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"He (Bobby Au Yeung) is a great actor, proven by the versatility in the roles he had so far. I felt that he did a great job in here. No flaws at all."


Main Cast
Bobby Au Yueng as Pang Kwok Dong
Kenix Kwok as Kit
Julian Cheung as Yeung Kwong
Annie Man as Yip Ho Yan
Moses Chan as Mok Ka Chung (Mo-Sir)
Winnie Yueng as Jing
Ellesmere Choy - Jacky

Year Released

30 Episodes

Plot Outline
This story is about police negotiators and their ups and downs in their own lives. The PNC’s job is to negotiate with criminals in the events of a crime, and negotiate with suicidals. Pang Sir (Bobby) and Kit (Kenix) are senior PNC officers. To qualify as officers in the PNC, one has to undergo a strict and tough exam. Pang Sir is married with Jing, while Kit is married with Mo Sir. These four are good friends. However, due to their conflicting schedules as PNC officers, they often neglect their family. Pang Sir is a demanding man, and his colleagues and family fear him due to his nature. A great man career wise, but failed in both elements of relationship and family.

Yeung Kwong (Julian) is a lazy and unmotivated constable who happens to save a man’s life during a suicide attempt. Kit felt that he had the potential to be part of the PNC. Thus, she persuaded him to take part in the upcoming recruitment for new members. He went for it unwillingly and met Yip Ho Yan (Annie). The two didn’t get along well initially as Yeung Kwong always aimed to fail, while she wanted the best in everything. In the midst of training, Pang Sir, and Yeung Kwong had a conflict and this almost prompt him to quit. Through Kit’s persuasion, he stayed on to prove Pang Sir wrong and clinched the best partner award during graduation with Yip Hor Yan.

Then, there’s the romance element between Pang Sir and Kit after their respective other halves left them. There’s the love triangle between Yeung Kwong, Yip Ho Yan and Jacky. Who will they end up with?

My Opinion
I watched this drama when they happen to air it on television. My friend gave me great reviews on this show, which led me to watching the entire series. I enjoyed the moment during the training days where Yeung Kwong and Yip Ho Yan were going through the various tests. It got a little boring during the Jing and Mo moments where the two were having an affair as they were being neglected respectively by Pang Sir and Kit. I detest Jing. But, when it comes to the most annoying character, I would say it is the woman who acted as Joyce (Jackie’s girlfriend). She was plain annoying to watch through her flirting moments.

The PNC portion was enjoyable. I enjoyed how they persuaded people to cherish lives through their personal encounters. There was a scene in which Kit was persuading a pregnant woman to consider her unborn child. At that time, Kit was also pregnant by her husband, who left her for Jing. She persuaded the woman through her experience and in the end, the media hounded her.

Another brilliant moment was the transformation of Pang Sir. From the beginning, we could see his demanding nature. An accident left him paralyzed and he was totally transformed. He wanted to give up on life. The persuasion of his student, Yeung Kwong made him give up the thought. He seeked refuge at the suburbs and eventually overcome the obstacles, with the morale support from Kit, and Yeung Kwong.

The chemistry between the characters was great. I like the student mentor relationship between Pang Sir and Yeung Kwong. I enjoyed watching the respect Kit had for Pang Sir and the progression of their friendship. I felt that Yip Ho Yan and Yeung Kwong were just alright. They were a funny pair to watch but if it was romance based, there was nothing special.

The success of the show is probably due to the choice of the cast. I can’t imagine another actor other than Bobby for the role of Pang Sir, and respectively the same goes for the other lead cast.

The Characters
Bobby Au Yeung as Pang Sir
A different role Bobby took on this time. I usually see him acting in comedies or not so serious roles. He’s a great actor, proven by the versatility in the roles he had so far. I felt that he did a great job in here. No flaws at all. Furthermore, he had great chemistry with Julian and Kenix. His down moments were portrayed to perfection. There were moments I felt like just punching this guy since he actually indirectly cause the failed marriage with Jing due to his nature.

Kenix Kwok as Kit
I feel that Kenix is an extremely charismatic person. She has the charisma to take on roles as the female inspector. I first watched her in Detective Investigators Files and I fell in love with her on screen charm. She did a great job in here too. Enjoyed the friendship she had with Pang Sir during his down moments, and how she stayed on to help him and vice versa. (Since she was pregnant at that time) She’s a great leading woman. Just wished that I see her more often in other shows.

Julian Cheung as Yeung Kwong
My favourite actor once again. He’s so bubbly in here and extremely likeable with his antics in the training school moments. He made a cute couple with Yip Ho Yan. No flaws. I love Julian’s versatility in his roles. He makes me laugh, he makes me sympathize with him for the way his family treats him. He is so extremely hilarious during the moment that psychotic guy was pestering him since he had promised him that he will be his friend.

Annie Man as Yip Ho Yan
She was just ordinary. Nothing special. I felt that there was more of a friendship element than romance element between her and Yeung Kwong. Her crying scenes were nothing special, just average. She looks as if she was just staring into space all the time during the trauma she had in an occasion. I like her better in the other serials.

Ellesmere Choy as Jacky
He did a good job as the psychologist, whose main flaws is with how he handled his on and off girlfriend, Joyce. He’s likeable since he’s the only one in the family that gets along with his stepbrother, Yeung Kwong. I despise the fact he went into a relationship with Yip Ho Yan, to only two-timed her when Joyce wants him back. When Yeung Kwong gets together with her, he demands her back from him when Joyce dumped him yet again. A big jerk! Thankfully, he repented.

Moses Chan as Mok Ka Chung (Mo-Sir)
The perfect husband yet cheats on his wife. I find it unbelievable he cheats on his good friend’s wife. He didn’t shine in this serial.

Winnie Yueng as Jing
Winnie as the villain. Interesting. She did well in the role, since I dislike her so much.

And Finally… The woman who acted as Joyce
I’ve never seen her before and I find her seriously super annoying. She isn’t exactly the best looking actress and she can’t act for nuts. At the pool scene with Jacky while she was doing her flirting moments yet again, I was super disgusted. She giggles in a funny annoying sound.

Best Moments
The training school moments with Yeung Kwong and Yip Ho Yan. Cannot miss this.

Pang Sir in his down moments. How he struggled to recovery.

The final PNC case in which Yeung Kwong’s siblings was taken hostage.

The moments between Pang Sir and Yeung Kwong.

Kit and Pang Sir moments.

Funny Moments
How Yeung Kwong helped Yip Ho Yan to overcome her fears of Pang Sir.

The psycho man pestering Yeung Kwong and Yip Ho Yan.

Worst Moments
Any scene with Joyce, Mo Sir and Jing. I just rewinded through that. Yicks!

The Ending
A typical happy ending. Yay!

My Verdict
It’s worth renting due to selection of cast, who made the serial enjoyable to watch. If you’re a fan of Bobby, Kenix, or Julian, this is one serial you wouldn’t’ want to miss. If you want a good laugh, this may be for you too.


Interesting Observations
TVB seems to have a lot of cop related dramas. There’s Armed Reaction, Detective Investigators Files, ICAC, Interpol and a lot others. Nevertheless, I enjoyed everyone of them.


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