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Written by Funn Lim

This review was posted many years ago, exactly when I am not sure but it should be within months from the original broadcast of this series. I am posting it as I have posted it originally.


Chinese Title
Ming Tian Yo Ni which incidently does not mean Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow in English. It means There Is You In Tomorrow.

All the biggies are in here like Kevin Lin, Steven Ma, Xiao Qiang, Viviab Chen, and plenty of recognisable faces but I do not know their names.

The truth is that I didn't finish watching this series. I skipped and the reason why this review is written in the first place is just a plain excuse for me to comment on Steven Ma and Vivian Chen. But from what I did watched, this series is about a bunch of people being rivals for the love of one woman and how somehow they all change partners halfway through and change of hairstyles towards the end of the series.

I could only remember the first few episodes, where Steven is your typical ARTIST (as in interior designer) who has talent but is unappreciated. He lives with his long time GF Vivian who is a gifted fashion designer waiting to be discovered. At the meantime she sells cheap designs at the local shopping complex. Steven and Vivian are quite a happy couple until in comes Kevin, your typical suave, handsome and bloody hell rich successful man who sets his eyes on the naive and pure Vivian. Steven doesn't quite like it but he tried to understand the whole darn thing and then, skip a few episodes they break off and moves out of their poor relationship, literally and figuratively. Kevin begins to woo Vivian who has now become an inhouse fashion designer for the former GF turned best friend of Kevin's whilst Steven became discovered for his talent. But alas, in comes Xiao Qing, a mother of a young girl who turns out to be Kevin's daughter. they once had this relatinship, but he left her, and she has to support her child through the hard times by donating blood. They become friends when they meet again and at this point of time, Kevin is engaged to be married to Vivian and in comes the jealousy fight between the kid and Vivian for Kevin's affections though Vivian tried to be a good future step mother to her. And by this time, Steven is now seeing Xiao Qiang but holds this grudge towards Kevin and tried to destroy him from one episode that I could see. And then skip a few and the kid disappears and Kevin almost blames it on the distraught Vivian who is the one taking care of her. And skip a few more, either the kid becomes sick or is lost or kidnapped and Xioa Qiang resorts to all superstitious methods to get her child back. And then Kevin becomes really sich until he vomits blood, and then the next thing I remember, I missed the last episode. So I can't tell you the ending.

Best Aspect
Can't rememeber any. It was not very memorable, except maybe for one; Ma Jingtao's back to his good old soft spoken, whispering self again. Hardly raised his voice in here.

Worst Aspect
The set, looks exactly like a set. Boring. And Kevin is supposedly very rich, but his clothes does not reflect his social status. Xiao Qiang is supposed to be average in money but her house is so big. But again, maybe Kevin pays for the house. And Xiao Qiang looks too old for Steven, Kevin looks too old for Vivian. I was hoping they will switch partners and I really can't remember if they did do that.

The Performances Rated
I saw only a few episode for this ultra long series and from those few episodes, I could safely say that you can read my reviews on the individual stars in my ALL ABOUT YUE LING : CO-STARS for comments on their overall performances and strangely, it could have been an excerpt from this review itself. I do not wish to repeat myself.

Best Performances
Kevin Lin. Steven Ma was just ok, but not very ok though. Xiao Qiang was ok.

Worst Peformance
Vivian Chen Derong. I hated the fact that she still plays innocent girls when she isn't young girl anymore. And she has this same pitiful look in all her series. A very limited in expressions kinda actress and it was disappointing.

Funn's Recommendation
If you like weepy Taiwanese series or weepy love stories with nothing tragic, or a serious drama with no comedy, or Kevin Lin, Steven Ma, Vivian Chen or Xiao Qiang, this is the one for you. If you do not like any of the above, AVOID THIS!

Interesting Facts
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this series was that the main lead actresses came to promote it in Malaysia. Xiao Qiang and other two actresses came and Xiao Qiang looked simply ravishinbg with her skin tight top, colourful pants and her braided hair. THey talked about their characters, how they felt about it and they went shopping at..where else...KLCC! But the most interesting thing was Xiao Qiang. In this series, she looked haggard, old and frankly, hated her dry brown hair. For a moment she looked fat. But when she came to Malaysia, she was simply radiant. Perhaps it was the make up. Nowadays, she looks old.

Kevin Lin didn't come to Malaysia though. Anyway, in the beginning of the series he had long brown hair which was ugly. He always had this scarf around his neck. He looks exceedingly fat and I hated that look. And then I sipped a few episodes and voila! His hair was those Ceaser cut, with some WHITE hair thus making him looked older and more distinguished. And he was so much thinner! I wonder how long they took to film the series?! Such drastic change!

Interesting Twin
Doesn't Kevin Lin remind you of a certain Japanese star? I've said this before and I shall say it again; he looks like Fukuyama Masaharu. TRUE! Especially when they smile, almost like brothers. But of course, I personally feel that Masha is better looking. Eh! Personally, ok..... so don't go screaming WHAT?!


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