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The following excellent synopsis and episode summaries were taken from I am sure it was taken from the DVD. I feel compelled to post it here for those who could not stand my long review or wanted to know the story itself. Not entirely accurate but close enough. Be forewarned; spoilers galore . For my review, please click here. REMEMBER to scroll to the COMMENTS section at the bottom for some updates on where to purchase this series, amongst others.

Buy this series [Written by Funn Lim]
Depending on where you're from, the following are my recommendations with special emphasis on where to buy for those staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Customers from SEA
- This is the link to the DVD and the VCD version which is available for purchase in Malaysia. is reliable, fast, efficient, professional and replies to your email promptly. I shopped for this series there and I was quite happy with the experience.

- You can find the VCD version from Jusco stores (try Mega Mall) and Tower Records (try KLCC). The VCD is in Korean/Mandarin with Chinese/Malay subtitles. Try not to vomit blood over the Malay subtitles which is slightly better than the English one.

- You can't find the DVD version at the stores. So you have to buy online. I bought it for RM138-20 I think (inclusive of Pos Laju charges) and got my DVD tightly and securedly wrapped in like 4 days. Anyway, the DVD itself comes in a smaller box than the VCD version but just as ugly. Distributed by MPEG, it seems perhaps profit is more important than making the product look good. The DVD itself has selectable subtitles, English, Malay, Chinese. The Chinese I do not know, the Malay is quite ok but require some part of patience is rearranging the words but the English, whilst I could understand it is nonetheless amateur and really makes this series look bad and amateur. You can select between episodes (2 episodes per DVD) but not between scenes. The scenes are the same as per the VCD of any version. Comes in dual language (Mandarin/Korean). But the picture quality is good and the sound is good also. Clearer than the VCD format but not as clear as those shown on TV. Unfortunately no Making Of segments bundled into that DVD.

Customers from Central and South American countries (lucky you!)
- This one comes with the most comprehensive type of box set with synopsis and all and the most attractive box set so far. It's DVD by the way and comes with English subtitles. But I cried when I realised it can only be shipped to Central and South American countries so basically those in Asia can't buy this as won't ship it to us unless you have some relative in the US. My heart sank literally. Anyway, apparently the English subtitles is excellent but I read the characters became Kenneth and whatever their name is which is quite shocking. But still, good picture quality and more importantly great English subtitles certainly has an advantage over changes names in the subtitles. I still wanna cry. So if you stay around this region, BUY this one. Lucky you!! I am so jealous! Ok, the price is expensive but why pay less and get crap when you pay a bit more and get gold?

Buy the soundtrack
With special emphasis on where to buy for those staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

You can buy the soundtrack from Jusco (Maluri) or Tower Records (KLCC) but very few left. Price is RM30-00 plus if I remember correctly. You can purchase the MTV from Jusco (Maluri) by purchasing the 2002 K-Drama MTV which is only RM9-90.

Or if you have a fast internet connection, you can download some of the tracks from my Downloads > Movies/TV Series media files OR download the whole album at at here and here OR at for free.

For the MTV, you can download them at my Downloads > Movies/TV Series media files, also for free subject to bandwidth availability


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General Synopsis
Two girls, one with a wholesome heart, Jin Sun-Mi (Chae Rim), and one with a beautiful face, Huh Young-Mi (Kim So-Yeon), are the main characters in this tale of competition to be the best female news anchor. The two remain rivals as they face the challenges of life, love, and becoming adults. Their love and dreams intertwine as the years pass.

Enter Kim Woo-Jin (Han Jae-Suk), Sun-Mi's childhood best friend, and Yoon Hyung- Chul (Jang Dong-Gun -- main star of Tae Kuk Gi), a rich and handsome young man. With the two girls, ties are formed, broken, and reformed again. They too come to understand the lessons of life and love.

A charming tale of the love and labors that one sometimes goes through to find the perfect romance is the central themes in this classic Korean drama. The characters are vibrant and have deep, multi-faceted personalities, while the drama investigates their love and destinies as they learn the precious values and lessons of life.

All About Eve also shows an exciting behind-the-scenes look at life on a TV news set. See the news anchors respond to all sorts of challenging situations.

Episode 1
Upon hearing of his mother"s death, Yoon Hyung-Chul returns to Seoul from studying overseas in England. He has a bitter reunion with his father - the man who abandoned his mother and caused her grief and pain. While working for a construction company, Huh Young-Mi"s father is in a fatal accident. Because of this, Young-Mi, having wanted to escape the poverty she lives in for her whole life, follows the man who claims responsibility over the accident, Jin Sun-Mi"s father, Jin Kwi-Sung. Kwi-Sung brings Young-Mi to stay in the photography workshop of Song Jung-Sook"s son, Kim Woo-Jin.

However, to keep Sun-Mi and Ms. Song from worrying, Kwi-Sung does not tell them about Young-Mi. Being treated so warmly by Woo-Jin and Ahn Jun-Mo and seeing Sun-Mi and Woo-Jin"s families makes Young-Mi extremely jealous. Ignorant of Young-Mi"s predicament, Sun-Mi is just a cute and good college freshman. On the first day of college, Sun-Mi and Young-Mi meet for the first time, and the two become friends. Both have the dream to be part of a TV broadcasting station some day.

Episode 2
Not knowing Young-Mi"s situation, Ms. Song accidentally sees Kwi-Sung and Young -Mi alone in one room when she goes to visit Woo-Jin"s workshop. Ms. Song is fuming now that she knows of Young-Mi"s living situation and Sun-Mi is confused to see Young-Mi being so arrogant. Also, seeing Woo-Jin give a much-coveted part- time job position at a broadcasting station to Young-Mi, Sun-Mi begins to worry about him. Soon, Sun-Mi gets a part-time job at the station as well.

The top announcer for MBS, Yoo Joo-Hee goes on Kim Sun-Dal"s recommendation to London as a special news correspondent. There, she meets up with the person she loves, Hyung-Chul. However, Hyung-Chul has already closed his heart to any woman. Meanwhile, as Sun-Mi"s suspicions and inhibitions against Young-Mi grow, she is saved with Young-Mi"s help and Sun-Mi gets stuck in a position where she can"t hate Young-Mi. That day, Young-Mi, who had risked her life to save Sun-Mi, begins to seduce Woo-Jin. Sun-Mi pretends that she is unaffected and decides to study abroad to spend time away from Young-Mi and Woo-Jin.

Episode 3
After Sun-Mi arrives in London, the thought of Young-Mi and Woo-Jin is fresh on her mind. Sun-Mi gets into a minor car accident with Hyung-Chul. After meeting Hyung -Chul like this for the first time, Sun-Mi is even more home-sick and calls home. However, she is unable to get in contact with her father or Woo-Jin for several days. On the day Sun-Mi is in an accident, Young-Mi is able to obtain an apartment next to Woo-Jin"s workshop.

Several days pass and Sun-Mi receives a letter from Woo-Jin and Young-Mi. However the pictures of Woo-Jin and Young-Mi make Sun-Mi"s heart ache even more. Hyung-Chul comforts her and through each other, the two of them are able to mend the problems they have. Hyung-Chul takes Sun-Mi around a tour of London. Young-Mi discovers that she still doesn"t have enough money and turns to Woo-Jin for a part-time job. However, Young-Mi"s boyfriend from the past, Bae In-Soo, finds out where Young-Mi lives and threatens to reveal her past if she does not take up a part time job at an escort bar.

Episode 4
One day, at the escort bar, a second-time customer causes a large commotion. After the incident, Young-Mi realizes that she can no longer keep her lifestyle a secret from Woo-Jin, but when she goes to see Woo-Jin, before she can confess, Ms. Song discovers her secret.

Back in London, Sun-Mi prepares to return to Seoul. After returning, when she sees the pictures of Young-Mi and Woo-Jin together, she begins to be worried about how close the two have become. Sun-Mi visits Woo-Jin for the first time in a while and in his room, sees the same pictures of him and Young-Mi together. Sun-Mi confirms that Woo-Jin only regards her like a younger sister and holds Young-Mi as his love. She decides to put aside her feelings for Woo-Jin. The school campus is buzzing with anticipation about preparing for the broadcasting exams. The position for the main MC of the school radio is up for auditioning. Sun-Mi and Young-Mi both apply to be the MC and for the first time, both claim they won"t submit to the other.

Episode 5
Young-Mi and Sun-Mi enter into the competition to be the school"s new radio MC. After passing preliminary tests, they are assigned to make a presentation on any topic but they are only given one hour to research the topic. Sun-Mi wins by choosing a topic more college students can relate to than the topic chosen by Young-Mi. Sun-Mi and Young-Mi get into an argument afterwards because Young-Mi claims Sun-Mi only won because she has luck. Sun-Mi tells Young-Mi that the only reason Woo-Jin loves her is because he pities her.

Young-Mi tries to get revenge on Sun-Mi by putting acetone into her cosmetics. However, Sun-Mi"s friend uses the cosmetics and her face gets a severe rash. A few days later, Sun-Mi gets a position as an MC for an entertainment show held at the school but because Young-Mi lies that Sun-Mi"s father was in a car accident, Young-Mi takes the position. Young-Mi is then offered the scholarship that should have been given to Sun-Mi. Young-Mi gives the scholarship to Sun-Mi because Woo-Jin will raise the tuition money for her

Episode 6
Young-Mi and Woo-Jin spend the night together at a motel. Sun-Mi and Ms. Song are worried sick that Woo-Jin hasn't come home even at a late hour. Young-Mi hears Woo-Jin"s promise that he"ll love her to the end and the next day, she and Woo-Jin go to Ms. Song to ask for forgiveness. However, Ms. Song goes mad with rage and screams at both Woo-Jin and Young-Mi. Sun-Mi personally goes to Young -Mi later and asks her not to toy with Woo-Jin or break his heart.

Hyung-Chul returns from London to visit his sick dad and he finds out from Sun-Dal that his step-mother"s brother is making moves to take over his father"s broadcasting company. So for the sake of his deceased mother, Hyung-Chul decides to work in the company. Sun-Mi and Hyung-Chul meet up again in Seoul. Meanwhile, Young-Mi pretends to accidentally show the label of medicine prescribed by her gynecologist to Woo-Jin, and he mistakes it for abortion medication.

Episode 7
Young-Mi and Sun-Mi both get internship positions at a broadcasting station. Sun- Dal and Joo-Hee are assigned to train the new interns. Young-Mi, who doesn"t want to be embarrassed at work, tells Woo-Jin to pretend they do not know each other at work. Sun-Mi is unaware that Hyung-Chul is the station"s new executive director, but Hyung-Chul watches her progress very closely. Joo-Hee who has a crush on Hyung-Chul is still upset that he won"t return her affections. Sun-Mi tries her hardest but is sabotaged by Young-Mi and Sun-Mi"s supervisors are disappointed in her. Despite this, Young-Mi isn"t satisfied. Upon coming to the station, Young-Mi dreams of becoming the best anchorwoman, and doesn"t like being with Woo-Jin, a mere cameraman.

For a 3 minute speech evaluation, Young-Mi tears up Sun-Mi"s script so Sun-Mi fails the exam miserably. Young-Mi on the other hand, makes a good impression. In her depression, Hyung-Chul consoles Sun-Mi, and at the same time, Joo-Hee drinks away her own depression. Young-Mi decides to get closer to Joo-Hee.

Episode 8
Hyung-Chul, Sun-Dal, and Woo-Jin all sit down for lunch together. Hyung-Chul feels jealous about Woo-Jin for having Sun-Mi"s affections. Young-Mi is going crazy trying to prepare her report for the morning program. Young-Mi interviews an elite scientist while Sun-Mi investigates the lifestyles and situations of the common people. Unlike Young-Mi, Sun-Mi has a hard time. Hyung-Chul orders lunch to be sent to Sun-Mi"s office for her and her co-workers and all the co-workers are jealous of her. Later, Sun-Mi, not knowing that Hyung-Chul is the executive director of the company, calls the director an arrogant man for not having worked his way up the ladder to get his job.

After her reporting is complete, Sun-Mi gets the job as announcer for the morning program. That day, Hyung-Chul drives Sun-Mi home, and Young-Mi recognizes him as the director of the station. She ridicules Sun-Mi and claims that the only reason she got the morning program job was because she seduced the executive director.

Episode 9
Upon hearing that she only got the job because Hyung-Chul helped her to, Sun-Mi tells the announcer team 1 and Hyung-Chul that she refuses to take it. Hyung-Chul confesses to Sun-Mi that he truly loves her and tries to persuade her. Rumors spread about Director Yoon and Sun-Mi, and Joo-Hee is shocked that the rival who was burning her heart was Sun-Mi.

Joo-Hee gets promoted to the 9 o"clock news, Young-Mi takes her spot on the 7 o"clock news and Sun-Mi is made responsible for the morning program. However, the members of announcer team 1 are not satisfied with Sun-Mi"s arrangement. Young -Mi takes advantage of this opportunity and tells Hyung-Chul at once to gain his trust. Young-Mi is happy to see that things are going according to her plans. Sun-Mi meets Woo-Jin and tells him that Hyung-Chul confessed his love to her. Woo-Jin tells Sun-Mi that Hyung-Chul is a good man and as the two walk home, they see Hyung-Chul and Young-Mi together.

Episode 10
After driving Hyung-Chul and herself to work, Young-Mi pretends something got into her eye and asks Hyung-Chul to blow it out for her. Woo-Jin sees the two very close to each other. Hyung-Chul thinks only of Sun-Mi and holds no feelings for Young-Mi. In-Soo appears at Young-Mi"s apartment and tells her to come back to him. He also shows pictures of the two of them together being intimate. After he leaves, Woo-Jin comes and sees the pictures. Woo-Jin requests Young-Mi to marry him quickly but Young-Mi refuses and throws a fit. Young-Mi continues to track down Hyung-Chul.

Meanwhile, one of the station"s programs suffers from continual low ratings. Hyung -Chul decides to hire a freelance MC and fires several announcers. Sun-Mi goes to Hyung-Chul and insists that he can"t fire a valuable employee just like that. But Hyung-Chul replies, "That"s why you can"t be a pro," and blows off Sun-Mi"s pleas. Sun-Mi refuses to listen to Hyung-Chul.

Episode 11
After the change in announcers, the station"s ratings go up and Hyung-Chul"s reputation increases. Meanwhile, Woo-Jin confirms that Young-Mi sent In-Soo to prison and asks her again but she still denies it. Woo-Jin visits In-Soo in prison and sees the same tattoo of a black rose on his chest that is also on Young-Mi"s ankle.

At the news center, Young-Mi gets severe cramping and ends up in the hospital right after announcing the evening news. She undergoes surgery to remove her appendix and is unable to work for the next week. Young-Mi adamantly refuses to allow Sun-Mi to take her spot as a newscaster and pleads with Joo-Hee to assign someone else. However, Sun-Mi gets the spot and to everyone's surprise, over the week, the viewer ratings increase for the week.

Episode 12
Young-Mi gets out of the hospital and tries to regain her position as the evening newscaster but is unable to since Sun-Mi had higher ratings. Because of this, Young-Mi, secretly steals Sun-Mi"s cellphone and places it under the news center desk. During Sun-Mi"s live newscast, she calls the cellphone and ruins the evening news. Young-Mi finally regains her position on the 7 o"clock news. Back from a Japan business trip, Hyung-Chul listens to Sun-Mi"s voicemail and rushes to comfort her immediately. As a result, the two become good friends again.

After Hyung-Chul comes up with a new program called "Eve"s Morning", it gains good ratings and all announcers celebrate the success. Later on, Hyung-Chul surprises Sun-Mi by giving her a specially edited VHS tape.

Episode 13
Young-Mi tells Woo-Jin they should break up. Young-Mi tells Woo-Jin that she doesn"t love him and that she has feelings for Hyung-Chul. Woo-Jin gets very angry and slaps her. Also, Young-Mi confesses that she lied about having an abortion. Hearing this, Woo-Jin is in shock.

Meanwhile, the company begins to struggle with the ratings of the freelance announcer Hyung-Chul hired. Hyung-Chul misses the time he spent with Sun-Mi in London. On Sun-Mi"s birthday, Hyung-Chul gives her a pearl anklet as a gift. Sun-Mi is very moved. Later, Sun-Mi and Woo-Jin go down to Ul-San on a reporting job. Young-Mi has dinner with Hyung-Chul to discuss the job and at the same time calls Sun-Mi. However, Woo-Jin is the one who answers the phone.

Episode 14
"Eve"s Morning" drops in the viewer ratings. Hyung-Chul struggles as things aren"t working out with Sun-Mi or his work. Woo-Jin is so depressed that it begins to affect his work. Sun-Mi and Young-Mi argue over Woo-Jin. Hyung-Chul sends Woo- Jin and Young-Mi to London and the trip further separates the two. Young-Mi is back from London but Woo-Jin is missing. Young-Mi gets punished by Ms. Song but she does not mind at all.

The episode of "Eve"s Morning" with all announcers" efforts returns the viewer ratings to normal. Because of this, Hyung-Chul gets a new start and things are once again looking bright. Young-Mi works hard at her 7 o"clock news anchor position. She tells Hyung-Chul that the reason she broke up with Woo-Jin is because she truly loves Hyung-Chul.

Episode 15
Sun-Dal sees Young-Mi in front of Hyung-Chul"s hotel room and tells Joo-Hee and the others. Young-Mi begins to ask questions about Hyung-Chul"s mother and Joo- Hee becomes suspicious.

On the morning of the weekend Sun-Mi promised to meet Hyung-Chul, Ms. Song suggests that she, Woo-Jin, Sun-Mi, and Kwi-Sung eat lunch together. Sun-Mi ends up calling Hyung-Chul and saying that since her father isn"t feeling well, she can"t see him. However, upon returning from lunch, she sees Hyung-Chul"s car parked in front of her house and she feels guilty. Joo-Hee becomes more and more disappointed with Young-Mi"s lack of sympathy, and instead becomes more and more impressed by Sun-Mi"s caring and empathy. Young-Mi grows jealous of Sun-Mi again. After Sun-Mi is informed by Joo-Hee that Hyung-Chul intends to visit his mother"s grave together with her, she plans to rush to his side. However, she suddenly receives a call from Ms. Song...

Episode 16
Woo-Jin gets into a fight while he"s drunk and comes home bruised very badly. Seeing this, Ms. Song tells Sun-Mi that she"s the only one who can help Woo-Jin now and begs her to help him. Sun-Mi tells this to Hyung-Chul. Upon hearing Sun-Mi say that she"ll even marry Woo-Jin if she has to, Hyung-Chul tells her that he will wait for her to the end.

Young-Mi realizes that if Joo-Hee is gone, the most likely candidate for the 9 o"clock news is herself. She decides to sabotage Joo-Hee and heads to the parking lot. Director Kim requests that Young-Mi be the MC for a new program but she refuses in order to win Hyung-Chul"s trust. During all of this, Joo-Hee is in a car accident, seemingly because she did not change her brake oil. Young-Mi is offered the 9 o"clock news job but Joo-Hee manages to come back in time. Woo-Jin comes back from a business trip and hears of the accident and immediately suspects Young-Mi. He obtains a tape of the parking lot security camera and sees Young-Mi mess with the brakes in Joo-Hee"s car.

Episode 17
Woo-Jin rejects Young-Mi"s advances after realizing that she caused Joo-Hee"s accident. He weighs his love for her and the cruelty of her personal ambition. Young-Mi makes a final effort to get the tape from him by saying that she wants to start over with him.

Meanwhile, Sun-Mi faints in the middle of a broadcast because of a high fever and she is taken to the hospital by Hyung-Chul. Director Kim offers Sun-Mi a job as the main MC for a new program called "Art Club". Young-Mi concludes that Hyung-Chul and Sun-Mi must be having problems with their relationship. Young-Mi visits Woo-Jin and while he"s taking a shower, frantically searches for the tape of her crime. Woo -Jin pities her.

Episode 18
Sun-Mi is still upset at Hyung-Chul and agrees to take the job as the MC for "Art Club". After coming home, Sun-Mi already regrets her decision and her father tells her that when she was in the hospital, Hyung-Chul stayed by her side all night. Woo-Jin meets Hyung-Chul for a drink and tells him that he and Young-Mi are together again.

Meanwhile, In-Soo is released from prison and he begins to stalk Young-Mi again. In-Soo threatens Young-Mi that no one will come to save her and that he"ll hold onto her until she agrees to marry him. Woo-Jin is assigned to be the cameraman on one of Young-Mi"s reports, but before the footage is made, he pushes her out of the way of a large truck and is hit instead.

Episode 19
In the hospital, Woo-Jin passes away and Young-Mi"s heart drops. But before Young-Mi can do anything, Ms. Song runs in. She hugs her son while sobbing, and Young-Mi is too ashamed to talk to Ms. Song. Young-Mi doesn"t go to Woo-Jin"s funeral, but instead just drinks and sends off Woo-Jin in her heart.

When rumors spread that Sun-Mi is going to be promoted to the 9 o"clock news, somebody tips off the newspapers to a scandal between Sun-Mi and Hyung-Chul. Young-Mi packs Woo-Jin"s belongings and finds a tape he left to her. The tape told Young-Mi that Woo-Jin has forgiven her already. Later, Young-Mi collapses in front of Woo-Jin"s grave. Young-Mi goes to find Ms. Song to say sorry and ask for forgiveness and Ms. Song gives her a tight hug. Within her embrace, Young-Mi begins to sob freely. Hyung-Chul comforts Sun-Mi as she grieves Woo-Jin"s death.

Episode 20
Young-Mi disappears. Joo-Hee, Sun-Dal, and Hyung-Chul read a letter left by Young-Mi admitting that she caused Joo-Hee"s accident, but they do not report it. Sun-Dal proposes to Joo-Hee. Because of this, Joo-Hee gives up a special news correspondent position overseas and offers it to Sun-Mi instead. Sun-Mi hesitates because she doesn"t want to leave her father, Ms. Song, and of course, Hyung- Chul.

Sun-Mi catches the bouquet at Sun-Dal and Joo-Hee"s wedding ceremony and, she tells Hyung-Chul about the special news correspondent offer. He congratulates her and urges her to go. But Sun-Mi is disappointed that he doesn"t propose to her. Later, she finds Young-Mi who lost all of her memories past 6 years old. She now lives and volunteers at a religious orphanage. Sun-Mi meets Hyung-Chul for the last time but before she can go back into her house, he runs up to her and proposes to her in the middle of the street. The two embrace and kiss in the middle of oncoming traffic (sounds dangerous but be rest assured, they didn't get hit by the oncoming traffic! - Funn Lim)

Missing scenes & TMO
There are some missing scenes which are curiously not in the official release. You can download them and read the translation at Also you can find The Making Of clip at the same website.

Other Downloads
Check out from time to time for some scenes for you to download in my Downloads page.


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