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A famed reviewer Roger Ebert once wrote, "The perfect review should indeed allow a reader to determine whether he or she is likely to enjoy or appreciate a film--but that does not require the critic to agree with the reader". This website's slogan is reviews.comments.opinions which are all entertainment based. In the end it is about opinions which I must stress, is very very subjective and entirely your own. All reviews in this website, whether opinions, full critique or comments by visitors are in the end remain the personal opinion of the maker. You need not agree with them and you need not take them seriously and if you so chose you may write your own full length review and submit it into this website. thrives on opinions that are well made and you will find all these reviews are often critical analysis not just on the performances or characters but every aspect of the production or the style of writing and presentation. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I and my fellow reviewers enjoy writing and voicing our thoughts.

If you're interested to know more about reviews writing or simply to know more on how I write, etc, feel free to post your questions in here. Thanks in advance for asking.


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