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Written by Kamie Leung

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


Gallen Lo - Dang Bing Kuen
Flora Chan - Christine Fong
Gong Wah - Andrew
Nicola Cheung - Sardonna Fong
Tong Ying Ying - So Ly Ying
Florence Kwok - Francoise

Since Funn already gave an excellent description of the plot, I will not write another plot description! I will just give my opinions on the serial, so enjoy reading on!!!!!

Favorite Couple
Maybe it is because Flora and Gallen are such good friends in real-life, because I truly think Gallen and Flora is the best match! I think that Flora looks better with Gallen than with Bowie! And that is a hard thing for me to accept because I absolutely adored Bowie/Flora in Untraceable Evidence I and II! But it's true that physically, Gallen and Flora are really cute together! Tong Ying Ying and Gong Wah were not that cute mostly because Tong Ying Ying is not that pretty and her petit features does not fit with Gong Wah's body form. Quite awkward to look at them!

Best Performance
It is a tie here! Flora and Florence! Flora was surprisingly funny as Christine Fong! And Florence is a likable Francoise although her actions are not likable at all! Florence played the jealous role well, as a viewer I related to her jealousy towards Christine! As for Flora, she was touching because you can tell that she really likes Gallen but unfortuately she is a ghost! Flora acted the most natural in this serial than all the other actors in this series! Gallen did a good job but the spotlight is on Flora and Florence in my opinion!

Funniest Moments
Two stand out in my head: 1) when Flora demanded that Gong Wah get in bed and work on having a baby! Quite funny and unexpected from Flora's usual collected persona! Never thought she was so good at playing the bossy role! 2) Gallen saw a butterfly or a moth?, he killed the insect with his shoe and his mom and dad was like bowing to the insect because they thought it was the reincarnation of their dead uncle! There are plenty of other funny moments but most of it is forgettable and these two are the ones that made lasting impressions on me!

Worst Performance
Nicola Cheung. She is not a bad actress. It is just that her acting skills are quite boring. Her face is not very welcoming, in my opinion. She is irritation at some points because her voice is a bit high and sometimes it squeaks! She just looks wide-eyed all the time. And she doesn't do well in crying scenes! But other than her, the rest of the cast was likable or tolerable!

VERY SWEET!!!!!! I was SO happy that Flora and Gallen kissed under the water! It was romantic and made me say "aw, how sweet!"
Worth Renting: If you are a fan of anyone in the cast, then you'll love this serial! But if you are one of those people who analyze everything and likes logic, then this is not the serial for you! But if you just want entertainment and sweet moments then please RENT THIS!!!!! It was highly enjoyable! Definitely worth your money! And it just gives you an idea as to why Flora and Gallen are so popular!

Interesting Notes
Flora is a very popular actress and she is fast becoming the TOP TOP actress of TVB! Now that Esther Kwan is gone, TVB will surely dedicate their promotion to Flora! Gallen of course is very popular and he truly deserves it! His performance wowed audiences with serials like "Secret of the Heart", "At the Threshold of an Era I and II", and of course "Old Time Buddy!"


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