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Written by Funn Lim

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


Which Is : An ultra long saga about a woman named Sau Hau and her often bittersweet relationship with her in laws,her husband's other women,her absent husband,the war,poverty and triumph of the human spirit set in the turbulent decades of China going through a social change in old Shanghai time.

How Long : 50 + tapes/100+ episodes.

Who :

Amy Chan ~ Tse Sau Hau
Steven Ma Jing Tao ~ Fong Ho Sang
Sharon Tang ~ Cheung Man Fung
Gilbert Lam ~ Fong Ho Man
Lam Wai ~ Wai Sai Bong
Maggie Siu ~ Ding Man
Wong Jung Kwan ~ Lok Ping
Chun Pui ~ Fong Sai Faan
Seung Tin Ngoh ~ Sek Pui Pui
Lee Heung Kam ~ Gam Fung Ji
Bau Hei Jing ~ Fa Yihm Ha
Yeung Ga Nok ~ Jiu Saam
Wong So Fun ~ Ho Siu
Gam Saan ~ Tse Cheung
Yiu Ji Wahn ~ Yeung Giu
Jiu Hoi Yee ~ Tse Sau Lai
Mo Kei ~ Yeung Hok Hin

The Plot : Very interesting,but being oh so long,somehow something will always go wrong.For example,the span of years being a decade or so,things couldn't be anything more interesting because it is 100 episodes and there aren't much except for repetition.But the basic storyline itself is very interesting and should be appealling to everybody,especially the older generations.So here is the plot;

Sau Hau is your typical uneducated Chinese young girl from a really poor farming family.Not the modern typical type but the good old chinese type,she rarely speaks,she will work too hard,she will do anything for the man she loves(even is it was not love at first sight),she will do anything to survive(not being illegal or immoral),she'll try not to be jealous(but deep down she is),and most important of all,she is bloody nice and too kind for her own good.And she is pretty too,so not that typical of a chinese lady of the old days.One day,the rich first wife of a really rich land owner liked her so much,and being oh so sick due to her failing health,she ordered her son,Ho Sang(Ma Jing Tao) to come home,and basically tricked,cajoled,ordered and demanded that he married this nice young girl.He was very reluctant but being a good son,he married her and subsequently ignored her.But during the course of thsoe few days that they were together,he discovered that she is really one good woman,and he fell deeply in love with her,slept with her,then left for the army because you see,he is also a good citizen,wanting to fight for his country against the big bad Japanese people during WWII.And off he goes,leaving his wife,and though the wife may want him to stay,but is a good wife to do...well,let him be a man and go!Then things starts to be even more interesting in her husband's absence.The first wife died,Sau Hau became pregnant and guess what?Old lover of her husband's came back,heavily pregnant!And get this!She is the rebellious daughter of the Sau Hau's husband's family head servant!What a small world.

Which explains why he didn't want to marry Sau Hau in the first place.He was secretly having this sordid affair with Man Fung(Sharon Teng),a nice but over demanding GF who looks like his dead student GF that died in a shootout between students and army fellas years and years ago.So basically,he fell for her because of her looks.Anyway,he used her,slept with her and against the advice of her own mother whom she hated with all her heart,she fell deeply in love with a man who didn't even bothered to tell her that"hey!I am going off to war,I am getting married and I am leaving you",making the woman think that he was forced to marry Sau Hau(true!),didn't love Sau Hau(false!) and will come back and marry her(maybe!).That began a lifelong saga kind of relationship between these two women who hated each other.You see,when Man Fung came home,she was heavily pregnant and not married.People almost wanted to drown her as was with the customs of old China for unmarried pregnant women BUT Sau Hau came to her rescue,because her husband told her about his sordid love affair with that girl and being oh so nice and kind hearted,she rescued Man Fung much to the chagrin of her father in law(because you see,son made a girl pregnant,didn't marry her,that's a real big shame to the family name).Over the course of the whole pregnancy,Man Fung contracted Chicken Pox/German Measles(of which I am not sure),and everybody avoided her,refused to give her medical treatment though she was pregnant.But Sau Hau came to her rescue once again,and she became fine.But after the birth of her daughter,Man Fung suffered from Post Natal Blues,and almost drowned her own baby,but in the process caused the miscarriage of Sau Hau(how,I forgot).Everybody hated her even more,including her own mom but Sau Hau though was saddened by her loss,she lived on and forgave her.And over the course of the years when her husband was busy fighting the Japanese bad people,they will encounter many problems,like bankruptcy,building the whole damn business again but this time,they'll create a textile empire,have lost of bickerings as to my husband loves me,my husband loves me more than you routine ,only to have Man FUng realsied,during one time after the war where the husband's belongings were brought home,Man Fung who didn't know how to read asked what he wrote in the diary,and Sau Hau not wanting to hurt her feelings,lied a bit by replacing her own name with that of Man Fung's,and Man Fung was overjoyed that he was thinking about her all along,and then Sau Hau mentioned cycling.Oops!Man FUng never went cycling with him,then she realsied he didn't love her anymore,and for once she stopped arguing,stopped waiting for a man who is clearly not coming back for her and raised her daughter and fell for a rich guy,who also hates his own prostitute mother played by Lee Heong Kam.Nice isn't it?

Anyway,her husband after the war went AWOL(Absent Without Leave),and surprise surprise,thinking that he was dead,they went searching for him and found instead his war buddy,that wan his superior,Lok Ping(if I am not mistaken).ANd he liked Sau Hau so much that he fell for her,but Sau Hau clearly indicated to him,"Sorry man!I am booked for my husband only!".And after many many search done,they finally found bim,only to have him lost his memory and gasp!Living with another woman whom he called his wife(Maggie Siu)!!!!They met during the war,she a nurse and he a soldier but they weren't close.But after the war,he was hit by something,lost his memory and she took care of him.For his years of absence from home and lost of memory,she was his strength.Sau Hau was angry but he forgot about her.But they took him home ,tried to revive his memory,Man Fung was exceptionally emotional,in that she slapped and screamed at him for the injustice done to her big sis(they have since became sisters),and then that other woman,Ding man(Maggie Siu) had the nerve to come looking for him!He was clinging to her like a baby would to his mommy and in the end,to cut the loooooooong story short,he regained his memory,with him remembering one really traumatic event that happened in the past(his mom died,he was very sad and took to drinking,and he felt trapped because he was married to Sau Hau,a woman he didn't even know,and then one night,whilst he was drunk,Sau Hau came into the wine cellar looking for him,and being a woman of very few words,she slashed her own wrist and said that "Since you want to die,I as your wife will die with you" and from then on,he became the old nice and responsible Fong Ho Sang and that was how he fell for her),and he kinda loved two women now,Man Fung was never in the equation.He married Ding man as the second wife(not officially actually,since in the old days,mistresses can be considered wives),as Man Fung was granted a divorce and she married Sai Bong(Lam Wai),but to a very sad ending.And later,Ding Man also left him for another man(Lok Ping) because she realised he just didn't love her like he did many months ago before he saw his first wife again.In the end,one plus one,then plus two more,made a really unhappy family of four people,NOW IT WAS FOUR MINUS ONE,MINUS ONE MORE and you have one monogamous couple,Sau Hau and Ho Sang!Lovely,isn't it?

How About..: I missed out on a lot of people in my plot story above because then it will be too long and too confusing.Being a hundred long episodes,there must be more drama than the above right?TRUE!

Tse Sau Lai : She is the youngest child of the TSe family,and her sister Sau Hau loved her dearly.But because theyw ere too poor,they sent her away to live with someone else(I can't remember who) and she disappeared,only to reappear many years later bearing a strong resemblance to her mother(not because the mother played two roles because the actress herself bears a very strong,almost erriely strong resemblance to the actress that played her mom,perhaps they're sisters?) and is a prostitute.Heart wrenching moment,and she fell for Fong Family's second son,Fong Ho Man,but he was and still is in love with his sister in law,until he came to his senses that he won't have her,and so he settled for the second best of the Tse family,ignoring her sad and sordid past.

Fong Ho Man: Almost the unwanted child in the FOng family because Ho Sang was like the perfect being.They didn't have a good relationship,and he wasn't a good son until the war came,brother gone to war,family only old men,old women,young women and one young man,which was him.For once he took responsibilities when the family became really poor,worked as a trishaw puller,and earned his way up to respectabilty with his family,people and himself,ran the textile business later,and then brother came home and well,he was happy.But during that time,he fell for Sau Hau,but repressed it when she made it clear "No way,Jose,I am only for your bro",and so he fell for the next best thing,and diodn't really care she was a prostitute.A good man actually,not as wimpish as his brother and definately less women.

Wai Sai Bong : Young kid made it great on his own,he was really mean at first.Wanting to take over the shop that holds the Fong Family Textile business,Man Fung hated him but later,after being repeatedly wooed and pursued by this man who genuinely loved her daughter like his own,she married him.But before that,this man shares a common thing with Man Fung,he hated his mom too.Man Fung hated her mom because she was always working,she had little time for her and she was a servant,and so she imparted the "your'e also a servant's daughter therefore you're not good enough for anybody except the really poor ones" to her beloved daughter,not with malice actually .Sai Bong hated his mom simply because she was a well known prostitue and he probably didn't know who was his daddy.Sad really.But they forgave everybody and almost had a happy ending but Sai Bong had a bad relationship with the Japanese and he was cruelly assasinated.And the Man Fung became Oscar Schindler aka Schindler's List,and used her husband's factory as a safe haven for chinese dissidents,children running away from Japanese army and at the same time pretending to work for them but actually she is a spy for her country,but people was mean and called her traitor but they didn't know better.All for her husband actually becaus eher husband may have been a mean businessman but he was never a traitor.

Lok Ping : Mean army friend of Ho Sang,they became best buddies,lost contact,met his wife ,fell for her,rejected by her,met Ho Sang again,became friends,met Ding Man,became a reporter like her,fell for her,she fell for him,they married and lived happily ever after.

Best Scenes : Plenty actually.But I can't remember the exact details because I saw this like years and years ago.But most of them involves the bittersweet relationshop between Sau Hau and Man Fung,their good relationship that is often interrupted by moments of "WHo he loves most" routine once in awhile.Other than that,I can't really remember.

Also Sau Hau's expression everytime a new "other woman" walks in.

The Ultimate Classic Scene : Being a classic not because of being really good scene but because being really lousy scene,which would be the ending.I mean 1997 has passed,they're like sooooooo old,sitting together,happily.Good,if you just ignore the hours we had gone trough,like 100 episodes and that's teh ending they could give us?Can't they come out with anything better?

One I must mention would be the idea that this Ho Sang,has so many wives,and one by one left him to marry other and in the end,it's back to THE ONE ,that is his officially and legally married wife,Sau Hau.I am sorry to say this but the very idea of this is funny.Don't know why though.

The Most Sickening Aspect : Also the ending.Sickening because "Is that it?!" would be your expression towards the end."But what about.,...and the......and that......or that.....or this.......or they....".Nope,no such thing.Ending only Sau Hau and Ho Sang.But what I really do want to knwo what about the others???

Most Compatible Couple(s) as in the serial : Without a doubt,Ma Jing Tao and Chan Sau Man.NOT Cheng sau Man but CHAN Sau Man.One good looking,another pretty,both very cordial to each other(charcater wise) and both as good in their acting.

Most Confusing/Mind Numbing/"I Don't Get It" Aspect : It would have been much better if they kill off Ma Jing Tao's character,create a love affair between Sau Hau and Ho Man because frankly,the idea of that is really very delicious.I eman,bro in law with sis in law,in old china,during turbulent times,would make more drama.Instead of just showing her being such a passive character,wait and wait and wait for her husband and probably,Ho Sang would be singing,"Oops!I did it again,I played with your heart,...ooh baby baby,I'm not THAT innocent",everytime a woman walks in with him.If it weren't Ma Jing Tao,I would really hate this guy.Anyway,what is confusing is why let him live?Because we MUST have an ending of perfect relationship,husband must get back with wife?Wife must wait for husband?So that Maggie Siu has something to do in this series?It could almost be boring you know,because I mean women after women.Why can't it be men after men?If that is the case,probably I wouldn't have declered my affection for Sau Hau by calling her a good woman right?Maybe it's not that confusing after all.We must give people a good moral based story,forget the fact that this guy slept and never married the other women officially.

The Most Hated Character : For a moment,Sharon Teng's Man Fung>She could be annoying but you would emphatise with her situation.In love and waiting for a man who didn't care a bit about you.

And almost everybody hated anybody that came between Ho Sang and Sau Hau,that would be Maggie Siu's Ding man.Frankly,I like her.It's not her fault,he didn't know he was amrried and by teh time she did know that he was married,she can't just walk away right?But at the end,when she realsied that the man didn't quite love her as much,she very bravely walked away.So basically she would not have my vote as the Most Hated Character.

Frankly,the Japanese Army would have my vote,not because they showed them "rape,pillage and plunder" because I read in history books that they raped,pillaged and plundered.

The Most Lovable Character :You'll say Sau Hau.

My Most Favourite Character : You'll say Sau Hau,but i will say Ho Man.Because i like a guy who knows his weaknesses,knows that he is wrong and works damn hard to correct his inadequacies and then triumph over people expectations of him to fail.

Best Performances : Everybody was really good,so I really do not need to mention names.But one name I must mention is Ma Jing Tao.
This guy in Taiwan is well known for his over acting,but in this series,he was surprisingly subdued,and in the end,he let his eyes do the over acting,if you know what i mean.His vouce was dubbed,since he can't speak Cantonese but what a nice voice!So suitable.Anyway,he was really good in here,and after this series,I realised he can be really good,if he wants to be.Excellent portrayal of Ho Sang.

**Alert!Alert!Hacker detected!Hacker detected!! **

"Excuse me,Ma Jing Tao good?"

Not again!Seagull,is that you?!What do you want?????

"I can't believe that you say he is good.That man overacts,he rubs his chest when he is angry/sad/happy/whatever,what's so good about him?"

Aiyer,ok lar,answer you lar har,but do not delete my files!!!!!!Do not let his Taiwanese series fool you into thinking that's all he could do.I admit,people may still find him,a little bit too not to their taste,I am not his fan but you have to admit it,he is good in here,though he may seem like one expression fits it all,but his Ho Sang reminds me of this gentle and cool guy,however expressionless he may have been in this series,most of the time.

"I didn't watch this one"

Try it,but probably the only thing you can't stomach about this series is the really long story with 100 episodes and longer series.

"Was he good looking in here,like Louis?"

He's really dark in here,not tanned and I have to admit,he should play Ho Sang during the war,with little to eat.He is so thin,so ok ok,your Louis is the most good looking of ALL.

"And a better actor too!"

Maybe,but when Ma Jing Tao just act ordinarily,no throwing of chairs,screaming his lines,where he isn't playing creepy fellas,he could be really good as an innocent guy.Though I really hate his character in here,but I like Jing Tao personally.JUST IN THIS SERIES BY THE WAY.

"You're like contradicting youself.Like the person,hates the character."

Same thing as I like Miu Yeuk lan in Flying Fox but I hated Charmaine Sheh,just in this case,it's the other way around.I mean why not?Can what?!

"Ok ler,I still do not like him.I am logging off now,so more updates from you?".

If you don't go deleting my files again!By the way,if you really wanna know more about him,go to my All About Yue Ling site under Taiwan section,I have a review on his series,Green Green Grass By The River,where he was tolerable,and very very young.Maybe I should write one for Xue Ker,then maybe you'll love me for it,because I could really trash him in there.And you were right,thanks for bringing to my attention the chest rubbing habit of his.Maybe he thought he could be sexier like that.


Uh,never mind.Go away then.

"Ok,then and hey,good work!"

And you,great work my friend.I am glad how things are going with this website,though reviews may be so painfully slow in being uploaded.But for what it is worth,I like to say this in print for all to see...thanks for letting me scream my opinion,beginning with DIF IV and many others afterwards.You have been a great partner.

"Eh,you sound like you're retiring or something."

Aiyor!I was just trying to be sentimental lar!I am not leaving but I haven't been catching up,probably because I have little time these days.But I'll catch up with some good series later,and notwithstanding what other poeple may write for whatever series,if I have seen it,I'll add to it,ok?

"Ok ler,I am busy too you know."

I know.....with your Koo Workshop!!Aiyer,never mind.Good riddance my friend,and everybody else who is still reading this PRIVATE THOUGHTS!!Shame on joking.

I must add that the above is just fiction,as was with Moonlight review but Seagull has read the Moonlight one,and agreed with it.So,actually it was just a simple way to distract you and not let you go biting my head off for what I may have to say about this series.I know,I am cheap!

If I were the writers I would ....:Make this series a whole lot shorter,maybe half of it could be edited or summarised,kill off Ma Jing Tao's Fong Ho Sanga nd create a much more sordid and passionate love affair for Sau Hau,make it Sau Hau's story instead of everybody because then this series becomes a bit muddled and a whole lot more unfocused though you may still see this in Sau Hau's point of view,give a much mroe better ending,I mean not necessarily that to show hope in HK,must they alwyas end it witha glorious and peaceful handover of HK to China in 1997?Since this series was before 1997,it was a hopeful ending,but now that it is year 2000,this series can be seen as a series that could be a reality,a better future,but hey,just saw 10 minutes of the future HK!And by the way,wouldn't both of them like be really old?The make up department could buck up a bit,and what's the silly thing with a pocket TV?Good I am sute but looks more like a super imposed tv screen onto a pocket calculator,so the props dept could buck up more,the make ups are terrible in here,and so was the costume,so costuming dept should buck up even more.

In the end,the story itself is good but everything else that goes with is is really very second-hand.And all the ATV actors looked so familiar,like don't they have other actors?Oh yeah right,no other actors,that was why there were two Taiwanese actors in the series.

Anyway,great voice dubbing by the HK counterparts.

If I were you,I would.... : Rent this for my grandmama.I don't know about you,but I have this feeling that the older generations always love this kinda story,you know,old China,one woman's struggle,bad in laws,other womens,husband missing,etc.

Is it worth Renting : First half od the series,yes,because it was very engaging,but the momentum of teh storyline fizzles out by second half.For those who are hoping for a fast reunion between husband and wife wil be sorely disappointed because the reunion was quite touching but somehow by that time,I just didn't care anymore.Again,because the length of time for the reunion was simply much too long before it really happened and when it did happened,it was just anti-climax.It was like you know there would be a reunion,which made it boring.And the ending was terrible.In fact,half way through,you would be tired of this series because it was all about reperirion,rich,poor,rich again,poor again...husband gone to war,husband came back,husband gone again,husband came back again,Sau Hau waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.Same thing al over again.And though their relationship was kinda touching,AT FIRST,but after a while,it kinda fizzled out,because,PLEASE REPEAT AFTER ME....the series was just too long!

Interesting Facts : A hit in HK and a mega hit for ATV.In fact,the biggest hit for them for a long long long time.Won a lot of awards but then it won the ATV own awards,so not much credibility for that.Made Ma Jing Tao a household name,AND Chan Sau Man who came to ATV that year as TVB's top actress became even more famous.In fcat,she was reportedly very highly paid for this series.

But me being such a gossip kinda person,statistics ain't interesting to me.BUT this should be much more interesting.Reportedly,Ma Jing Tao and CHan Sau Man hated one another during the filming of this series.We all know that Jing Tao can be a bit difficult,some sdaid he was arrogant but Chan Sau man being uncooperative?Hard to believe right?So I dismissed it as you know,publicity stunt.But it seemed that they're still not talking to each other.

Interesting Comparison : Many comparisons.

Plain Love I?The one with Gallen Lo as a poor farmer,and Kathy Chow as a young poor girl forced to marry him,lost her husband,found another,met each other again decades later.Very similiar,only much more touching than Good Old Days.

Plain Love II?Similiar backdrop but nothing in common as to the storyline.Plain Love II incorporates a very modern idea into a very old China,you know,poor guy made it big type of storyline,one that would have you cheering.."COME ONE!!!!".

Schindler's List?The story and struggle of Man Fung during the Japanese occupation.Though obviously it followed the American movie of the Jewish plight during WWII,BUT Oscar Schindler was a Nazi German with a conscience whilst Man Fung was a CHinese pretending to work for Japanese government to save her own people.Talking about dramatic,and touching storyline,you should watch the American movie,because we Chinese shared a same plight with the Jews during WWII.

Interesting Observation : This series was set duing WWII,a turbulent year for the Chinese.I didn't know about this but my parents kept telling me,so I never forgot about it .It was passed down through generations,and though we read it in history books,it somehow may have gotten lesser attention because the Nazi regime's cruel treatment surpassed the Japanese regimes' treament of the Chinese,simply because more than a million Jews died in WWII,and at any given one time,thousands of Jews died together whilst though the numbers for Chinese was lesser,it was nevertheless not less horrifying.

I feel a need to do this,to remind everybody of our past,so that we can be a bit more careful and see the warning signs.

Like Jews,Chinese around the world are like immigrants,though we are a certain country's citizen,we never really feel like one.We were lucky,because we have China but the Jews,before Israel,had nowhere else to go.During WWII,the treatment of both these races were even more apparent.Germans hated Jews during that time,for various reasons which if I were to put it in here,this review will never end.Japanese hated Chinese because we funded our fellow Chinese wars against Japan,and also some other reasons that I really think did not justify their cruel treatment of our race.Perhaps we were gullible,we were also weak,and so they took advantage of our own internal bickerings,weaknesses and uneducated minds and used us for experiments,tying us to the pole,a plane goes by,releasing some germs in the air,and see how fast we could die.And then step on our bodies for the blood until the last drop,we were bothing but lab rats to them.And they massacred the Nanjing people,young old,men,women and child.everybody died there,and they used women,not just CHinese but every women they captured as Comfort Women,a nicer word for free labour of a prostitue,but we were forced.And then they surrenderd,their Emperor got to enjoy life until he died many years later(I heard it was a difficult death),with a whole nation mourning for them,top Generals committed the Kami Kaze,meaning they killed themselves,young soldiers sent to jails for decades.And in the end,we Chinese moved on and lived on,but have we forgotten this sad past?Never forget,that was what my family always say.

I was very angry,especially they never really apologised offcially,and for many years the Japanese lived under a self denial way,the torture never happened.But old people,who used to be soldiers at that time came out and tearfully recounted the events and regretted that they didn't have the courage to say No,though some did and was dealt with,just like some Germans said no and they were killed for their disobedience.I was so angry,I hated the Japanese,maybe I was a Chinese in old China back then.

But I read this book by Simon Weisenthal,a Jewish man who survived the holocaust and spent his whole life trying to catch war criminals through the law.SOmetimes he succeed,most of the time he failed.Some asked,why can't they just assassinate these guys?And his answer was,we should never ever become like them.And like the title of his book,we want justice,not vengeance.And how true because this was one man who acknowledged that there were good Germans who helped him,like Oscar Schindler who became the subject of Steven Spielberg's award winning movie of the Jewish plight seen through the eyes of a German.So perhaps then during our plight,there were good Japanese people.

But during those time,the fear of the Japanese people created a sorry past for America.They rounded up al the Japanese Americans and locked them in camps,for fear of everything.They were not tortured I guess but fear itself could create a lot of hurt in the process.It wasn't fair for their treatment of these people who just so happened to come from Japan,since they had nothing got to do with the war or the torture,but the racial slur for them were horrible,as was with us,the Chinese.

And then the A-Bomb ended it all,one on Nagasaki,and one on Hiroshima and to this day,the Japanese will mourn for the dead in these two places.Frankly,and I am not trying to be heartless,I was glad for the A-Bomb,because if not, the war will never end,more Chinese will be dead and the Japanese people will suffer from an even bigger inflated ego.

So in the end,what is left for us CHinese in everywhere else other than China?Frankly,I am a Malaysian.We had our sorry past too,like the racial killings during the 60's.We didn;t understand one another then,but we could tolerate each other now,because for economic success,we have got to create a peaceful nation for people to invest in.I guess greed is a good thing,in this regards.But I love being Malaysian.There was a time our government was afraid that we may still feel something for our motherland,but for generations like me.our motherland is Malaysia.I do not believe in tracing your roots.I was born here,and I guess I'll die here.I love my country,the streets,the food,the people,but sometimes I do feel alienated when we are not considered Bumiputras,meaning people from this land.It hurt,and it still hurts but I have confidence there will be a day,Malaysia will truly be Malaysian's Malaysia,and looking at the current condition,we may be on our way to be just that,and I would have even more confidence in saying that if one day we have a Chinese as Prime Minister but like our PM said in a recent interview,the time is not yet now,so again,I do feel great disappointment of this sorry observation,but you may never know,there might be such a day,maybe not in near future,but at least we are not killing one another.And you know you love your country when your country losses all the games in whatever games there may be and you still cheer for your team.Like I am cheering for my country in the Olympic games,though I know we never really can do it.

So ask youself,who do you owe your allegiance too?I owe it to the place I call home,and my country is my home.So please,do not burn your flags,because really,that's just too shameful.There is a big diference between disliking your government and disliking your country.Everybody loves their country,but they may disagree with the govermental policies.Now that is a different issue altogether.

Special Mention : Maybe you already know this but well,I am still going to say this.the Chinese title,bears two meanings.

Joi Kin Yin Yeung Tin

It could be "Good Bye To The Morning Day/After",which is so negative OR it could be "Encountering/Hello/seeing the Morning Day/After again",which is very optimistic.The Good Old Days,for the English title bears a signifant resemblance to the second more optimistic title.Anyway,don't count on me for translation,I could be wrong.


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