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You will see the following in the categories under Reviews Database and if you do not understand what each means, do read on. You will find the same explanation in the main page to Reviews Database although in here it is more in depth. Please be aware the classification or indicators are not exhaustive since the subjects being reviewed are not exhaustive.

The Main Basics
The following indicates the types of reviews since not all reviews are full length text based 100% opinion based reviews, so to speak. You will find the following in the specific categories in Reviews Database.

[R] Reviews only
[O] Opinion (not a full review)
[I] Infosite (complete site on its own)
[E] Episodic thoughts (episode summaries with reviews to each episode and/or captures)

The Updates Indicators
You will find the following in the specific categories in Reviews Database.

- News/just added. Each cycle of items to be tagged new or just added is every time there is a new updates since updates in here is not on a frequent basis and is done group by group of reviews received.

- Just updated/is frequently updated. This is usually meant for Episodic Thoughts where updates are still being added to that review of that title but no updates announcement will be posted in the Main site. Basically you just check back often or join the Feeds (if any). This also applies for reviews that have been updated, probably due to prior mistakes or such.

The Indicators Next To The Titles
You will each title is accompanied by certain indicators, mainly for classification. The list is not exchaustive since teh categories and types of subjects reviewed are not exhaustive.

[Kr] Korea
[Ani] Animation
[Chi] Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese & all dialects) from HK, Taiwan & China
[Jap] Japan
[Spore] Singapore
[Fr] France
[Thai] Thailand
[HKTVB] Hong Kong TVB
[HKATV] Hong Kong ATV
[M'sia] Malaysia
[S'pore] Singapore
[MCorp] Mediacorp, Singapore
[HBO] HBO, in Others Category
[NBC] NBC, in Others Category
[Books] Books, in Books Category


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