first 1 min I understand but when she looked positively non happening, I was like thinking "Hey people don't all rush at once to help an accident victim eh!"


Anyway recommended because I am a would be Lee Jung Jae fan.

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