A must read, if you don't already know ...

There are 2 main ratings feature in every review, and one of which would require your active participation. Do read on.

For movies, series, tele-movies & mini-series
It is optional and not a must. I myself do not have a rating system but to the reviewers who prefer to give a rating to the series, books, movies or whatever they're reviewing, it will be from the range of 1/2 (half) being the lowest meaning the worst and lowest point a reviewer can give to 5 (five) being the highest meaning the best possible point a reviewer can give. Due to my often changing layout, the 5 points rating system can be represented by either 5 stars, 5 * or quite simply the number 5. I am not sure which to adopt yet but it will be from 1/2 to 5.

For everything else, such as books, albums, etc
The rating system is a must for reviews of these types of media/items. The rating system is represented by thumbs up meaning a must buy/highly recommended, thumbs average meaning good stuff but not excellent and thumbs down meaning avoid at all cost/a complete waste of time. Again due to frequent layout change I am lost as to what type of thumbs graphics to use but it will be up, average and down. I may even use arrows to represent these so stay tune for further announcement.

Now you as a reader can participate in rating NOT the item BUT the review itself. I adopted the 5 star ratings system some time ago which was quite useful but not entirely popular. The object of rating a review will definitely go towards how popular that particular review is and also to let the reviewer judge for himself/herself how popular or well received his/her review is. Sometimes you may not feel like posting a comment, so giving the review a rating is the next best way to express how you feel about the review. The standard is simple;

- Do you feel the review is informative?

- Do you feel the review is well written and is seriously worthy of being called a review?

- Did you enjoy reading it?

It really doesn't matter whether you like what was said or that the opinion is opposite, at the end of the day did the review basically reviewed the item? Was it well written? I know it is subjective so I let you to decide. But please remember, the star rating is not for you to give your rating towards the item but towards the review.

So what are you waiting for? Post your comments using Post A Comment, give your rating of the review which is available at the bottom of every review or better yet, submit your own reviews now!