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This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


The story revolves around Benny's and Fennie's love, and how it is impossible for them to be together because Benny is a human and Fennie is a dragon.

The Why factor
Well twenty years ago before either of them was born there was a war between the dragons and humans. Benny's father died in that battle, and Fennie's father was punished for twenty years due to the battle. Only Benny's mom was left, and she raised Benny and two other children with her. The two kids were the offspring of the guy who caused the death of Benny's father in the first place, but she didn't know that.

The Love Factor
The love between Benny and Fennie was so romantic. He was willing to die for her, and attempted it also but was rescued in time by Fennie. How you may ask? Well rent the series because it is definitely worth your money, infact buy the VCDs so you can watch it over and over again.

The Hate Factor
Nicola Cheung, sorry to all the people that like her, but I think that she is ugly with no talent whatsoever, plus her voice is annoying, and her facial expressions are so ugly, especially when she is screaming or crying. In the series she was in love Benny since their first meeting and it continued even when she knew Benny was in love with Fennie. She even asked him why he couldn't love her because she has looks, personality, status, and that she is so much better than Fennie. Arrogant I
tell you. Benny did like her a little because later on she changed and did everything for him, he was even willing to marry her but then Fennie reappeared and of course nothing can compare with Fennie. She ended up with Benny's older brother who has loved her since episode 2. And also the man who was the father of Benny's older brother and sister. He is just sooooooooo stubborn. Dragons have to be killed and they are all evil. Well in the end he didn't hate Dragons anymore because Fennie sacrificed her life and her future with Benny to save them.

The I don't get it factor
Benny's older sister. In the series she is depicted as an ugly woman who cannot get married because she is known to bring her husbands bad luck. She loves money a lot and that is the reason she went for Da Peng, who is a rich lord. He was forced to marry her and he hated her cause she kept on causing him injury. The scenes between them were hilarious. What I didn't get was how in the end he loved her; it was done too fast with no evidence to prove it.

Best Scenes
Any scene between Benny and Fennie, and Benny's sister and Dai Peng.

Worst Scenes
Sorry to Nicola's fans, but any scene that she is in. How did she get popular anyway, she is ugly, has no talent, and no neck. Yuck!!!!!!!!

Worth Renting?
Definitely if you love romances. I mean Benny never married, and he held a torch for Fennie for the rest of his life.

The Ending
Well Nicola married Benny's brother. Benny's sister finally got her husband to love her. Sixteen years passed, Benny is old now and he meets a girl among the flowers (where he told Fennie the story of Wai Tou) who looks exactly like Fennie except she is like 16, and Benny is an old man. It ended which them walking together and Fennie telling him the story of the flowers, which was the exact same one he told Fennie. And it ended it right there. Hmm what do you think is going to happen, May-December Romance? Yuck, I don't think so probably he will treat her like a daughter.


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