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Released In : 2006

After listening to the song Breaking Free every day on Flyfm, finally I got a chance to watch this highly popular series with really catchy tunes. The story is fluffy, almost too perky for my taste but the dance moves and choreography as well as the cute Zac Effron, Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel saved the day. They even got this segment called Dance Along which was fun as we the viewers get to learn a few dance steps of the Wildcat sequence. The song is highly contagious and the boys and girls can certanly dance very very well. In fact that is my most favourite song of this made for TV movie, except there aren't really many songs. The only weak point was Venessa Hudgens who is pretty but acting not there. I am confused whether she sang the songs herself because I read the lead, Zac did not sing the songs which was disappointing. He sang a few word in the balcony scene and I thought he could sing. But he could dance, the better dance is of course Lucas who plays the rival in a school play. Fun stuff if you ask me.

The reason why I brought up this topic is also because the director of this movie was Kenny Ortega and suddenly it hit me; this was the very same man who directed Disney's Newsies and a very young (as in 17 year old) Christian Bale!! I was very excited to learn this pointless fact. I just get excited with any association with Christian Bale actually. But imagine that; almost 18 years or so later, here the same guy directing the same genre and still the touch and go type of storyline. But like Newsies, High School Musical is charming, fun, cute and in the end entertaining. Zach Effron could be the next teenage star, although I wonder how young he is.

Highly recommended.


Made for TV movie musical of a musical within a musical

Plot summary
Gabriella Montez is a shy, studious new student at East High School; but that all changes when she is forced to sing at a karaoke contest with Troy Bolton, the captain of the school's basketball team. After spending time with each other, both realize they share a passionate love for music and singing. But will they retain this love when their school is telling them they cannot be together?

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