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Which Is :? Great Teacher Onizuka

Theme Song(s):
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Song 1

How Long :???? Amazingly,12 episodes.

It's About?? :??
Gui Jung Ying Zhi,or Sensei Onizuka and his quests in reforming his students,teachers,schools and losing his virginity to someone that he loves.

Remember? :?
This is a Japanese serial,comedy but with some drama in each episode.One story per episode and absolutely right to the point.Almost wished it is longer.

Verdict :?
Before I venture any further to tell you the whole story and nothing but the story,I would like to put this first. This is the first Japanese serial that I have ever really watched and frankly,after seeing this one,I regretted not watching MY Sorimachi in Beach Boys.Anyway,this is a very refreshing serial,very funny and extremely heartwarming.I watched the Mandarin version,which is actually exactly the same as the original version.Should I say this?I think I should.Watching this serial,I feel kinda sad for ATV/TVB/Taiwanese serials/HVD/TCS.Why?Because this serial managed to tell us what ATE took a 100 episodes to tell,life,challenges,bad greedy people,ungrateful souls,sacrifice and a few lessons along the way.EXCELLENT.

The Plot :??
A very simple plot,based on a very successful and highly rated manga series,by the same name.Ex-biker gang leader,Onizuka wants to be a teacher all his life and he realised that dream of his.So very optimistic and daring to just do whatever he feels is the right thing instead of following procedures and protocols,all the teachers disliked him except for 3,the Lady Chairman,Tung Yuet(the pretty English teacher) and the literature teacher.With students,teachers and the high officials conspiring to get rid of him under the pretext of him being a bad influence,at last he won the hearts of his students and the respect of his teachers with his very unorthodox ways of teaching.And also,he gained not just all that,he got Tung Yuet and at last,gave his virginity to the woman he loved with a condom that kept for many years.

So What About The Others?Just Ke-Le-Fe? :??
All the other characters played a very important part in telling us how hypocritical and stubborn they could be compared to our Onizuka.Though he may be porn loving,cigarette smoking and gangster looking teacher,whom I really doubt could really teach a good decent subject,but compared with all the other teachers,even Tung Yuet,he deserved his title,GTO because he has one thing that none of the other has;he truely and genuinely cares for the welfare of his students and though he may have used unorthodox and sometimes shocking ways to help and get his message across,nevertheless he has a heart of gold and with the noblest of intentions,how can we not love this very flawed man.

Anyway,in this serial,you'll meet some very stubborn students like the troubled Xiao Ya,Chun Zhi,a very arrogant but extremely smart computer wizard( I can't remember his name),the innocent Peng Zhi,the very emotionaly scarred Nanazhi.Also you'll meet a very scary Mathematics teacher,the very doubtful Tung Yuet,the very low self esteem literature teacher,the very mean old assistant headmaster,the kindly old lady chairman,the very malicious and greedy assistant to the assistant headmaster,PE teacher and also a very bitchy Home Science teacher.They'll all in the span of 12 episodes tried to get rid of our hero,and when you think the trouble with Xiao Ya is over,there comes the biggest problem,a rich and powerful politician taking over the school and sacking everybody.How then can our hero save the day with his philosophy of life,and never his fists?

The Most Hated Character? :?
All the teachers other than Tung Yuet,the literature teacher and our Onizuka.I laughed when they were sacked because they were so mean to the students(calling them useless and scums) and also towards the good and popular teacher, Onizuka. Because of their own unwillingness to unite and instead spent their days plotting to get rid of everybody else,they brought about the biggest problem to their school.But they redeem themselves at last,which is my most favourite scene.?

Xiao Ya who blamed the teachers and adults for causing the death of her beloved Ah Mon.She tried many ways to get rid of Onizuka but at last she realised he is one adult she could trust with her life,literally.And also because of the way she treated Peng Zhi,I really didn't like her at first.

That boy who looked like Ah Mon for trying to rape Xiao Ya but she was saved by Onizuka,and then when he lost in a hand to hand fight,he stabbed our hero,made false report that Onizuka was a violent teacher,etc.But he reedemed himself at the end.

The Most Pitiful Character :??
Onizuka.Poor man.He's just trying to be a good teacher and everyday there will be complaints against him and plots to get rid of him.And during one time,he had to resit his high school exams and forced to score 400 points and above (this is actually a plot to have him resign by the teachers) because frankly,he came from a third grade University and he took 7 years to complete that degree.But he did not it and then he got hurt.

The Most Saddest Character :??????
Xiao Ya.She really does loved that Ah Mon,so much that it is almost painful and her prince charming,Chun Zhi has always been waiting for a chance.When all her friends left her,even Peng Zhi,loneliness set in.Sad girl, for having so much hate in such a young mind.

The Most Kindest Character :??
Peng Zhi.Even when Xiao Ya treated her like she's really that stupid,she still nonetheless genuinely cares for Xiao Ya,her best friend since they were little children.And the happiest thing is,this girl is supposed to be on the way up in her attempt to be a young pop idol,thanks to the encouragement of Onizuka.

My Most Favourite Characters :?
Basically four.Tung Yuet for obvious reasons,Onizuka for much more obvious reasons,the old literature teacher because even if nobody listens to him,he dared to speak up even when Tung Yuet would not dare to.And of course,that student computer wiz.He is so cool.I just love it when he just stood up and left when that Xiao Ya's mom was giving her speech about the evil Onizuka.

The Best Scenes :??
Would it be too much if I say,every scene is the best scene?If I must choose one,I will state more than one.All the scenes that have Onizuka delivering his thoughts about how one should take action in their lives,all those fighting scenes ,the going back to school scene for Onizuka and also,the ending tape,where for once,all the teachers and students unite to save the school from demolition and frankly,I was so touched by that one scene.Truely a classic.And the funniest thing is,when Onizuka walked into the school with his students and practically kidnapped the school,everybody though he was crazy and that he must have been mistreating the students.The thing is,he didn't care one bit about the outside media.All he wanted was to prepare the school for their yearly funfair and for everybody to have a good time.Again,I would vote the ending as my most favourite scene,if I must vote for one.
And another vote from me,the scene where Tung Yuet came rushing to the school and our hero is at the opposite of the fence and she asked him how does he really feels about her and he just took out the condom that he has saved for all these years for the woman he loved and he gave it to her.How romantic...

The Worst Scene? :? None? .I have never said this before for all the reviews I have written and actually meant it.The beauty of this serial is it is so short and so compact,that there is no time to talk nonsense so basically,there would be no worst scenes because every scene has its purpose and message.

Most Favourite Pair :??
For this serial, definitely our hero and heroine, Onizuka and also Tung Yuet. Both so tall.

Best Performances :
Without a doubt, EVERYBODY.I must admit,whether bad guys,good guys,they can all act and act very well.Especially Nanako who plays Tung Yuet,very sweet though she may be a bit too much sometimes,in her bickerings with Onizuka.
And frankly,Onizuka's Sorimachi was quiite ok at first,I though he couldn't really act but when the scenes demand that he cries a little,I get emotional when he gets emotional.So I guess,great acting then.The thing is,this guy is way beyond cool,he is the epitome of manliness and he shall be my first (and only) male idol from Japan.And yet his character is flawed in every sense.He smokes in almost every scene,he oggles at big breasted women,together with his police pal,they watches porno tapes and even collects them,he acts ,talks and dresses like a gangster.You would not have? liked his character if not for his actions towards his students and his fellow colleagues.So I grew to feel some sort of an affection for this character,and in the end,I just wished,two more episodes please.I love this man.

Worst Peformances :
?Frankly,none that I could think of.?

Is it worth Renting :?
No.It's worthed buying and keeping for annual broadcast for your own private veiwing.Absolutely G.S.C.... Great Serial Collectibles.

Interesting Facts :?
Like I said above,based on popular manga series.But the cartoon does not look a bit like Sorimachi's Onizuka.I mean blonde hair and jeans wearing 22 year old school drop out.And the manga tell us more why he wants to be a teacher whilst this serial,it's starts off with him wanting to be a teacher but never telling us why.

This serial was such a hit,need I say more.It even beat another Takeshi,that is Takeshi Kaneishiro's serial,God,Please Give Me More Time (something like that) and got the 1st spot.Frankly,I am still cursing myself for missing Beach Boys,and again from what i have read,his character in that serial is a real no good SOB who lives on women's money and yet,we will still like him.Sorimachi is nothing like that Shazna group.Really,like HK people like to say,very Man.

He sung the title song and sorry Seagull,I really do think he is one of the few Japanese singers that can really carry a decent tune.And I like the song,I mean I don't understand a single word he is singing except for those translated into chinese words,so just hum a little and then sing.... da..da.da..da..da..da..da..da.. .poison.Love that song.

Interesting Observation :??
Do you think such a GTO exists?In all my personal schooling life,except for my University days,I have yet to meet a Good Teacher,more so Great Teacher.I mean strictly speaking,Onizuka would be a very bad example with his behaviour,and I doubt he can teach .But the thing is,any decently well trained teacher could teach but can they TEACH and reach out to their students when they're in trouble?I have yet to meet one.Sad I know.Maybe you have.I never liked my school teachers,very emotionally abusive and very insulting to us,and I was from an all girls school! I remember one incident when I was 15 or 17(I can't remember),we were all standing in the school assembly hall and we were supposed to be going to the opposite all boys school for sports day and the first thing that the discipline teacher said was for us not to flirt with the boys over there.I felt so insulted,and so were many of my friends.Yes,there were some who really flirted with the boys but frankly,where is the harm?If not how do we ever get to know any guys?That is why I have little respect for my teachers,who is more fond of using chalkes to draw on my face and pinching me until I cried and saying insensitive words.Sure,I've met good teachers,nice teachers,especially University years but none a great teacher like what is depicted in this serial.If there was one,I would either continue to stay in school and refused to leave or become a teacher myself.So far none gave me so much inspiration that I would want to be oneFrankly,when i left school I felt sad,not because I am leaving my beloved teachers,but because i really did love my school's compounds,assembly halls,a classroom with 4 fans,that Virgin mary statute that they took down some years back,those faded cross signs on yet to be repainted walls.It's the strcuture and the history that I missed,and I can't even remember a single name of my teachers.Sad.Hopefully,you could remember one,fondly.

Unimportant Stuff :?
Onizuka (in chinese words) has two chinese characters,if combined as one would mean a chinese character,SOUL,which? our hero has plenty of.


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