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This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


How Long
10 tapes/20 episodes.

Ng Kai Wah,Kenix Kwok Hoi Ying,Liu Kai Chi,Ng Mei Hang,Ho Bo Sang.

What & Where
Modern 90's love story drama set in Hk but look too Japanese too me,mainly about life,love,dating,marriage,divorce and how the couple rekindle their love for each other again.

The storyline
Not much for a storyline.Anyway,to put it simply,or even if I do put it in a much complex way,it is still that short.

Kenix broke up with a guy,met Ng who just broke up with his lawyer GF,Ng,and it was love at first side.After only months of dating each other,they married.Life was great until her stubborness and his uncaring attitude began to show themselves to each other.Suddenly they discovered that they're not who they are,and after more disagreements that isn't really disagreements,they divorced.But they still live together in the same house because neither wanted to move away from their dream apartment.Later on,Kenix was madly pursued by Ho(a former playboy who decided that he wants to settle down with Kenix) whilst Ng rekindled his love for his former ex-GF,Hang.Not many episodes later,after one case that left Ng emotionally scarred for like 30 minutes,he went crying to Kenix and they spent the night together,thus realising that they still have feelings for each other.But then,Ng has a duty towards Hang,who by now pretended to be sick with heart disease or something.When he knew it wasn't true,he went running to Kenix who also explained to Ho that she have no feelings for Ho.They were together for only a short time when Ng discovered that Hang did indeed have cancer and she did die from it on her flight to go home(other than HK).Feeling guilty,he left Kenix and wandered alone and some time later,in the final episode,they saw each other again on a ferry ride(or something,I can't remember),and there was the ending where they just looked at each other and smiled,happily that is.

Short isn't it?

Why So Short
You see,you would know that this serial wil not have much to say when in just 2 tapes,they married and divorced.It is just a matter of 8 tapes before they got back to each other and how.You would know that the whole premise of this serial is that some people are just made for each other,if they just put aside their differences,so with Ng and Kenix being the couple here,you would know that Ho and Hang are just mere distractions.Being a wise viewer,you are never distracted.That is why this summary is so short,because basically this serial offers nothing in depth,even if it supposedly deal with a very heavy subject,divorce.

The Hate Factor
I hated Kenix's character and I pitied Hang.For one,Kenix's character is too naive or maybe immature so poor Ng,a big time lawyer marrying a very dependant woman.She was unreasonable and I can't see why Ho would fall in love with her when he had a better stewardess GF.You might say that Kenix personifies an innocent girl,a girl true to her heart.I would just say she is plain fickle-minded and a pain to love.She was the one who wanted a divorce and yet she was the one who wanted to get back together.She is one confused girl,and the more confused she is,the worse the effect on Ng,who is caught between two women,one he loved and another he couldn't not love.

The WIMP factor
Ng Kai Wah's character.The first question is,what does he want?And the second would be,what does he REALLY want?This is one lawyer,supposedly mature and stable in everything,be it emotionally,financially,physically and yet he does not know what he wants.We know he wants Kenix because even when they were signing the divorce papers,there was reluctance on both sides.You know he loved her because he tolerated her,let her live in his house,and became her friend,and confidant.But yet,he would start a relationship with his ex-GF,giving people false hope when all along in his heart,he had Kenix.So at last when he has that chance,he left Kenix because of guilt.And the whole indecisiveness starts again.That is why I would call his character the WIMP factor.But that doesn't mean he is not a good man of course.

The Most Dramatic Scene
None. Nothing dramatic about a show that you know is about divorce and that they would eventually get back together again.Perhaps not dramatic but touching scene would be when Hang died.Totally unexpected.

The Most Compatible Couple
Ng and Hang?Maybe.Kenix and Ho?Maybe.Kenix and Ng?No would be my answer.

The Most Painful Person To Watch
Ng Kai Wah is not as painful to watch as this one artist,Kenix Kwok.I know,you're all her fans so shoot me but I am not talking about her performance,that I have no complaints,maybe a little.It is her appearance.She is pretty but the problem with this serial is she always wear those tight jeans,short blouse and when being much too thin,it will not even look good.Her clothes looked like they would fall off anytime,so she is that thin.What do you expect for someone under 100 pounds and is 5'6" or 7"?It pains my eyes to look at her,as much as it pains me to look at Calista Flockhart,and that makes the show less enjoyable.The only nice thing about her thatlooks nice is her hairstyle,no not her hair,looks totally unhealthy but the style,very young,and vibrant.You may say I am biased,you may say I am jealous.No I am not.I rather put on a few pounds than to look like her,like no energy and very tired.I mean Ng is like so thin,and this girl is so much more thinner.Perhaps,they're quite compatible in this factor.There is nothing attractive with being unhealthy and look like one.

Best Performances
Surprisingly,none.But the fact that the actors can still carry out their role decently,in this half baked storyline is a wonder to me,and perhaps they all deserve some recognition.Not even Liu Kai Chi could save this serial from boredom.

Worst Performances
None actually,though some acting are pretty raw,like Ng Mei Hang.But she improved tremendously in Legend Of Lady yang as Mui Fei.Might I add Kenix Kwok?Though I am not a fan of hers,I would try to judge her objectively,performance wise.She is fine actually,to say that she is the worst here would be too much.But there are times she is just too annoying to me,and apart from being the most painful person to watch in this serial,her performance in all the serials she has acted is quite varied but still the same.Some good,some bad.But you do notice,when she plays a very nice girl like in ATE,she speaks very softly and her eyes look downwards.When she plays a very loud and opinionated girl like DIF series and in this one,she would look directly into the other actor's eyes and talk louder.Her performance can be categorised into two facial expressions only.Can this be a criticism?I do not know.I do know that acting is not easy and I might be worse but when a reviewer like me can categorise her acting and tell you in a few words what her expressions will be in all her characters,perhaps it is time that this actress evaluate her performance.When an actor or actress become all too familiar in all their roles,like Jessica,Wong Hei,Bobby(all great actors),and even sometimes Kong Wah,it gets a little boring.THe one thing that an actor must maintain is an ability to be different,and blend the character into you,not you being the character.We all know looks are the same but with just a few changes here and there in expression,every character that they play will be a milestone.The one person that is never the same in all his roles is Liu Kai Chi.Always something different to look forward to.And I am beginning to see that in Marrianne Chen as well,but this may be too early to give such a praise to her.So this is my honest and unbiased opinion of Kenix's performance.

Is it worth Renting
Frankly,if you're a fan of Ng or even Kenix,you might love this one.And since I am neither a fan of both,nor am I a fan of a story that lacks originality and anything exciting or different,I didn't quite like this one.I find it boring,and a waste of my time and money to watch this one.If you want something different,something that makes you think,something much more emotional or a drama or a comedy or one with great storyline or great acting,avoid this one then.

Is it Worse than…
Side Beat?Man's Best Friend?I can't decide which is worse.Even if I am like the number one fan of Wong Hei,Louise or Liu Kai Chi,I do regret having to say this;all three serial suffers from boring plots and almost non existing storyline.And again,an interesting premise such as police dogs,part time police or divorce(like this one) is pushed aside for a theme that the writers probably thought would be much more compelling,like relationships and love.The thing is they could be compelling but yet somehow,all I could feel is boredom because nothing much happens to a relationship in a very lighthearted drama/comedy.It takes a big serial filled with deaths and tragedy to make a storyline about relationships to be very compelling.If it is about a lighthearted drama,then the central theme must either be familial relationships or situation comedy/drama,not just plain love relationships.That is why these serials will fail and do fail to be remotely interesting.

Interesting Facts
The whole serial have this japanese feel,in fact the names are so Japanese.Why?Because this whole serial is exactly the same as the Japanese counterpart!

Ho Po Sang is a vegetarian.

The last I read,Kenix is weighed at 97 pounds.

Ng Kai Wah,after his very successful role as the surgeon in Healing Hands,rejected the part of a villian in ATE and will instead be Cheung Mo Kei in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre,which stars Gigi Lai Chi and Charmaine Sheh,Again,destined to be a failure because he is way too wrong for that role.And then there's Charmaine.Better go for the original or the one with Ma Jing Tao.


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