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Written by Scarlett

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


Starring : Yue Ling as Shi Min, Shi Yu as Tian Hau, Chang Zeng Kuang as Chen Zen Dong, Yang Bao Wei as Ye Xin and Zhang Zue Jun as Ye Fung.

What & Where : A simple modern Taiwanese drama mainly about love, inimical between friends and revenge.

How Long : A 1995's production

Storyline : Tian Hau is one of the top police officers in Taiwan and was very successful in his career. Just as his
success was breathtaking, so was the unhappiness that dogged his marriage life. After the death of his wife, Xue Man in a tragic accident, which was part of his negligence had made him become erratic and later as an alcoholic. Shi Min, a social worker who worked in the same hospital where Xue Man was admitted to after the accident, was keen in getting Tian Hau's permission for a transplant organ. Reluctantly he agreed finally which caused anger to Xue Man's father who decided to pursue a court case on him and later withdrawn it (for some solid reasons which might take two pages for me to elaborate it). Shi Min was grateful and at the same time guilty to Tian Hau. She with her daughter, Xiao Ding Dang, one day bumped into Tian Hau in a supermarket and he dropped his wedding ring while digging money from his pocket at the counter. Knowing that Tian Hau is still struggling with the facts of the death of his beloved wife, Shi Min tried to help him to overcome it. When he falls sick, Shi Min took good care of him and later Tian Hau fell for her. Shi Min rejected as she couldn't afford to go through all this again as she was once dumped by her lover and later when she got pregnant, the man is not willing to take up the responsibility. But her little girl, Xiao Ding Dang goes to heroic lengths in attempting to bring them together. Just when all is well, Shi Min's ex-lover, Zen Dong came back and wanted to reunite with her. He even threatened to take away Xiao Ding Dang from her if she marries to Tian Hau which caused their wedding breakdown. When Zen Dong found out the truth that Ye Xin and Ye Fung was the long lost children to a rich man (Xue Man's father), he decided to let go of Shi Min and goes after Ye Xin. They then get married and there go the torture story of Ye Xin. As you know, the guy is only after her wealth. He started abandoned her and even beat her and force her to stay at home all the time. The girl was so silly and keeps everything to herself. Until one day, the brother, Ye Fung came to visit her and was shocked to see the sister. She then makes up her mind and left Zen Dong which later failed in his business. He set up a plan to blackmail the father and was arrested by Tian Hau. No, he was not sent to jail but instead set free by Tian Hau with a promise never returned to Taiwan. That's the end!!

Best performance : I think I'm not eligible to say who's the winner here as it is because of Yue Ling that I watched this TV series. Xiao Ding Dang, who is probably now a teenager is my second choice. A chubby, fleshy little child who can really acts. Though she might not be as popular as Jing Ming (a very well known child star who makes her big waves in Qiong Yao's TV series in early 90's), but with a combination of cute looks and cheeky skills, she has outdone herself in this series.

Worst Performance : What I can say is NO. I have so far never encounter a lousy performance from any TV actress/actor of Taiwan. All of them were properly trained which you can't denied how great their performances are. From crying till laughing and from love till hate, it has been beautifully performed. Though most of Taiwanese serials may not as good as TVB's production but their talented casts are simply amazing. Talking about costume drama, Taiwanese production will definitely stand the chance being No. 1.

Worth to watch??: This is certainly not my favorite TV series among all Yue Ling's works. Well, why not!! Just take a break from those Taiwanese weepy serials (those that cried from the beginning till the end).
After all, Yue Ling's talented acting skills and ability to transform herself into all characters that she portrayed are the credits to this TV series.

The Most Boring Scene : Honestly, from the beginning right till the end except those parts about Shi Min (Yue Ling). Few good examples, Ye Xin lost her eyesight and undergone a costly operation. Her brother was struggling over the expensive medical fees, worked extra hour to earn more income and later on decided to steal as he has come to no way. A simple plot that you can actually summarized into two episodes rather than dragged it to 5 episodes. Another scene, at the later part when Ye Xin's marriage did not get the blessings from the father, she got furious, moved out from the house and this will again bring another few more boring episodes.

The Most Interesting Scene: This is the best part overall in this TV series. The love from a father to his children. The father was angry and totally objected to Ye Xin's and Zen Dong's marriage but he went to their wedding dinner secretly and hide behind the door and looked at the daughter with full of expression. He then left the dinner quietly with no one aware of his presence except Shi Min and Tian Hau.

My Observation : After much of twist and turning, the story still referred to the same circle. No logical facts in few occasions. Shi Min's ex-lover and Xiao Ding Dang's father, Zen Dong was an old pal to Tian Hau
whom he knows for so many years that later became his enemy has an affair with Xue Man. Ye Xin (regarded as Xue Man's sister) also fall for Zen Dong which you can see clearly that three woman who have a close relationship love a same man. This is one of the plot that actually supported the facts that "The world is small".

Another part, a villain (courtesy of Tian Hau's arrestment on him) went to Shi Min's apartment and held her under arrest. A very dramatic plot but was poorly presented. Xiao Ding Dang who was also inside the house managed to escape and she planned to knock the man down with her "toy gun" which make no sense at all. An unrelated hilarious part slotted in at the wrong time.

One interesting point, The Burning Sun has opened the eyes of most viewers as to the living style of Taiwanese, which is more to Japanese style than Chinese especially in the house decoration. The ruling of Japan during World War II has nevertheless left behind an indelible impact to most of the Taiwanese. Another worthy point that support the reasons of watching this series!!

Any similarity? : After watching this TV series, I could probably think that they are copying the main idea from "Sleepless In Seattle", a marvelous love story from Nora Ephron but of course with some major changes to the
characters and story line. In "Sleepless in Seattle", Tom Hanks has a son who is very determined to bring him to Meg Ryan. In the Burning Sun, Xiao Ding Dang is like Joshua, the son who always has tricky idea to allow the mom to met up with Tian Hau.

Some Recommendations: All Taiwanese serial contains the same message, LOVE but there are few that you shouldn't missed. Those TV series adapted from Qiong Yao's novels especially. Just to name few, Green Green Grass By the River , Plum Blossom Trilogy, Mute Wife, Xin Yue Ge Ge and etc. Although all this is a fairly straightforward love story and like all Qiong Yao's novels, it was truly beautifully done. The quality of costume and soundtrack are far above what many have come to expect from the "weepy TV series" genre from Taiwan.

My Review : Yue Ling has till todate acted in many well received Taiwanese TV series. Whatever her part, she brought a touch of vulnerability and strength to her roles. But she will always be remembered as Le Mei, her most memorable role in Ghost Husband, with two thick braids and long flare skirt.

Funn's Review : A brief note from me.Scarlett did such a wonderful job writing for this serial,I've decided to just let you read hers and not be bothered with mine.

Anyway,I liked this serial,and expecially the performance of Yue Ling and Shi Yu,that square face man.This is one actor that can play any role.However Xiao Qing was so underused in here,perhaps she is credited as a guest star.The story is the same but still there is something different with this serial.It offers something other Taiwanese serials generally do not have,a viliian that you'll love to hate.And some pretty pathetic characters that you'll not care about.

The little girl was ok,though I can't help but compare her to Jing Ming.

Yue Ling was absolutely amazing here,sporting a really short hair,she went for the tomboy serious working mother image rather than the beautiful girl image in for example,Women's Romance.But what I find unbelievable is that she could be a mother of such a big kid,and that her love with Shi yu's character could even blossom at all.These two actors individually are great actors but they have no chemistry together.In fact,all the guys in this show is so ugly,you might not want to watch this one based on looks.The other story about that blind girl was quite nice,though a bit long winded in some parts,as is with all Taiwanese serials.

But overall,this is quite a good picture.At least way better than Will You Still Love Me Tommorow and anything with Chen De Rong in it.


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