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Released In : 2005

I just watched King Kong, 3 hours long and may I say, the best movie of the year. It has everything, and so much more. The Kong as in the Ape/Monkey/Gorilla has more personality than any of the characters in Harry Potter 4 and Narnia combined. I was very disappointed with Narnia, and it was boring to the core although visually it was exciting and the first meeting scene between Mr Tumnus and Lucy was very polite and a dying virtue in today's world. I am reading the book right now and believe me, the book is so much better. King Kong is an experience you can only feel and experience in a cinema. Only in LOTR did the cinema curtains like opened until the entire screen and now it is King Kong and for a moment I thought the curtains would you know burst into the walls! Peter Jackson has certainly made such a visually exciting movie with characters that you can feel for them. Best of all, as in like Gollum, King Kong the lead character is such an enigma. Andy Serkis must have mustered his entire facial muscles to give Kong such a great interpretation. He must be nominated. Gollum should have won best actor years before, now it must be King Kong. Whilst I had my reservations about Naomi Watts but she is effective. I really like Adrien Brody, even when he was in The Pianist and in The Village. He was wonderful in here, as rugged as a hero should be. Jack Black is one of my most favourite actors and he did wonderful here. Not strictly a comedic role since his Denham is quite sinister. Jamie Bell didn't have his heavy accent and he grows into quite a handsome young man. Can act very well too.

There are glitches in this movie. For one, one scene was quite obvious a green screen type with Naomi Watts running next to a T-Rex I think. But the rest are a marvel. Narnia may go on and on and on about how real their Aslan may be, but really wait till you see this big ape.

There are so many great moments in this movie, ranging from scary, suspenseful to even romantic. One of the best scenes has got to be King Kong versus not one but THREE T-Rex. What an amazing scene. Another was a stampede of I think Brontosaurus (those vege kind with long neck). I never imagined they would tumble the way this movie depicted and it was almost funny if not for you know humans running next to them trying to escape the falling giants as well as hungry meat eating velociraptors-kind of raptors. Very scary scene. The ending made me cry.

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But my vote for the best scene and my most favourite scene has got to be when King Kong was doing a snow-waltz with Ann Darrow (Naomi Watt's character). It was such a beautiful romantic scene.

Truth be told, I thought this would be a monster movie. I had my reservations when I saw the big poster with Naomi Watts in the middle, Kong on the right and a T-Rex on the left. By the way gorgeous poster, such wide giant type you know. Never before seen such gorgeous expensive type of movie of grand epic proportion, never since LOTR. But after the first few minutes into this movie (Kong doesn't appear until I think more than 1 hour into the movie), I was so immersed in the visuals and so anticipate King Kong's appearance, I didn't quite think of it as a monster movie. If an ape can be that big, a centipede can be that big as a giant, why not evolution stopped on that island for the dinosaurs? It is believable, in movie magic sense. Believe me, you will love the T-rex scenes.

Like I said I thought it was a monster movie. I was so wrong. It was a love story, a love story between an ape and a woman. Not even watching the original (whichever version you may have seen or heard about), this is a love story doomed from the very beginning. So very sad.

I know most of you are ready to run to the cinema to watch this movie. For those very few who just thought "Aiyah I can safe a few bucks, buy VCD lar", whether original VCDs or pirated types, please don't be so kedekut. Small TV, not even 50 inch TV wil do it justice. It needs a wide cinema screen, with booming sound and a whole lot of people there to ooh and ahh with you.

Like one ad says, "It's the experience that counts".

This movie has my vote as the best movie of the year and the best movie event of the year. It's a great adventure, suspense, monster movie and in a much smaller scale, whilst it is well acted, Peter Jackson has got to take credit for simply being an effective and a great storyteller. Now I really want Mr Jackson to take on Harry Potter!

With all the pomps and the effects and all, in the end this movie is quite simply brilliant because King Kong looks and acts so real, my emotions is pretty raw right now after watching the ending which was a tad too long but what the heck? Mr Jackson can take all the time he wants. It was such an amazing journey.

Do not miss this one!

A useful tip : Do not drink too much cola whilst watching this movie. It is very long. Like 187 min long. You don't wanna miss a single frame of this flick.

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