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The following has been previously posted in the Main site and is applicable in here For the sources of the graphics and several applications found in here, please chec out the Source panel at the Main site. As for this template, the bloggerizer is as per the link at the bottom of this page.

I would like to say I designed the entire template and the elements in here but that is not true. Except for the template and layout design, the header's arrangement is by me. The elements in the header and footer are not by me but are downloaded from which offers some really fantastic and realistic elements for digital scrapbooking and I just took the elements and adapted it for this website. For more info on the sources, check out the Source panel. All text is by me except where indicated clearly. You do not have permission to reproduce the contents in this site in any other medium except for opinions posted in News & Updates (and its archived pages). As for reviews and stories, you are absolutely forbidden from reposting the text and/or the entire contents as they are in any medium except for in fans discussion forums where you must (1) obtain the consent of the author of the text (2) inform the webmaster that is Funn Lim (3) place in a prominent place the link back to the main page of (4) You may only repost the text only. The level of permission is different for each section/site so do please read the copyright and disclaimer for each site/section carefully, especially those listed in Websites & Blogs. This is an opinion based website therefore all opinions are those of the maker and may not share the same opinion as the maker.

If you feel there is an infringement of copyright in here or that there is inadequate credit being given, please post your comments below and I will see to it that it is fixed. However since this is a personal blog, all posters, screenshots and cast list taken from any source which is uncredited is merely to illustrate and used as a reference points for the reviews and is in no way intended to be taken credit for something the reviewers' did not do. Any plagarised reviews please post in here as I view plagarism as something very serious against everything I believe in. But please remember inadequate credit is not plagarism.


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