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"In fact, it's the kind of movie which you probably be tempted to watch again just to pick out the hints and clues which the film-makers had dropped along the way."

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El Maquinista


Christian Bale .... Trevor Reznik
Jennifer Jason Leigh .... Stevie
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón .... Marie
John Sharian .... Ivan
Michael Ironside .... Miller
Larry Gilliard Jr. .... Jackson (as Larry Gilliard)
Reg E. Cathey .... Jones
Anna Massey .... Mrs. Shrike
Matthew Romero Moore .... Nicholas (as Matthew Romero)
Robert Long .... Supervisor Furman
Colin Stinton .... Inspector Rogers
Craig Stevenson .... Tucker
Ferran Lahoz .... Gonzales
Jeremy Xidu .... Evangelisti
Norman Bell .... DMV Clerk

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The Machinist is actually has a very interesting screenplay. The movie starts off very slowly, where we are shown that Trevor (played by CB), has apparently just killed someone and is attempting to dispose off the body. The movie then moves off into a flashback mode (although u dun realize that it's a flashback until much later), where Trevor is already emaciated and has in fact not slept in a year. Soon, he suspects that someone is out to kill him, and this leads to a string of events that intensifies his feelings of paranoia. Is it reality or is the insomnia giving him hallucinations? Actually, one could guess the answer to that question quite easily, especially when you pay close attention to the details on screen. However, the best part is, exactly what happened? How did it all happen?

I liked the way the scriptwriters and director set the stage for the revelation which is sure to evoke some emotion for the main character and his wrteched life. In fact, it's the kind of movie which u'd probably be tempted to watch again just to pick out the hints and clues which the film-makers had dropped along the way. It was all so intriguing to see how his mind had intermingled with reality to create an alternate reality.

CB is painfully skinny here, and it's especially freaky when he bears his upper body. It's hard to imagine how he went from that to the huge body mass in Batman. But he is very believable as the tormented soul, which is uncomfortable to watch at times. So much so that when I saw the handsome, healthy-looking Bale appearing towards the end, I was actually stunned.

One major complaint is the slow-pace in the first half of the movie, which almost failed to keep my attention to the story. As a flashback-type movie, it was very hard to make sense of the story. But as things started to fall into place, it started to grab my attention and keep it there til the end.

Not very high on violence, except for one particular scene which involved an accident that was quite gory. High on suspense and mystery thou, especially in the 2nd half.

All in all, a very interesting movie which is low on entertainment value but I would say it's also a pretty intelligent movie for the way it's presented.

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