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Written by Funn Lim

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


How Long
20 epsiodes/10 tapes

Ekin Cheng,Fennie Yuen,Lam Hiu Fung,etc

The Overview
I am sorry to say this but I didn't really watch this one.I mean they showed it on TV some time back,but I saw one episode,skipped the rest for a week and then one more,and skipped again.So basically I saw two to three episodes,but my mind wasn't in it.So this is why I am calling this an overview rather than a review.I have received so many requests for this one,and I have a feeling if I do not write this one,no one will be encouraged to write for a longer one.So here is my two cents worth of my thoughts,howvere brief it may be.

Basically,this is a story of our Ekin Cheng losing his memory in one big bomb blast in the middle of the sea,which killed an old man(should be his father),he lost his memory and there was another on that yatch,being Fennie Yuen in white.Through his own investigation as to who he really was,he met good friends like a cop(Lam Hiu Fung),discovered he has a really good friend in a guy I can't remember his name,but he looked like Frankie Lam,and he saw that woman who was with him during the bomb blast,Fennie Yuen in white,but he kept having this flashbacks of Fennie Yuen in black and ten million times much mroe seductive and dangerous.And then he discovered a shocking thing,this white Fennie has the same name as the black Fennie,so the question now becomes who is she?Is she the same person,or does she have some sort of a split personality disorder?Because one thing we do know,this Fennie was born as a twin,one reportedly died drowning caused by the other twin Fennie.So did that twin survive and home for revenge?And what has all this got to do with our overall nice guy,Ekin?Does his best friend has something to do with the bomb blast?

Again,I didn't watch all of it so I can't give you a definate answer.But I do know that Fennie's twin did not die,the best friend should be the biggest suspect and dear ekin should have a happy ending.

Interesting Observation
A friend of mine who saw this some time back has this to say of this series;"I slept through half of it,it was really boring".If statistics could be given any credibilty,especially HK's rating system,then this series is really bad,because it was a major flop.Some said it was good,some said it was boring.Being a mystery,I don't think they can ever drag it to 20 episodes and still remain engaging,for the fact that I skipped episodes.Moreover,we all know how good an actor is Ekin Cheng,to me he is more of an icon than an actor,all style but really,sometimes he could be like a piece of log,being almost expressionless,but nevertheless I still like him because he has this really likebale face,up until he left Maggie Siu for an artist that I never like her face,Gigi Leung.
All I can say is,watch it,judge it,and send in your long long long review to me so that I can add it below here instead of just having this nonsense of an overview.


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