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Hugh Jackman .... Robert Angier
Note : In the book he is Rupert Angier. In the movie he is named Robert Angier. If you read Rupert in my review, it is because of the book.

Christian Bale .... Alfred Borden
Michael Caine .... Cutter
Piper Perabo .... Julia McCullough
Rebecca Hall .... Sarah
Scarlett Johansson .... Olivia Wenscombe
Samantha Mahurin .... Jess
David Bowie .... Nikola Tesla
Andy Serkis .... Alley

Based On
the book with the same title by Christopher Priest, circa 1996 which I have a copy, and I will now read it. Advice given that do not read the book first so I am reading it now that I have watched the movie.

Taken from

From acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan, comes a mysterious story of two magicians whose intense rivalry leads them on a life-long battle for supremacy full of obsession, deceit and jealousy with dangerous and deadly consequences. From the time that they first met as young magicians on the rise, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) were competitors. However, their friendly competition evolves into a bitter rivalry making them fierce enemies-for-life and consequently jeopardizing the lives of everyone around them. Full of twists and turns, THE PRESTIGE is set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century London, the exceptional cast includes two-time Oscar® winner Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and David Bowie.

I have just finished watching this movie about an hour ago and I am now typing this opinion of mine fresh with the storyline and performances. I have decided against writing a full review because writing that would mean I would be ruining the movie for you. For those reviewers who said they saw the ending coming half way through this movie were all I believe speaking retrospectively. I figured out one but didn't expect the other because like Jackman's Angier, I did not see the simplistic side of Bale's Borden and his trickery or magic if you wish. Anyway ...

This is one of those movies where in the cinema were all I suspect professionals or university students. It does not suggest it is a snob type of movie that takes itself intellectually far superior than the others, it just suggests somehow this movie appeals to that particular group of people. I didn't think it would be full house, even when the cinema at Megamall was small but it was full house indeed. Halfway through the movie I kinda notice the viewers were getting restless, so was I because I did not heed Borden's advice. I wanted to see the twists and the turns and the so called final act in magic, The Prestige that will reveal itself, not the secrets but the culmination of the preparation towards this magic. I was fooled by those reviews who emphasised on the twists, like any good ol' M Night movies. In fact like all M Night's movies, the twists and turns are complimentary to the real thing in this movie; the story itself.

Like you all know, basically this is a story of two magicians who became rivals because of one magic trick gone terribly wrong. Angier saw his wife drowned before him because she could not untie herself in an underwater chamber escape type of magic. He blamed Borden who was the one who tied a particularly difficult knot and Borden swore he couldn't remember which knot he tied. That was the beginning of an intense rivalry, where Angier in a moment of anger caused Borden to lose two of his fngers during a trick involving a gun and catching the bullet trick. Borden, not to be left out humiliated Angier by revealing his trick in front of an audience, causing one of the audience to be hurt thus Angier losing his credibility. Angier became even more obsessed in beating Borden but he found out Borden, who not only was married with a child that he thought should have been his life if his wife didn't die because of Borden's knot, saw Borden performing a seemingly simple and fast magic act and he thought it was the most amazing he has ever seen. He debated what method Borden used when he walked into one door and came out the other in a moment of a heartbeat, a trick nicknamed The Transported Man. Mind you this was in 1890's so that would have been a spectacle however simplistic it looked. His engineer, the person who designs the tricks, (Caine) explained he must have used a body double. Angier did not believe it as such and he sent his mistress ala his stage assistant, Olivia (Johansson) to check out Borden and steal his secrets. Olivia came back with Borden's diary of his tricks but it was encrypted. Angier did the unthinkable and kidnapped Borden's engineer, Fallon and buried him alive. Borden had no choice but to reveal his one word secret, Tesla. Angier thought he found the key and went to USA (the movie was set in England) to meet the scientist who studies electricity, Nikola Tesla and paid him to build him a transported man type of machine as he was convinced Borden asked Tesla to build him one. What ensued was a story of not just intrigue, but sacrifice. The movie actually began with Borden being arrested for the murder of Angier, where Borden saw Angier drown in the underwater chamber after he finished his transported man trick and where Angier fell through the trapdoor and into the underwater chamber. Cutter was convinced Borden was guilty, Borden looked guilty and he was losing his daughter, his life, his career when one man, a lord offered to buy his secrets so that his daughter will be well taken care of. Borden resisted and the assistant of this lord gave Borden Angier's diary.

The entire movie is at first narrated by the two men reading each other's diary, meaning zooming between past and present and past and then present. I won't lie to you; even with Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman looking very handsome and giving their all in their respective roles, about 30% into the movie I was kinda bored with the back and forth storyline. But everytime I felt like this movie must be a total dud, there was something shown to keep me interested, whether it was the dark humour (even if this movie is too serious for its own good, there were humours moments courtesy of Borden's sarcastic wit), a new clue thrown in or some heavy duty drama. There aren't much people in this movie, the women were negligable in the sense underdeveloped and yet without them this movie would not hold water, some stage scenes were painfully slow and some scenes repetetive, but in the end what is very rewarding with this movie lies in the details. Not just the set, the costume, the era, the feel of it all but the story itself. It may seem ridden with plot holes, but the ending, if you think about it, actually answered most questions, except maybe the science part of it. This movie is based on a science fiction novel but I can reveal one thing that you won't find in this movie; outer space aliens. Not those b.s and not THAT predictable.

The winning stuff is in the end the implication of the ending. Twists and turns it may have, but this movie also requires afterthoughts, as in after watching it you will say why I didn't see that coming? Plenty of those moments but the best one was that the ending shows the ugly side of the characters. They're not bad people, like Borden said, they didn't mean any harm but something pushed them towards such despicable acts; you may say hatred on the part of Angier and jealousy on the part of Borden or obsession on the part of Angier and survival instinct for Borden but I thought ambition would be the right word for both men. They just wanted to outdo one another and that in the end, Angier didn't really care that Borden caused his wife's death, he just wanted to win. Borden merely wanted to survive and whilst he harbours a deep dark secret like Angier did later in the movie, both are not necessarily bad men. Even Olivia was disgusted by them both and believe me once you have seen the entire movie and maybe watch it again just to refresh the clues, I believe you will feel these men for the sake of ambition truly destroyed themselves. They're not to be sympathised with but they're pitiful or rather pathetic.

Some reviews I read complained that the characters are too single minded and therefore very little development and very boring. I disagree. This movie is a character study of two men with similar interest but very different personalities who in the end in that one final scene arrived in the same destination; the only difference is who was worse and who sacrificed more.

The performances were mostly excellent except for Scarlett Johansson who was like a wallflower with a very bad English accent that is like those magic tricks that Borden or Angier like to do; those disappearing pigeons and stuff. Sometimes there, sometimes not, her performance in the end is just an illusion to the real story. Was she annoying? Not really since she didn't have to do much except to act as a clue to Borden's secret. Michael Caine was very good as usual, providing a very strong support system to the madness of these two leads. David Bowie for one looks normal and whilst his acting is so-so, I can't figure out his accent; Russian or English? Andy Serkis was in a supporting role and he was fine, nothing much to do. The 2 leads in here are the two reasons why this movie works, in some ways.

Hugh Jackman is dashing and a very showy type of actor. He revels in the stage and in this movie, his character suited him. He gave a fine performance that borders on obssession and I thought he shared a far better chemistry with his male counterparts than his female counterparts. Plus he does look like a very flamboyant magician. He also played another role, Roots, the down and out drunk actor who was Angier's assistant in the The Transported Man show. One very good scene explained why Angier walked with a limp in the beginning of the series, which was Borden's way of setting up and humiliating Angier in front of his audiences. Both Bale and Jackman did exceptional well there and I won't say much, you have to see the rivalry and the flamboyant and arrogant way Borden humiliated Angier for yourself.

Christian Bale tones down his looks in here and is far more reserved. Whilst his character is a better magician whilst he lacks showmanship, he to me is almost similar with Jackman's Angier. Both are as single minded, then driven by hate, then rivalry, then jealousy and many more horrible human emotions. His cockney accent is also like a disappearing act, sometimes there, sometimes not. But performance alone is great. Can't be any better than Hugh Jackman since they're both different as actors and their methods but I must say, Bale looks less vain and more angst. And he is good with playing angst. He brings into his character a certain anger, maybe of his character's roots (probably came from a poor family) and also because of his secret that is of course taking over his life. I figured out THAT MUCH about his Borden but I didn't expect it was so simple. My mind was like Angier, making everything much too complicated when everything is far simpler if you look closely. I hope Christian Bale gets an award for this movie or whatever movie he is in this year (there are quite a few) because this man deserves the recognition. I also like the scene where he first met Olivia and flirted with her. That showed the playful side of him, the all too serious character and the equally all too serious actor.

I think you will do well to listen to the advice on the posters and by Borden many times in this movie; ARE YOU WATCHING CLOSELY?

You should be because the details are rich and sometimes too much red herring. This movie shouldn't be called The Prestige. Call it Red Herring.

By the way, the one burning question that many fans and critics spotted that they felt was ridiculous was when Angier's wife died because of Borden's knot, Angier kept asking what was the knot done and Borden even in his diary said honestly that he couldn't remember, he was confused. Many viewers were confused how he can be confused. There are 2 explanation to this, one of which involved telling you the ending which I won't. So do watch the movie because it will answer why Borden could not remember what knot he tied on the lady's hands.

A thinking man's movie, it may get to your patience but if you just concentrate, you'll be rewarded with an ending that even M Night would have said "Why I didn't think of that?". Suspend your logic about the science, marvel at the set and some magic tricks as well as drool over Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson .... or even Michael Caine but in the end, remember, watch closely. One of the slowest movie this year but definitely one of the best there is. My mind is still debating on the nature of these two men and the very shocking end. The shock was not the revealing of the plot's secrets, that almost got on my nerves but the after effect or rather the prestige like this movie loves to say. What I mean to say is that the shock ending is not really the shock of this movie. If that is it, then it will be momentary only. It is not even a complicated movie although it looks complicated because of the present-future style. The shock was that these 2 characters can go through lives such as they did because of their ambition. That to me is not just shocking, but disturbing. The implication of what these two characters are capable and the clues along the way could make a great thesis for a post graduate study on human behavariul science. I wonder did the author intended that way? I felt like watching it a second time, this time to fully appreciate the performances and the implication of the story.

Don't miss this one. Give it a go and when it gets a bit boring, marvelling at how handsome Hugh Jackman is and how seriously sexy and intense Christian Bale is would help to past the time but luckily those moments of boredom aren't that long or often.

Questions Asked And Answered
I have read many forums and there seems to be major confusions over the ending. So I have decided to tackle a few of these major questions, my take on the story because frankly I didn't see what was so confusing. In order to preserve my spoilers free review as spoilers free, please highlight the entire [ to ] as the font is in white colourby left clicking your mouse and dragging it. Please refrain from discussing the spoilers in Post A Comment.


So did Borden have a twin or a clone?
It was very obvious. It was a twin brother, never a clone.

Why Borden's other half a twin and not a clone? Like Angier's?
A few obvious reasons ...

1. Borden couldn't have afford to pay for the machine Tesla built like Angier did at the time he started thw Transported Man trick

2. The final revelation by Fallon (or it could be Alfred, not even "Fallon" himself was sure who was who anymore as they alternated between themselves) that he had lived a life of secrecy, of such sacrifice that you became as one person, without having a chance or ability to live your own life, that when the one in jail whom I shall refer to as Alfred said to Fallon to live his own life from now on.

So how come Borden told Angier to see Tesla?
Like the diary said, he wanted to get rid of Angier, send him on a wild goose chase never really expecting Angier to actually get a machine that works almost the same way as Borden's trick. In fact that was why Borden was shocked, because he had already exposed the fake Angier on stage, so Angier couldn't have used the same actor and Borden couldn't understand how Angier did it. And the fact that Borden was shocked showed Borden had no knowledge of such a clone making machine.

But how come Borden sent Angier to Tesla not knowing Tesla could make such a machine?
A wild goose chase like I said.More importantly Tesla was very famous for his discovery of well how to manipulate eletricity I suppose and he was more magician than Borden and Angier. He was said to be a wizard during a time when people could not understand science as something rather pratical. Borden was seen by Angier during an exhibition held by Tesla. I doubt Borden met Tesla face to face but he was curious enough to see the exhibition. Angier thought that by Borden being there meant Tesla met Borden and built him the machine which is illogical since Borden can't even afford to feed his family more so buy the machine. Borden knew Tesla by reputation and so used this to lure Angier to Tesla.

How come Tesla built the machine as if he knew what Angier wanted? That the same machine but better than the one built for Borden?
Watch carefully. This was the most confusing for some. You must understand Tesla never admitted he met or knew Borden. Angier assumed, and we assumed and so that was Nolan's brilliant misdirection you see. Tesla knew what Angier wanted because you must understand TEsla's assistant knew Angier by reputation as the Great Danton and probably his Transported Man trick. Obviously Tesla would know what he wanted. And this became sci-fi-ish and even X-files ish because we can never know how that machine could have made a clone. Tesla was confident he could make the machine Angier wanted. But his machine failed in the sense it made a clone.

But if Tesla never knew Borden, how come he knew what to build?
Like I answered, everybody knew who is The Great Danton, more so an assistant who knew would have told his master. More importantly Tesla built the machine because

1. he knew he could make one

2. more importantly like revealed by Tesla himself, he needed funding to continue his project. Thomas Edison was destroying Tesla's effort, chasing him and closing his experiements in order to crush competition. So when Angier came to see Tesla wanting such a machine he knew he could build, and he needed money, why not?

3. Or you could say why Tesla so readily agreed may be because of bad editing or bad writing or plot holes. But I think my 1. and 2. answers are accurate. You could also say that Tesla was the writer's misdirection.

So which Borden survived? The one who loved Sarah and had a child or the one who loved Olivia?
Another major headache for some. But I feel it is the one who loved Olivia. Because the one who got hanged in one of his final scenes said or even screamed that he loved his daughter as he was being dragged away. The other one who loved Olivia survived because no way that the one caught could escape jail. They're magicians but not wizards who could perform miracles. So in the end it was the one who loved Olivia who survived. The one who had his fingers cut off because the other one had his finger blown off thanks to Angier. The one we probably mostly see as Fallon but I don't think so because the're interchangeable.

The one who was buried alive, who was he?
Very difficult to tell but I think he was the one who loved Olivia. Because I notice that the one who loved Sarah was a bit softer, a bit more relaxed whilst the one who loved Olivia was harder, more determined, angier, more ambitious and more relentless. I think he was also the one who complained about his teacher very early in the show, the one who tied the knot that went horribly wrong, the one who exposed Angier's fake twin because he was angry he had to have his fingers cut off. Somehow I just feel this Borden was much more aggressive than the one with the daughter.

Did Cutter knew in the end about the twin?
Cutter suspected, Angier refused to believe that a person or rather two individuals would share a life just to create a perfect lie. Remember Angier's reaction to Ching Ling Soo (I hope I got the name right) and Borden's explanation of his fishbowl trick? Borden was actually explaining his own lie but Angier couldn't believe someone could be so extreme that he could live his lie for the rest of his life. I think Cutter knew. But I am not sure if Cutter knew about clones and stuff. But the fact that he wanted the machine destroyed, maybe. I mean he had to know in the end with the warehouse filled with dead Angiers. But then iot could have been burnt down later since Angier died, and the place was on fire. I think Cutter's reaction to both revelations may be more of a plot hole.

So Angier who died in the end was a clone or the real Angier?
A clone. I can explain this. When he first tried the machine, he got zapped and then he was still in the same place, in the machine. That was the real Angier, he never moved. But his copy was at the other end. So when he first did the trick, he stood in the machine, got zapped, then he fell through the trapdoor and I presume straight into the tank filled with water. The copy must have been created and relocated somewhere else. The clone got to the stage and said thank yous whilst the real Angier drowned. Then from thereon it was one clone created, the other clone drowned. The real Angier died in the very first night of that trict. But each copies had the memories, the feelings, everything of the original. No difference but the question now is could the copy have known he would be drowned? I suspect maybe yes which was why it was to Angier a sacrifice. Killing yourself every night, then coming back as a clone, knowing there was no turning back. Whether Cutter knew or not I am not sure since he was never allowed to be back stage. But surely the stagehands would know which was why Angier hired only deaf and mutes. One scene explained that. But whether Borden's stagehands knew or not is different. If you see closely, he works mostly alone. Even Olivia didn't know which meant the lie was perfect, until the end.

Did Sarah know? Or even Olivia?
I suspect Sarah suspected it since she was very emotional during one scene but she couldn't be sure but she was fed up guessing how her husband felt about her and so she killed herself. I think in her heart she knew. Olivia didn't know.

Did Angier set Alfred up? To get this Alfred into jail?
Maybe. Why 100 days show only? Could it be to lure Borden to comet o the show and then get him caught? Or maybe not. Since he probably only wanted to kill himself 100 times only. There must be a stop somewhere, Borden getting caught was like icing on the cake.

Who tied the knot? How could Borden could not remember the knot?
Obviously as you have seen the ending, you would have guessed Borden A tied the knot but probably refused to tell Borden B the truth or maybe the Bordens simply refused to acknowledge the fact one of the Bordens tied a knot that killed Angier's wife. It could be real or it could be an act.

So in the end Borden is a ...
TWIN. He had a twin. I don't know how anyone could have gotten confused about that. Angier probably was a copy. The real Angier died the first night of the performance.

So what were the clues that everybody said that led them to have gussed the ending?
I suppose the director wanted you to notice the clues but many missed, even I.

1. Borden has a twin clues
- he flirted with Sarah outside her house, then he left and when Sarah went through her door, Borden was inside. That was a big clue to many, I was far too busy thinking perhaps he broke through the door or something.

- The Fallon disguise was easy to spot, more so when Borden in jail told Fallon to live his own life

- Fallon never spoke, a big indication that viewers must not know that's Christian Bale

- Olivia said she saw fake wigs and moustaches in the other room, so she was convinced there must be someone who disguised as Borden during the act but she got that half right.

-. Sarah kept saying some days she knew Borden loved her, some days he didn't

- Some times Borden actually meant he loved Sarah, some times he was too cold, like after her suicide

Angier was a clone
- the many hats and the twin cat Angier saw on the fields next to Tesla's house

- Angier never had a brother or a twin and after his fake twin got exposed, I doubt he used the same fake twin again

- Obviously he actually died and then he re-appeared, very much alive

Why did you say this movie should be a horror movie?
Because the idea that Angier could commit murder each night just to perfect an act. I mean even if he was just killing himself, but he was killing them nonetheless. And that Borden twins could live as one Borden and harbouring such deep dark secrets about ones own identity, living such a lie is pretty scary. Wouldn't you feel that way? Maybe in the end this movie is about sacrifice, how much you're willing to do for the sake of that perfect lie? I like it that when I read the book magic was described as a misdirection. A brilliant one word to summarise magic.

How different is this from the book?
Not sure. I do know the book talks about their next generations and descendants who tried to work out the feud between these two. I am reading the book and thus far it is a really well written book and very intriguing. Just watch the movie first before reading the book.

I saw the movie again today on 25.10.2006 and I made one crucial major mistake about which Borden escaped the noose in my above Q&A. Below is my updated Q&A to which I am very sure of the answers to my earlier doubts.
Which Borden was buried by Angier?
It would be the more aggressive one, the one who loved Olivia because in the restaurant scene, he was acting strangely and Sarah who was upset asked why and he said he almost lost something precious to him that day, that something was himself.

Which Borden was hung in the end?
I have seen this movie a 2nd time just so to answer this question and without a doubt, it was the one who loved Olivia. As in the last confrontation between Angier and Borden twin 1, that twin said "I loved Sarah, he loved Olivia" and that he was in prison to be hung. Moreover it was the one who in prison who said he was sorry about Sarah and if you notice the great performance by Christian Bale, there is a difference between these two. For example the one who said the mean thing like "Today I don't" when Sarah asked if he loved her was the Borden who loved Olivia. The one who appeared in Olivia's apartment in a later scene who said he didn't know how he felt about Olivia at that moment was in fact the Borden who loved Sarah. All along the one in prison was Borden who loved Olivia as he was the more aggressive one, the one who defied his brother's advice, the one who tied the knot on Angier's wife, the one whom Olivia first met in the workshop. That being said I wonder whether both men shared wife and mistress, and who is the father of Jess because Borden who loved Olivia loved Jess as much as the one who married Jess' mother. I think maybe they shared life but not intimacy. And for your info when Sarah first told Borden she was pregnant, it was to Borden who loved Olivia because he said she should have told this happy news to Fallon who just left. In bringing up and being a father to Jess, I believe both men were genuine affectionate to that girl and both were fathers to her.

So it was Sarah's Borden who was reunited with Jess?
Yes. I made the mistake of questioning whether there was a switch in prison but there never was. Sarah's Borden was more logical, more reasonable and I sincerely believe the one you see talking aggressively, the one who pushed the rivalry between Angier and himself, the one who first got his fingers blown off was in fact Olivia's Borden.

Did Cutter knew about the twins?
In the end he knew, as he took care of Jess until Sarah's Borden came to take her back and Cutter did not stop that man.

Did Cutter knew about Angier's copying or cloning machine?
I am wondering if it was really a copying machine or a transporter machine with a glitch as in the book. But that is academic. Anyway Cutter knew when he found out Angier was still very much alive. He later helped move the machine to the theatre's underground chamber where Angier kept all his prestiges or the clones. I think by then Cutter already knew for sure and he was disgusted with Angier, which was why I believe when Borden passed Cutter when Cutter was on his way out of the theatre, Cutter did not stop him. I don't think Borden was ever under any disguise and Cutter knew what he would be doing. After all it is only fair since Angier in a way caused his brother's death in the end and was unscrupulous as he used Jess to threaten Olivia's Borden.

Did Sarah know?
I think she suspected. Olivia certainly didn't know.

Is Angier some royalty? A Lord?
Yes he was. Early in the scene Angier said that he had to change his name so that he won't embarass his family as he did not want his occupation to interrup with his real identity. And he also pretended to be an American when in fact he was English. Notice his accent towards the end.

So in the end no more Angier? He was really dead? One Borden died?
Yes. The one who survived was the one who married Sarah. And this was I think the less ambitious one since he really didn't want to know how Angier did his trick, he was sick of the feud and he wanted to walk away from it all.

What's the deal with Christian Bale's eyebrow?
I don't know. Must be just an accident that meant nothing to the storyline.

Was this movie any different from the book?
Substantially yes but the spirit of the book is intact. You must read the book because the narration in the book is very interesting. Even in the book I found Borden such an interesting character although the book was more on Angier. If you are wondering, Alfred is actually Albert and Frederick. To know how why when where what you must read the book. I guarantee you the ending is just as shocking as the movie's ending but it upped the movie a bit; it was truly scary, eerie and horrifying. If you're wondering why in the movie there is a science fiction cum fantasy element, because the book itself won World Fantasy Award and it is in part science fiction, in part fantasy but mostly character driven book. An excellent book in fact to match this excellent movie. I watched this movie twice, and I found my second viewing even more enriching as I noticed the wonderful performances, especially Christian Bale and I noticed the subtle differences, I realised the director wanted you to see the differences which is why the phrase Are you watching closely? was often repeated. He wanted you to get it but truly the ending itself and the characters themselves made this movie a gem. The book is in some ways better than the movie and yet the movie expanded on the book. Do read the book. It is really great

I hope the above clarifies a few questions you may have. Feel free to email me if you wish ton discuss this movie or give me your version if you so wish.

A Note
Hmmm...Thomans Edision, probably the real villain in this movie and I saw a documentary on him, he was THAT aggressive.

Tesla was real, and yes so was Bowie. He wasn't CGI eventhough I could have thought he was because Bowie is just plain weird in real life.

Will this get an Oscar nod? I hope.

This movie has one of the best ever promo package. The trailers are very interesting, the posters are great (I love the one below which is not the official poster, so magic-ish) and the website simply magnificent. BUT one thing trumped it all. Do go to Megamall and to GSC theatres, and at the front entrance there was this kinda giant black board thing, on the left we have the screen with the shifting images of this movie's poster, like the one you will see or have seen at the website's main entrance and the best, a TV next to it, in a small water filled thank with bubbles and also green-ish colour water looking very magical and the trailer being shown repeatedly with almost blinding white lights at the back. It was very mysterious and very illusion-ish. Do have a look. Excellent promos.

Free Image Hosting at

I find the official reviews for this movie range from ok to excellent. None of them really said it was bad, but the complaints were mostly common; that the characters were too single minded, a tad boring because a tad too deep, a difficult watch, ending was absurd but did explain all the plot holes, etc. Check out for more reviews.

Check out the ultra cool website HERE.

Check out a very good bio on Nikola Tesla at complete with pictures. Does look a bit like David Bowie and so that explains the accent a bit.

As for Thomas Edison, read about him at I am not sure if he and Tesla were ever on opposite ends but I did watch a documentary once where he was said to be a very good businessman, hard sell his stuff and usually by doing that he must of course crush his competitors.

I wish ...
To see Christian Bale in a comedy OR a love story, those light hearted ones without any angst, drama or even crazy stuff he so famous for.

To see Hugh Jackman in a 100% action drama ala James Bond-ish. Enough with the flamboyance, I want macho and I don't mean Wolverine macho.

To see less of Scarlett Johansson. She is way too over exposed and to me also overrated.

Ultimate question
Wolverine or Batman?

Well simple. Christian Bale can be Wonder Woman and I still say he's great. But Wolverine was great too BUT the X-Men movies were getting from good to bad to worst.

Some Clips
Thanks to the amazing

The Trailer

Great clips

Inside Look Featurette

The Making Of

Good Morning America
It is very embarassing for the host to keep saying Christian BATES.

A must watch. If you can't see it in IE try Firefox, if not try a lower connection. If posts this interview, I'll post them here.

Christian Bale's interview is HERE. Very bad posture this man because he looks nervous but ask him one line and he answers 10 lines. Great interviewee.

Hugh Jackman's interview is HERE. What a funny man. Great interview!


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