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Released In : 2005

No review for this one, just a short comment.

I have always been a fan of Disney's animation but also realise that perhaps Pixar got a bad deal from the whole partnership. Whatever their business tactics may be, Disney has always brought us great family entertainment in terms of animation. Frankly Lion King is my most favourite 2D animation ever, Finding Nemo is my most favourite for 3D animation. Every single animation made by Pixar before Cars (which has yet to be realeased) are all excellent stuff and will be classics forever. Disney sometimes made bad ones, for example Pocohontas.
Chicken Little is the average type. I love the chicken, he's cute. The story is not that great, but some scenes are very touching and many others very funny. I can't help but root for our little hero, especially that baseball scene and I thought those bits about his friends (I love the fish but the porcupine is just too cool!) and the bit about the vending machine was just simply hilarious. How true I thought, especially if you've tried paying the parking fee at KLCC.

The animation isn't great though, a bit dated compared to The Incredibles. But the soundtrack is cool (no original score I think, but the songs were great!) and Disney has always excelled in choosing the right voice for the right character and it is of no exception in this movie.

To put it simply, Chicken Little is an excellent first stepping stone for Disney to get into the 3D animation market but it will not be remembered as a classic. Nevertheless, it is fun, enjoyable, heart warming, cute and entertaining. It may not be Pixar material BUT it is so much better than what Dreamworks churned out, especially the boring Shrek I/II and especially that horrible Shark Tale.

Give this movie a chance and find yourself laughing silly or feeling a bit sorry for the title character for at least the entire length of this movie.

By the way I loved Brother Bear for its unconventional ending. I can never understand what's the big deal with Shrek (except for the part about Shrek falling for the uglier version of the Princess), Madagascar and that god awful Shark Tale unless you prefer dumb entertainment. I refuse to sink to that level.

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