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Written by Funn Lim

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


Also Known As
In Chinese the title is "Yan Loong Chuen Suet", which roughly means " The Legend of Man and Dragon". But the English title would be much more appropriate due to it's almost 100% content about love, love, love.

Running Time
20 episodes / 10 tapes

Major Players
A measley few, so I could simply list down all the major players.

Rain Lau - Yip/ Chow Chui
Chin Kar Lok - Yip / Chow Choo
Benny Chan - Yip Hei
Nicola Cheung - Princess San Yuet
Fennie Yuen - Siu Yu
Yuen Wah - Yip Man
Tse Tin Wah - Lui Dai Pang
Wong Wai- Emperor
The rest major players would be the characters of Mrs Yip, Chow Ngou Tin,
Dragon Parents, Dragon siblings.

Very very basically, this is a love story between a man and a dragon girl. Everything else is a sub plot to their love, like jealousy, the art of giving, hatred, pain, etc. I do not know for sure the time this story is set, but looking at the dresses(Like I can depend on TVB to give me accurate period costumes!), decorations, and more importantly, the hairdo and the idea that dragons live amongst us, I would make a rough assumption that the time should be around the Confucious era, which would be more BC than any BCs. You know, even before Emperor Shih Huang Ti.

Not much plot, if you really want to examine the plot. And nothing too heavy, after all it's just a love story. Anyway, Yip Hei is your nice 20 year old young gifted doctor, who met a nice beautiful lady who calls herself Siu yu, who unbeknownst to him is the young daughter of the Dragon King. Though they were never menat to be , and this was repeatedly said to them by Mrs. Yip, they fell in love, and even tried to elope. But in the end, with the blessings of their parents, but without blessings of the Heaven, their wedding caused a great catastrophie, almost like the one where Mr Yip, a PM to the King and father of Yip Hei died saving people's life when the wrath of the Dragon King(Siu Yu's father) was unleashed.And in this present incident, Yip Hei thought his beloved died in the fiery fire, but well, as fate would have it, she didn't, but as a punishment by the Heaven for even thinking of marrying a human being, her whole family was stricken off their magical powers and duties and had to earn their way back into dragon-hood, meaning help others and collect 100,000 good deeds. Slowly they all realised their own faults and by helping others, they redeemed themselves. Siu Yu's way of redemption was to unite the love sick Princess san Yuet with Si Yu's former lover, Yip Hei, who was still love sick about Siu Yu, even after 3 years of seperation. But when they do finally meet, they tried their best to ignore their love for each other,and after 3 long years of waiting and pining for a man who will never love her as much as she loves him, Princess San Yuet received a marriage proposal by our Mr. Cool(at least towards Princess San Yuet) himself. Alas, it was not to be. Being tricked into running away on his wedding day by the despicable Chow Ngou Tin, the Princess thought he eloped with Siu Yu but he actually went to save her at the most crucial moment of her life, that will in the end decide their destinies.
However, the Princess believed his reasons, and when Siu Yue went back into the River to her Dragon House where her family is awaiting her arrival, he went back to the Princess and begged for forgiveness and said that he will never marry her. Out of anger she ordered for his death, and if not for Yip Hei's brother Chow Choo, he would have been dead. But the Princess at last realised who loved her the most, and realised she wil never get the man of her dreams, and so she settled for the next best thing, Chow Choo, whilst Yip Hei ran away, lived a normal life until he saw Siu Yu again but this time there will never be a happy ending for them because eternal seperation awaits these two love sick lovers.

Ahhhhh....but who the heck is

Chow/Yip Choo : Adopted son of Mrs Yip and real son to the despicable Chow Ngou Tin, a fact he did not like because his father is a crazy dragon slayer, and in the end the son became a reasonable dragon slayer in the sense that he empathise with the poor dragons but hey! He's madly in love with the Princess and thinking that his own little brother eloped with that dragon girl, he went on a klling rampage, with the death toll of...hey, only THREE dragons, that would be the whole family of Siu Yu. He didn't regret his actions which was very disappointing but well, he didn't go on a serial killer spree.

Chow/Yip Chui : Adopted daughter of Mrs Yip and real daughter of the, well you know who. Anyway she was slow to receive with open arms her real father because father is despicable man. Anyway , she desperately wants a husband, but nobody wants to marry her because ;

(a) she is pure bad luck, most husbands to be suffered injuries prior to their weddings
(b) she's not very pretty
(c) she's not exacly very ladylike.

But in the end, whilst pretending to be Princess San Yuet to help her family out of a sticky mess(again, involving dragons),she tricked Tse into thinking that they slept together and so, when the King heard of this, instead of punishing her for pretending to be the Princess, He ordered for their marriage.After evading the marriage for a long long time, at last Tse very reluctantly married her but by that time Chui realised you can't force love. But he did fall for her when I think , he was supposedly dying of some disease and realised what a jerk he was. Anyway, he lived. However, let me note this here; I missed the episode where he fell for her, but after almost 9 tapes of hating her, with only 1 hour to really fall for her, I think it's a bit illogical you know.

Chow Ngou Tin : Part time crazy man, full time dragon slayer he hated the dragons because his whole family(or so he thinks) died in that major fire years ago, which was caused by the Dragons, but in actual fact he provoked the dragons. Anyway, he met his children again,and to safeguard the interest of his giving son, he did many many despicable acts to try to, amongst others;

(a) seperate the Princess and Yip Hei
(b) annihilate the whole dragon clan
(c) kill Yip Hei.

He succeeded in (a), but that was because Yip Hei did not want the Princess. He failed in (b) because, well dragons were magical creature, how to really kill them if the heaven did not allow you to do so. He definately failed in (c) because well, Yip Hei was saved by Siu Yu and lived to be an old man.So in the end, this man was a total failure.Anyway, he did not die, so let us try to see if there';s any justice in this world.

The rest of the casts : Well,... there aren't many people in this series, you can even count them with 10 fingers. It's not ATE you know, better yet it ain't Legendary Four Aces. It's just.... Dragon Love.

I am confused. How come...

Yip Hei fell for Siu Yu, agreed to marry Princess, then ran away, came back, and then to run again..and there is still no happy ending for this man ?

What a loooong question, but I am sure you must be asking this because this would imply that this man can't make up his bloody mind. Almost selfish but it's almost too giving. Let me explain myself.You see, he almost married the Princess as a way to forget Siu Yu but when he saw her agai, but knew that they could never be together, he could have just married the Princess but he refused because he could have if she was a spoilt brat but she was the nicest girl apart from Siu Yu and so he did not want to hurt her in the long run by not being able to love her.Moreover she deserved to be with someone who loved her, and he just didn't feel that way. So I guess he was very giving in that way, he wasn't selfish because when you knew you could never love that person, better to go for for short term pain meaning break it off than long term pain where when you have children, and your'e stuck in a loveless marriage. In modern day there's divorce but back then, it was for life man.

The Princess knew that Yip didn't love her but still pursued him, and yet she knew Ah Choo loved her and yet she refused him, only to want to behead Ah Hei and then didn't and then wanting to marry the big brother but was refused and then began to miss him and eventually married Ah Choo?

Another loooooong question which I am sure you're asking yourself. Quite a fickle minded lady ah? But the reason for this looooooooong drama ain't her fault but rather the fault of Yip Hei. By agreeing to marry her Yip Hei led her to believe he loved her and so she waited for his return and believed every word he said. She is actually a very nice girl. Man's fault, as always.

That despicable man, Chow Ngou Tin wanted to annihilate the dragon clan?

Simple. He hated them, for reasons I have stated above, somewhere.

The Heaven won't allow for the union of Siu Yu and Ah Hei?

Simple. Can you marry a dog?

But still......she could take human form you know....

I know but a rose by any other name is still a rose.

The Heaven did nothing when that despicable man killed (or so we thought) the dragon clan?

In fact, the heaven never punished that man but punised the dragons. Maybe because as dragons and belonging to the heaven's rank of officials, you are supposed to just shut up and be patient even when you have this guy chasing your whole family with a big big sword. I really do not know.

The Dragons in here seemed like so desperate, so unlike the arrogant but still magical beasts in Journey To The West?

You know, that's the first thing I noticed when i watched this series. It's just so inconsistent with the myth we had. They are supposed to be weather guys, controlling the weather. I am sure you remember from JTTW II where this dragon King was so arrogant that he rained an inch lesser than he was supposed to(by mandate of the Jade emepror) and he was beheaded for it. It's just show that they have a strict regime and duty to follow. In THIS series, every other second where they feel like it, they make rain/snow/thunder/lightning and yet we are very aware of the fact that they're under the supervision of the Heaven. So why such inconsistencies? I could not believe their forbidden love since they are allowed to do whatever they want.

When Siu Yu's whole family died before her,she did not even shed a tear?

I do not know. Ask Fennie Yuen, or better yet scroll down below under Worst Performance category.

The Dragon guys have dragon looks whilst dragon girl looks like...a girl?

My thought exactly. I really do not know. In this series you'll never get to see a dragon girl's face though when she was supposedly in the Dragon palace, she dressed extra nice, her hair a bit daring and her face glittering, but no dragon horns on a human face. Really strange.

When Siu Yu turns into a dragon, she is a green NAKED dragon but when she turned back into human form, she automatically has dresses on?

I am curious too. I mean she is soooooooo naked in that dragon form(green dragon) and yet when she immediately becomes human, all dressed up. Really strange.

Dragon blood is green in colour?

How come human blood is red in colour? Waiitttttt!Before you go explaining plasma and whatever to me, I do not know. Maybe to make them even more different, like as if a tail,two horns and magical powers aren't different enough.

Siu Yu's green dragon is so pretty?

Because Siu Yu's human form is pretty.

The special effects, dragon graphics ALL looked so fake?

Because....that you have to ask TVB special effects and graphics team. Perhaps Seagull should join them and become an FX expert, probably do better than TVB themselves. But the poor graphics, may not be poor in Asian's standard but to western standard, horrible. I tell you , ever since TVB discovered special effects in Dark Tales and JTTW I, they just went overboard, without realising they have hardly improved since JTTW II. And don't even get me talking about JTTW II. Too much graphics could kill a good show.An overzealous team I guess.

The ending is not what I wished it to be?

One thing good about this series is that it has an ending consistent with the whole series' main objective, that man and dragon can never be together in matrimony. So I like the ending, though a bit sad but it's a good ending and refreshing when TVB does not try to give us happy endings all the time. If you notice carefully, the smaller the production, the lesser of those ending scenes where everybody gathers together for one big happy ending like Legendary Four Aces. I shall be blunt, such endings are unimaginative and boring. That's why I like Life for Life a bit more but still, the ending was a bit too sugary and illogical. As for this one, a poignant ending.

They just don't give us a happy ending?

What's your defination of a happy ending? The Princess found the love of her life, Ah Chui at last got what she wanted, the love of Dai Pang, I assume Chow Ngou Tin stopped killing dragons when Siu yu sacrificed herself just to save him. Aren't all these endings happy enough?

Best Aspect/Worst Aspect
Other than the special effetcs, the one best aspect was also the worst...the dresses/costumes. So cumbersome, Fennie Yuen sooo thin also looked fat, more so Rain Lau! So many layers, I tell you the Manchurians really knew how to dress really well. The hairs are ok..but the biggest complain I have would be the Princess. When she is the princess, her make up looks like a ZA commercial face, which is good. Very nice make up on Nicola's face. But her dress, not even Princess like at all! Probably not enough budget.

Most Favourite Character
Nahhhhh, not Yip Hei or even Siu Yu but surprise surprise, Princess San Yuet. I feel this Princess has the same quality as Flying Fox On Snowy Mountain's Miu Yeuk Lan. The funny thing is that I do not like both actresses playing both roles but their characters are very well written. In the case of Miu Yuek Lan and Princess San yuet, the characterisation is strong but the performance not up to par. Why they could even look good in these roles is because the roles are already well developed, but could have been the best role they ever had if they just did better. Anyway I like this princess because though she is in a position of power and she could certainly be evil but she is not. She did not believe what everybody told her, that Yip hei was secretly having an affair and eloping with Siu Yu. Even when the fear of dragons was at its height, she refused to participate in the carnage of dragons, because she knew Siu yu and she knew Siu Yu to be a good dragon.She knew what was right and what was wrong, though she may be prone to emotional problems, but she will regret her bad actions. She is a good woman and at first I thought she should marry Yip hei because one is a doctor, another a princess who is equally as learned and smart...but after all the drama and heartache, I feel she should just marry the one who loves her and someone she could love. I like this character very much, but alas, maybe someone else would have made this character even more outstanding.

Best Performances
After you've seen this actor and heard his voice, you'll know why in Legendary Four Aces' review, I said what I said about the actor that played Ling Wong. Wong Wai has always been an average actor, but what he had that even now no new young actors have is THE VOICE. He is the Chinese equivalent of James Earl Jone, and if there's a chinese Star Wars, I'll be the first to nominate him as the voice of Darth Vader. He looks and acts like a King. He could never play a pauper, must be someone of authority, bad or good does not matter. A mediocore actor blessed with a powerful voice and quite a dignified face.

Just based on this series alone and compared with all other performances in this series, Benny Chan would have my vote here. Because everybody else was quite bad, so he kinda stood out as a bit better. I always liked Benny Chan, from his first series, Demi God and Semi Devil and I personally feel that he should have been the one to play Tong Bak Foo and also Sing Chi in Crimson Sabre, because he has this innocent, heroic, bubbly, cute, nice guy and scholarly look. In costume dramas, he looks educated, but somehow in modern series, with short hair, he looks kinda stupid. YES!I am being really blunt here but it's true, his costume drama intelligent face somehow cannot be seen in modern drama. Weird I know. Perhaps long hair suits this guy, when tied into a pony tail even better. Anyway, his acting skill is so-so only, his expression often has this wounded puppy look, but heck, I feel like hugging hm when he has this look. I guess he is the younger version of Felix Wong, a guy that could connect with the viewers' ,not too good looking and yet not too ugly, just perfect. I know he has staying power but these days he is a bit down on his luck on finding good series. I hope he will take the path of smaller productions, because frankly, I personally feel Time Off was much more enjoyable than let's say, ATE. So I hope to see more of Benny in costume drama. it would be interesting if he could play a villian just once.

Rain Lau. I have always thought of her as a marvellous actress that is often unedrrated and forgotten because she is not pretty enough. In this series her character is only so much, but she made the best out of it.

Tse Tin Wah. Horrible character but good performance.

Worst Performances
I rate overacting as a bad virtue to have as an actor, same as underacting. In this series, the woman that plays Mrs Yip overacts with her voice, face, expressions, mannerisms that she seemed almost comical to watch. She was ok in Burning Flame as Wong hei's mother but here, this woman just overact too much!But she was worst in one series that I can't remember the title ,she was overboard. She is like a Taiwanese actress in this series, only worst. Horrible performance.

Fennie Yuen. She is one beautiful actress with great skin, husky voice, and an overall likeable face. But her acting here is so underacted. The opposite of Mrs Yip. She has little expression, probably she is playing a girl so much more younger than her age. Nothing bubbly or cute about her. And the one that made me say she's worst would be the scene where her family was killed right before her eyes,and how did she react? Told Ah hei to go back to the Princess,and she did not even look worried, or pained or sad! I mean wow,what a performance! I am being sarcastic here you know. Bad bad acting.

The " I do not know how to rate them" Performances
Which would be Chin Kar Lok. Not a brilliant actor, heck not even an actor at all but sometimes he had the right expression ,especially in more comical moments but in serious moments, he just couldn't get it right. He is a born comedian/cute guy but not a serious character actor.

Nicola Cheung. I like her character but her acting, sometimes good sometimes bad. But most of the time, when she is happy,she will stretch her lips and give us a huge smile, when she is shock or surprised, her eyes become huge and when she is sad, her head would drop about an inch and she would squint her eyes and cries as if she is forced to cry. Not very good at crying scenes, but when she is begging Ah Hei, almost desperate she is good actually. She is very consistent, she looks at Ah Hei with great admiration and at Ah Choo with just friendly look. Bu I hate the way she delivers her lines in any series. Not monotomous but when she talks, her head has this movement which is very annoying, out in out in. And she talks as if her nose is stuck. But overall, I do not like her nor her image as a person but based solely on her performance here, she has improved a tiny bit for being able to convince me that her character is one desperate character. So though worst here but at least better than before.

Is It Worth Renting
The answer would be no. This series has one of the most weakest storyline I have seen this year, or even last year or even last last year. Basically they had nothing much to say, that is why in this series you have situations like 3 years has passed, 5 years has passed, 20 years has passed and the story continues thereon. Time flies in this series. Basically, the story is not interesting nor engaging enough, though the sub plot of the desperation of the Princess holding on to Yip Hei was quite interesting but it is still not good enough to hold your attention longer than 1 tape. The starting was too slow, then the story seemed ridiculous, not knowing whether it wants to be funny or sad, a comedy or a drama. They tried to make it lighthearted courtesy of Rain Lau and Chin kar Lok but I find nothing funny about being the supposed "bad Luck" for a man. I find it depressing, even more so by the performances of some of the leads in here. In the end, even if you're a fan of Benny Chan or Fennie Yuen , avoid this at all cost. Not a good impression. if your'e a fan of Nicola or Chin Kar Lok, it might worth a watch but 10 tapes worth of money could be more well spent in some other more deserving series, at least something much more engaging. So as I have said before I went on this rambling of mine, NO would be my answer. It's not a waste of time but just think of it this way; you'll gain no satisfaction watching this series.

Interesting Fact
This series was not a hit. Not even popular at all.

Interesting Legend/Fiction
This ain't gonna be the first time that the Heaven seperated two desperate lovers because of rank/ being differences. One of the most famous and touching Chinese legend, that even till today we have people praying them would be the Seventh Sister love affair with the Bull Guy, in the Festival of the Seventh Sister. legend has it that the seventh and youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor of the heavens went down to Earth one day, met a nice young chap who by the way is a farmer of some sort, and they fell desperately in love, married against heaven's will, I am not sure but i think they had a child, anyway seperated and was only allowed to meet eahc other once a year oin the heavens, on a bridge made of of flying connected birds. That is why on that day of the Festival, we all give offerings to the Heavens not to rain so that these two lovers can meet, since it's just once a year. Poor thing.

Dragons. Do they exist? If so when? The legend of Dragons in chinese mythtology is the same as the legend of Phoenix. In the Chinese/Asian world, dragons are symbol of intelligence, power, as was used by the olden days Monarch for thousands of years right up until the last emperor of china. We are the decendants of dragons so to speak, which will explain why dragon is the only mythical animal in the 12 symbols ,you know hororscope symbols? But in JTTW, the book itself and even the legend of the God Na Zha, Dragons are portrayed as conniving, bad, hot tempered, vain, nothing nice is ever said about dragons in the heavenly world. So I think I shall elaborate further from what I do know;

In Na Zha, Na Zha killed the Dragon Prince when Na Zha fought with him over the Dragon's insistence on sacrificing children for food for good harvest. Dragons are in legends believed to control and manage the weather so farmers in olden days depended on the dragon lords to give them rain,etc for good harvest. So Na Zha fought and killed the arrogant dragon prince and the Dragons threatened to drown the entire city if Na Zha's father, a Minister who legend believed is also the heavenly God that carries that small golden pagoda on his hand, the one where the Monkey King affectionately called the "Pagoda Guy" in JTTW I/II series, refused to hand his son over. The father refused, even tying the son to a pole preventing him from coming forward but Na Zha escaped and at that moment he understood being responsible for your own actions, and so he took his father's sword and killed himself right in front of the Dragons and then everything was alright again. Later he was resurrected by his Master using, Lotus Leaves and I can't remember what they call "Ling Ngau" in English. Anyway, he then became a God, the one with the fire wheels on both his feet, seen in JTTW I fighting that annoying Red Baby, also a legend by itself. Almost a myth but since people are praying them, I would not comment on this so we assume it's real. It must be anyway. By the way, Na Zha was supposed to be a little boy, something like 5 years old. His mother was pregnant with him for 3 years(I think) and when he was born, he was only thumb size. I can't remember the specifics. Now in this story dragons are portrayed to be arrogant and vindictive. Your question would be why the heaven's did nothing? Maybe we did not see further down the story because probably they could have been punished. I do not know why frankly.

In JTTW, Monkey King went down into the sea and stole the Golden pole that became his weapon. this weapon was a magical pole that was used to hold the four seas in place, owned by the Dragon King. After being stolen, The dragon king ordered for the capture of Monkey King in a big big way. They're portrayed as vain and jealous creatures.

But yet, Chinese emperors used the dragons as a symbol of their authority, because dragons are suppsoed to have everything. That is why people born under the dragon sign, especially this year 2000 Golden Dragon would have, in fate everything ready for them, but of course there are always social conditions, nurture,etc, but at least lady luck is on their side. I was born in the year of the Fire dragon but frankly I don't feel superior,smart nor successful, though I could be so full of myself sometimes, which makes me arrogant. And I love to tell people what to do, but never listen to my own advise, which would be the very nature of Dragons.

It is strange that Dragon is the only animal in chinese hororscope that could not be proven of its existence. Probably extinct you know.

Now what about Western Dragons? They're not magical creatures, they are often ugly dark colours and breath fire, and are often depicted as destroyer, from what I could observe. In fact they made a knight that slayed dragons a Saint, as so the legend goes. Dragons have little respect in Western world, unlike CHinese world. But the inconsistencies above is really annoying don't you think so? One hand they're respected but so many legends depicted them as bad bad things. You decide.

Interesting Observation
The doomed love affair of Siu Yu and Yip Hei. In JTTW, and since these two people lived during a time where dragons and Gods exist, this will be a constructive criticsm, was doomed from the start. But then they still meet, fall in love to meet again and again and again. So what's Yuet Loh , the guy in charge of love affairs of the human world doing? Because Chinese believe that all union of couples are arranged by yuet lo, The Love Minister, so if he arranged for them to meet, wouldn't he have known it would never be? In the end, if life is pre-destined, what choice do we have in controlling our own destinies? If life is fated, and heaven had already our life's planned every single day, so whatever happens may not be your own effort but pre destined. Do you believe in fate/pre-destined lives? Sometimes I do because it could explain a lot of tragedies amongst us, like this couple's doomed love affair but it would seem illogical and almost desperate, because only when you have no real reason for what happened, you'll say "Act of God". The question now is Is there A God? If there is reincarnation, there is a God. Somebody must be in charge of the administration of our souls. And if there is a God, there must be a system. When there is an orderly system, then our lives must have been planned to accomodate that system, like how long we live, how we die, so as not to over crowd the Earth and Heaven/Hell. And if it is planned, then there is fate and pre-destined lives. And if such is the case, where then is free will and hard work and "Make your own life" fit in? Serial killers could say they're born with the urge to kill, because they're pre destined to kill and kill and kill. Don't laugh at this, because the idea of DNA and genes fit perfectly into the notion of pre destined life. Scientifically, if you have a cancer gene, you'll be more prone to cancer, if you have a killer gene, you could be a killer. That's pretty pre-destined path I think, but at least in Genes something must have happened to trigger that gene into action. If you kill because of your gene dictating you to do so, having no choice so to speak, which is B.S actually. because compared to pre-destined fate, having a gene that is prone to crime or whatever is not a blanket reason for really commiting a crime. You have gotta have your own moral threshold and crossing that moral threshold to actually kick the gene in action. Perhaps the gene made you do so, or perhaps when you decided to do so, the gene followed your order and thus made it easier for you to carry out your evil deeds. Then the real question would be "Which comes first? Chicken or the egg?" Your mind or the gene?

The character of Yip Chui is called " Tong Chu Dang", meaning basically bad luck, but worst when said to a woman because it implies that that woman will bring bad luck to her family and especially to the man who will marry her. Likewise saying a woman having a "Hard Fate/Life" would say that the woman was born having a very hard fate and so she must marry a man who could withstand such hard fate of hers, if not he will die because he has a weak/normal fate. I am not good at translating these terms but that's the best I could do for now, by literal translation.

I am not sure if I heard right so i stand to be corrected. Somewhere in this series I thought I heard Yip hei being referred to as" Wah Tor Reincarnated". Wah Tor was the father of Chinese medicine so to speak, who was a very good and caring Chinese Doctor in the olden days. Nothing much about that but the problem is, if this series as I have mentioned above is set in the Confucious time, that will be BC time and I think that would most likely be the case, then this compliment would be a big big mistake, because Wah Tor lived during the time of the Three Kingdoms, during the Zhugeliang, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu time which was like way AD into the future. However if is set after that Three Kingdom periods, perhaps it is correct but the dressings and the furnitures do not match.

Interesting Info
The theme song by Benny Chan was very very good. You could listen to it at SCTVB. Excellent song. He's quite a good singer actually, better than being an actor actually. The lyrics very meaningful, specially written for the series.

For more good reviews on this one, do go and visit this site here.

By the way, the furnitures reminded me of Disney's Mulan.

Waaaiiitttttttttt...... what's the ending?

I thought I told you already? Siu Yu dies, Princess.... oh you mean what about Yip hei right? He grew old, one day he was walking at this place where there were a lot of flowers, the type Siu Yu and him used to enjoy talking about, and he met this young girl looking exactly like Siu yu and they talked and she even knew about the story of the flowers that Ah hei told Siu Yu years before, and it ended that way. they are together at last?

No lar! Siu yu died, this should be a reincarnated Si Yu since she' s still young and our hero is like pushing 50 or so. Don't even think that perhaps a sequal will show old guy with young girl together. No sequals for this one and moreover, he is very aware that his beloved is dead, but I guess fans of this show can make such an assumption; Siu yu lived on in a reincarnated form and by my heavenly calculations, after 2 reincarnations later, our hero and heroine could be together at last. Of course only if the series is called " Dragon Love : The Sequal" written by yours truly, Funn Lim. But TVB ain;t hiring me. So the ending would be a poignant ending. NOT CLIFFHANGER ENDING. Ok??!!


  1. Anonymous12.2.12

    I would disagree with the whole thing you said up there.. I love this series.. The love story is so touching and painful.. and the ost really nice..
    Many people actually love this drama but I don't know why many don't like it.. To me, this is a touching, heartbreaking drama.. If you want good music and god-forsaken love and crying-your-eyes-out scenes, get this drama..

  2. Moogie30.11.12

    I agree. Saw this as a kid and never remembered what really happened, till I found it online again just a week ago. It's freaken touching and makes me sad. It's a GOOD drama for a '90s drama.

  3. Anonymous11.2.13

    If you don't like this drama at all, why are you posting such long comments?

  4. Anonymous4.8.14

    I was reading this review. .. and I'm like wtf.... I disagree with you. If you have been paying close attention to the plot/details of the story; it's explained. Personally I love this drama! It is one of the most touching (yet sad) love stories ever! Both Fennie and Benny played their role really nicely! I actually wished there was a happy ending between them... I understand the whole forbidden love and why they couldn't be together despite they both truly love each other because Siu Yu explained it at the ending...I don't know why you don't like Pennies acting since I think everything about her was great! When dragons transformed into and back...ALL of them wear clothes afterwards so don't know what you slap talk there...Though about the ending how she gave up her chance of survival to save the one man -.- who is the caused of a this was heroic from her part,'s so unfair why she have to be die in the end just to end the hatred between him and dragons...I blame this all on Chow Ngo Teen!!!

    The music in this drama and background music is sad as well, I can't remember how many times I cried watching the ending...

    I always wonder... if they Yip Hei and Siu Yu just make a vow to be together as husband and wife without going through all that 'wedding ceremony'... then they probably can be together (just my guess and how I wished) since it was OK when they're together as a couple. ..just not husband and wife....

    This is one of my favourite drama and not even now a days drama can compare to the touching story this pairing have delivered!


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