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This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


How Long : 10 tapes/20 episodes

Who : Kong Wah,Esther Kwan Wing Hor,Chan Siu Ha,Lee Ka Sing,Lau Yoke Chui,Wai Ying Hung,Har Ping and plenty of women in here.

What & Where : During the Ching Dynasty in the 1800,or somewhere there,it tells of the adventures,love and hardships of one particular girl,Miu Chui Fah(Esther Kwan) who would eventually gave birth to Fong Sai Yuk.

The storyline : Very simply,Esther is a small town girl who went to big city town with her nanny in search of her father who sells fishes,Miu Hin.The father of course greatly disapproved of it because he had one big secret and he didn't want his daughter to get hurt if the secret gets out.Of course,then things too a very interesting turn,and Esther ended up marrying the man that she hated,the richest man who had no power but good connections with a high ranking government officials,that is the arrogant and simply who had no purpose in life of a man,Fong Tak(Kong Wah).In a strange arrangement,they pretended to marry because dear Esther quite deliberately hurt a rich man's son who had power that became crazy and the father wanted her to marry that boy but Kong Wah saved her entire happiness by claming this she is his would-be 4th wife(yes,he has 1 dead wife,2 wives and 1 sister in law who is desperately in love with him(Lau Yoke Chui))..And so they married,knowing that they would divorce in a year's time.But they fell in love,but he rejected her love because he was in garev danger of being beheaded and so he divorced all his wives and pretended to be having an affair with his sis in law.Actually,it was all for a very honourable intention.

Then there's of course Chan Siu Ha,who plays Esther's No 1 enemy,Lee Siu Wan.But this girl fell in love with Esther's woman in disguise of a man.When the secret broke out and the girl was in deep trouble from prosecution for something she didn't do,Esther was so overcome with guilt she went all out to see for the girl's forgivess.If course,later the girl fell in love with her servant,Lui Lou Fu(Lee Ka Sing).

Then ether's this great sub-plot about how arrogant the foreigner's were and Kong Wah and together with the nation took upon them a challenge to see who has the better technology in making clothes.Of course,the gwailo's won but who can claim that after hundreds of years,the quality of our fabric is considered the finest art today and could still look like a new piece of clothes?Of course the Chinese.

The Hate Factor : Lee Ka Sing.I didn't his character.He was so in love with Chan Siu Ha that he would beat uo those people who hurt her feelings or otherwise and ended up,the girl was caught in suspect of being a serial head-whacker in the night.

The WIMP factor : At first,Kong Wah as Fong Tak.He had no worries and purpose in life because he is so bloody rich.But after a while,he realised there is more to money in life,and so he risked his liberty and almost his life to help the guerillas not because he wanted a Ming government rather than a manchurian government but rather because,he couldn't help but feel for the guerillas who risked their lives to do something honourable.And at lastmhe became in my opinion,the most unselfish man and it was so sad as he divorced all his wives,disowned his own grandmother and everybody misunderstood him including Esther.Of course,such a noble man deserve a happy ending.

The Most Dramatic Scene : The scene where Kong Wah was about to be executed and how his wives and Chan Siu Ha trained themseves morning and night to save him from his execution.And yes,they did become fugitives but don't tell me how that could become a happy ending.

The How About factor : How about Lau Yoke Chui's character?Well,she is the baby sister of Kong Wah's first wife and she must have been a little girl when her sis married that man coz that man has 2 children with that first wife!Anyways,she has the western thinking and she tried so heart to win his affection.Mind you,he does care about her,as a brother would.He loved his dead first wife but the girl just never realised it.All she could remember were the details of their supposed dating times,like when they had romantic candlelight dinner in a western restaurant,rowing boat.Actually,what she forgot to mention was that those were the times,he took her dead sister for datings and just so happens,she tagged along.So sad.

The Most Compatible Couple : Esther Kwan and Bobby Au Yeung was a potent combination,but Esther and Kong Wah makes a very attractive combination.They both looked good together and you could see those chemistry and sparks flying with the two of them,like they were flirting with each other with this very serious sexual attraction.That you don't see when she's with Bobby Au Yeung.

Is it worth Renting : Definately.It is a great family-comedy drama that everybody would like.There's comedy provided by Lau Yoke Chui and the wives,serious drama and great storyline.And could Esther Kwan and Kong Wah act.I never really liked her but here I would have to agree,she gave a fine performance remisniscent of Burning Flame.Kong Wah,as usual is good but I never thought he could do comedy.Maybe it's the monk thing in Journey To The West but here,he is funny,like he is in Ups And Downs,his 2nd latest serials to be released so far.

What Not To Expect : Torrid love affair between Kong Wah and Esther.All they do here is give each other a shy smile,wanting glances and affectionate touches.

What To Expect : Be really entertained.This is a good example of a simple custome drama-comedy that didn't have a big cast nor big budget but it still works it magic.

Is is BETTER than…: Name any serials at that time it was realeased and I would say it's just as good or even better.

ATV released Fong Sai Yuk? Different emphasis but this is obviously a serial that had at least a story to tell.Pls to go my ATV section to see the review for that serial.

Interesting Facts : This waa big hit and it was also the reason why Esther Kwan became the big sister of TVB.She won the Most Popular Actress at the TVB bash,and she became even more of a household name.

Esther Kwan and Kong Wah has something in common.They were both from ATV,the difference is Esther wasn't that famous there whilst Kong Wah was like Gallen Lo of ATV when he was there,but not much publicity though.In fact,almost 7 out of 10 actors you see are from ATV,such as Sunny Chan,Nick Cheung,and well,plenty of other small players.

Interesting Gossips : Rumour has it that the chemistry thing you see between Kong Wah and Esther was like real.To the point that the wife of Kong Wah flew back from somewhere else to check on him.Of course,Kong Wah is a happily married man and a father to boot and Esther is now happily seeing Nick Cheung,now a mega star himself.So it couldn't have been true.

Interesting Fiction : We know Fong Sai Yuk is real,but is Miu Chui Fah and Fong Tak real?

Unimportant Stuffs : This is a very very old serials so you would have to find the poster for it or know the cantonse name,that is Miu Chui Fah.


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