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Written by Funn Lim


Released In : 2004

Anyone seen this movie before? Be sure to catch it on ASTRO because I kinda stumbled into the movie. Heard about it where people complained how come one very fussy reviewer named Harry chose Taegukgi as best movie of 2004 and not Shaun of the Dead. When I read it was about zombies running amok in London, I was like "ok, must be fun to watch". It was more than fun! It was hilarious and later parts very sad. I thought it was brilliant when the hero and his friend mistook a lady zombie as a drunk! The main actor who didn't look like a hero was very funny and did very well in emotional scenes. I love English movies where the mini market has Hindi songs playing and his friend saying I want a Cornetto. Never heard that in American films! I love the scene where the handphone went off at the wrong time. Don't miss this gem. What a movie!! This is that kind of movie I could watch again and again and again. Do check it out!

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