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"In fact, the whole show was a success due to his (Julian Cheung) presence. He had greater chemistry with Gigi than Tavia. He was convincing as a gangster, a cop and Mo Chun. His sheer disgust of Poon Kam Lin was really hilarious. "


Main Cast
Julian Cheung as Dong Chum Cho/ Mo Chun
Wong Hei as Lam Ji Chung (Lam Sir) / Lam Chung
Gigi Lai as Nicole (Man Fung Ling) / Poon Kam Lin
Tavia Yeung as Siu Sin

And some veteran actors

Year Released

No. Of Episodes
25 episodes

Plot Outline
This production is a romantic comedy cop series. It is a mix of water marginl affairs and the modern cop trilogy series, Infernal Affairs. Dong Chum Cho/ Mo Chun (Julian Cheung) is a normal police officer who had just passed his exams to become a cop. Lam Ji Chung/ Lam Chung (Wong Hei) is a successful ambitious highly ranked officer who demands much from his subordinates. However, while out on the streets one day, Dong Chum Cho had a minor accident. After awaking in the hospital, he remembers his past life as Mo Chun. He goes undercover working for a notorious gang leader, Sung Po and plans to find his brother Lam Chung, in this modern life to once again reunite and upkeep justice in the society. Lam Sir is also very determined to capture Sung Po. The brothers meet up once again in this present life, yet at the two different sides of justice.

Nicole is an attractive radio deejay/bar owner who is constantly misunderstood by all when most of her best friend’s boyfriend falls for her. She is also the daughter of Dong Chum Cho’s landlord, Bing. He believes that she is the modern life reincarnate of Poon Kam Lin. Siu Sin is Dong Chum Cho’s childhood best friend, who is working as a Chinese Physician. Together, with their past lives and present lives, it involves a complicated relationship amongst the four and a highly exciting cop series.

My Opinion
I first bought this drama mainly because Julian was in it. I didn’t expect much from it but yet by the second episode, I was deeply addicted to it. My main enjoyment was Julian as Mo Chun. He was really comical in the role, often trying to convince Lam Sir that he is Lam Chung. Thus, Lam Sir obviously thinks he is mentally unsound. Another plus factor was the scenes between Julian and Gigi. They were often bickering with each other. Nicole is actually the biological daughter of Sung Po. At one point, Dong Chum Cho and Nicole fell for each other and when his role as an undercover was exposed, she felt that he was using her.

The gang scenes were great too, especially when the cops were pursuing them. There was an internal conflict, which led to a great twist at the end. It was very Infernal Affairs, but a comical version. Siu Sin and Nicole had good chemistry as good friends. Siu Sin was the insecure one, while Nicole was the confident one. I enjoyed Lam Sir’s transformation during his work hours and after his work hours too. He was constantly in pursue of Nicole for her love.

One thing I felt this show did great was its ancient and yet modern story plotline. I enjoyed the flashbacks they had in their past lives.

The Characters
Julian Cheung as Dong Chum Cho/ Mo Chun
What can I say? This guy is brilliant in this role. His initial confused state with his past life in the modern life was captured great. Personally, I like Julian in his other roles. This was something different. In fact, the whole show was a success due to his presence. He had greater chemistry with Gigi than Tavia. He was convincing as a gangster, a cop and Mo Chun. His sheer disgust of Poon Kam Lin was really hilarious.

Wong Hei as Lam Ji Chung/Lam Chung
It was a different role from what I’ve seen in Burning Flame. I’ve never seen Wong Hei in a serious role before. I thought he has great chemistry with Julian, acting as brothers. His role was convincing at the last twist, where he became the evil cop. I almost fell for it. However, I felt that he lacked the chemistry with Gigi and Nicole. His relationship with Siu Sin was just sweet, but nothing great. At some point, I hated him for his highly ambitious character.

Gigi Lai as Nicole/Poon Kam Lin
She did a great job. Emotions captured well at the right moment. I felt sorry for her initially when all her best friends left her because they all thought she seduced their boyfriends. (Which never happened) She was such a pitiful character till the point Dong Chum Cho started becoming close to her. I like her moments with her mother, Bing. They were constantly bickering due to misunderstandings. Yet, she loves her mother deeply.

Tavia Yeung as Siu Sin
She acted well as the girl with a low self-esteem. I don’t have much opinion on her. Nothing fantastic. It was just okay.

The Other Characters
I’m not too sure what are their names. The one who acted as Janet, who was Sung Po’s woman, was really annoying. Sung Po’s sidekick, Kwan Po did a great job as the traitor in the gang.

Best Moments
Dong Chum Cho convincing Lam Sir that he is Lam Chung. The various scenes were really hilarious as Lam Sir clearly was afraid of seeing him.

The last twist at the end where Lam Sir became the evil cop.

The scenes between Nicole and Dong Chom Chow, from how they became enemies to lovers.

The scenes between Dong Chum Cho meeting his supervisor during his undercover moments. At one point, his supervisor said it was like Infernal Affairs.

The ending.

Worst Moments
Perhaps it was a little too complicating at the end, and it ended abruptly.

My Verdict
Something I will highly recommend to anyone who wants a good laugh and yet a high suspense drama. It was a show which I highly enjoyed through the episodes and kept me constantly addicted to it.



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