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This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


How Long
10 tapes/20 episodes

Louise Koo Tin Lok,Jessica Hester Hsuan,Sammi Cheng,Lee San San,voices of Miriam Yeung Chin Wah and Eason Chan(I think) as the dogs.

What & Where
Modern 90's drma all about love and relationships between man and women,man and man,dogs and men and dogs and dogs.A 100% love story,even for the dogs.

The storyline
Louise Koo is like your Bowie Lam of The Sky Is The Limit,unmotivated,unambitious,and very lazy as a low ranking policeman.Until he met Sammi Cheng when he was chasing a thief that has stolen Sammi's money.From then on,to better please Sammi who is on her way up the corporate ladder,he worked hard,studied for a promotion until one day out of sheer jelousy,he broke up with her and regretted it to the point of weeping for his foolishness of losing his dream girl.Sammi lived on.What he didn't know was there were 2 girl waiting to love him,one is Lee San San,who hated him at first because she is his superior in the K9 division(the one where police walks with dogs as partners instead of human) and he is like so lazy but she fell for him for the most obvious reasons,he is damn good looking.Then there's Jessica,the ugly duckling compared to her friends,absolutely hardowrking and loves animals so much she works in an animal clinic.She hated Louise at first but somehow realised she loved him because of again,the obvious reasons and probably because he was like her first love (to her that is).AMny many episodes later,Jessica won Louise's heart and love and yet when Jessica realised that Sammi is like still in love with Louise,she did what most women would never do,she walked away for like 1 episode.You see,they're both best friends and Sammi used her education fund to pay for Jessica's grandma(or some relations,I can't remember) hospital bill.But well you know,there is always a happy ending.And what about Lee San San you might ask?She was madly pursued by Lam Hiu Fung,her subordinate and Louise's best friend.She didn't want him for also the most obvious reasons,he's not that good looking.But alls well will end well,so you will have a happy ending here,depending on how you see it.I see it as a sad ending.

The Hate Factor
Lee San San,because she can't act(but she is tolerable here) and the way her character treated Lam Hiu Fung.I mean the guy may not understand No for an answer but that didn't mean you have the right to break his heart by ripping apart a teady bear that he so very thoughtfully bought for you,IN FRONT OF THE PUBLIC!So you'll hate her and pity Lam.And yet there is this scene that you'll kinda pity her.You see,she knew that Louise will never love her but everybody else in the police station know about that too.So they laughed at her right in front of her face whilst she was running tearully back to her office.I mean she may have been mean to everybody,but she did not deserve such treatment,even if she can't act out such emotions during that scene.

The WIMP factor
You might think Louise but I would say Jessica's character.Wimp may be too strong a word but i can't think of another word to describe her.She wasn't unreasonbale,just a wimp I guess.You see,she did many things to win his heart,like in a typhoon rain,she ran to the beach to save Louise's dream boat-in -making from being swept away to sea,where she could have hurt herself you know and drown.Any man would have fallen for such an act of love and care,Love the man,love his dog,love his boat.But I would say it's just a lame excuse and very cheesy scene.Anyway,later into the serial she discovered that her best friend wants her man back and she dutifully gave him back to a best friend who just hopes and never really wants him back.She became unreasobale to drive him away,not wanting to see him,avoiding him.And yet she gets jealous when she thought he went back to Sammi.Think about Lee San San's character in DIF IV and you'll know what I mean.Again,it just tells us that women never say what they mean and never mean what they say.I would just wish for one scene where she would fight for his love with this best friend of hers instead of pretending to be oh-so-generous to give him back to Sammi.The man ain't a ping pong ball you know.

The Most Unreasonable Character
Jessica's character,as explained above.

The How About factor
How about the DOGS you may ask?After all,this serial is called Man's BEst Friend.One called Rocky,used to be Louise's partner in his work but got hurt during one shooting incident and retired to be his pet,met and fell for Dou Dou,Jessica'e female dog(voiced by Miriam Yeaung).Nothing much happened between these two dogs,but they have their own mind and own voices,even ran away togetehr when their masters broke up.Anyways,very little screen time for these two dogs that I'll say not enough.And they're the cute factor in this serial.

The Most Compatible Couple
Tough choice,between Louise-Jessica ,Louise-Lee San San,Louise-Sammi or Lam Hiu Fung -Lee San San.Frankly,Louise never once laid his eyes on Lee San San,felt nothing for her in fact but I would say they're the most compatible though they were never a couple in this serial.Funny isn't it?Anyway,Jessica looked a bit boyish here compared to her Miss Mo in DIF IV which i felt there she looked so compatible with Louise.Here,something is not quite right.As for Sammi,she looked way too old for Louise.

The Best Performance
I agree with Seagull,the Dogs act better than some artsists.Their eyes,so much emotion,perhaps Lee San San and Charmaine Sheh should take acting lessons from those people who taught the dogs to act.For a human performance,definately Louise Koo.Again,surprisingly,he is very good in comedies,such as Recipe For The Heart.I like him here.

The Worst Performances
Lee San San as eaplained above.Sammi Cheng for obvious reasons,she is a singer.She can't act,but this woman has got star quality aritten all over her.And very brave of her to not put on any make up for some scenes,or maybe she did but lightly.But still,she can't act.
But she can sing,and the serial's songs,sung by her are quite pleasant.

The Unable To Rate Performance
Jessica,I can't say she is good and I can't say she is bad.But for such a lousy script,she did well I guess.But a bit bored by her acting,so it was quite pleasant to see her feminine side in DIF IV.And she is sufferring,in my opinion from over exposure.

Is it worth Renting
You want a story about romance, the usual expected endings,the usual about EVERYTHING,then this will be right up your alley.Strictly for die hard fans of Sammi,Jessica and Louise.Otherwise,save your money for something better.Personally,I was bored stiff with this serial,and very very disappointed because I would've expected more out of the very interesting premise of working police dogs and their masters,instead they opted for a love story.

What Not To Expect
Intelligent storyline.None here.Interesting scenes,none here.Touching scenes,none here.Emotional scenes,none here.Great acting,not quite so here.A happy ending for Sammi,none here.Probably this is the only exciting twist to this serial.With one Louise and two women fighting for his attention,one being Sammi and the other Jessica,one a superstar,another an actress you might think that Sammi would've won.I thought so too.The only good thing about this serial is you need not look like a star to win the hearts of a man with good looks,just the beat of intentions and the most giving actions,like saving his boat,cooking for him.Which is bad because here,Sammi lost him to her career.So can't have career and a man I would say as illustrated in this serial.Farnkly,I wished Sammi won,because she deserved to have both her career and her man.It would be sooooo interesting if for ONCE,I could see a woman saying "You ahve him" to her best friend,and really walk away for good instead of wanting him back secretly.That is why,though I hated DIF IV,the romance between Louise-Anne Heong- Jessica was every refreshing,something totally unexpected.

The Verdict
I hated it.Though I hated all Chung Yao(writer of HZGG)'s story,I was still adcited to them because they have a little bit of I guess,Charm but that would be giving to much credit to those usual storylines.Perhaps,I get to be really emotional watching her serials.But for this presently reviewed one,I feel nothing and I fell asleep watching it.But I finished it because I wanted to knwo who Louise' ends up with.You might love it,but again ,3 words after the . symbol. I hated it.

Is it Worse than…
Side Beat?Difficult to say.Both as bad,one of the worst from TVB in their respective years.Just two examples how a great concept was killed because the writers preferred to make the love story the central theme.

Interesting Facts
It is a great wonder how Lee San San can be so consistent in all her acting,really bad.Some would improve after one show,like Charmaine,she did improve in DIF IV but it was still a pain to watch her act.Anne Heong who improved tremendously in Legend Of Lady Ynag but still i would have hoped for a more experienced actress for such a demanding role but she carried herself well.All thosee second line actresses who act really bad but could still manage to be better than Lee San San.Maybe she had a happy childhood or something.Anyway,I really do hope to see some improvement in Lee San San but I would personally feel that even towards the end of the wolrd,she could never act well.She should either sit down and gather her thoughts on how to portray a character or just quit,which would be a pity because hs eis pretty and one of the few actresses that has more flesh than bones.I think that her failure in her performance is probably she could not see the points in her character,or probably she is just a hopeless case.What a great pity.

This serial was released during the low ratings times for TVb so it wasn't that much of a hit,and I can understand why.

Listen to the voices of the dogs and guess who they are.


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