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"But I would have hoped another 20 minutes on the above scenes would have made this movie into a brilliant one. Do read the book to fill in the gaps."



An opinion/review on the 1st part of the movie on the 7th and fina; Harry Potter book

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I just rushed to watch Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 1 and I am very very impressed with David Yates who in movie 6 managed to show the scale of Hogwarts and in Movie 7 managed to show the urgency of the situation at hand. It is a scary loud movie and at times tender and incredibly manages to be funny as well thanks to Rupert Grint. I believe he has taken the essence of the book or half of it and made it almost as good as the book. Luckily this last book has 2 movies treatment because 1 movie does it no justice. Most scenes in the book are in this movie. So I am very very pleased. However a few major problems or rather details in the book not included, therefore made the movie less than the book and sometimes incoherent;

1. I believe Wormtail's death in the movie is different, if he is dead. He should be since in the book he is dead in that scene except he didn't die the way he did in the movie. By changing the way he died changes the entire relationship between Wormtail and Harry and the ruthlessness of Voldemort, that he will even kill a loyal servant, that Wormtail died because of a moment of mercy he showed on Harry. In the movie he died very very differently and rather meaninglessly.

2. After being taunted by Voldemort who appeared out of Regulus Black's locket, Ron actually destroyed that Hocrux and cried. He actually cried and wept as Harry told him quietly that he loved Herminone as a sister and he heard Hermione crying sometimes, missing Ron. That's when Ron knew for sure Hermione and Harry didn't have any relationship as taunted by Voldemort. The significance of that scene is Ron's real feelings, and how he was taunted so cruelly and how Harry responded. However the movie for whatever reason did not show Ron crying or Harry's consoling words. I find it a bit cold. It was Ron's moment, and he should have had that moment.

3. In the beginning when Dudley was leaving, his unrepentant parents did not bother to say goodbye to Harry, but Dudley rushed over and in his way apologised for the years of abuse of Harry. It was a closure for Harry and for his only living relatives, one of whom Dudley. It also shows to us a changed Dudley, capable of good things perhaps, we may never know since we never heard from him again. It was Dudley's big scene and this movie for whatever reason decided to summarise this and totally cut that out. I find it terrible, that in the Dudley remained the same when in the book he changed after the Dementors attacked him.

4. The entire back story of Regulus and how he betrayed Voldemort and stole the Hocrux from the cave and his relationship with Kreacher which shows Kreacher somewhat in a good light was cut out totally. We know who was RAB but we don't know how Regulus got the Hocrux and I doubt part 2 will explain that. This is significant because Regulus was like Sirius, born into a dark arts pure blood family but chose to sacrifice themselves for goodness. I hope part 2 retains the scene how Kreacher is treated with respect and in one of the best scene in the book, how Kreacher led the fight against the pure bloods.

5. I am not sure if it will be in part 2 but I hope the conversation with Ollivander and the role of Griphook will be given justice. I am not happy how Griphook's role in denying the Gryffindor sword in Bellatrix's hands is fake and not the real one. There is a significance since Griphook being a goblin would not have helped a wizard to lie but he helped Harry. That was cut from this movie.

6. I am sorely disappointed the scene where Harry saw Luna's bedroom and saw her sketched of Harry, Hermione, Ron and I think Neville with the words like best friends or something was cut out. That scene was touching to show Harry felt an enormous gratitude to Luna for believing in him and he felt a rush of affection for Luna hence his closeness and friendliness with Luna. I would have wished Harry ended up with Luna.

7. The most significant of all, Harry's anger when he saw Mad Eye's fake eye on the door of Delores Umbridge's office. How his cover was broken was when angrily he ripped the eye out to take with him, angry at how Mad Eye was killed. That scene was missing and the eye remained there on the door. I find that cold and not very like Harry.

8. The entire story of Bill and Fleur just sort of appeared. Might as well just write them off.

9. Why the significance of the visit of Rufus Scrimgeour to Harry is cut out is beyond me. The great thing about this book is it shows how even supposedly people on the good guys' side will use ruthless means to a desired end. Rufus was supposed to get Harry to stand on the Ministry of Magic's side as their poster boy, but Harry rightly refused. This scene is significant. And Rufus' death is even more significant since he knew where Harry was but supposedly he was tortured to death but he didn't betray Harry which made Harry realised he may have been too harsh on Rufus Scrimgeour. I love Bill Nighy but he played this character like an insane sort of guy. The guy in the book described as lion like would have been more formidable looking.

I still feel Harry is lacking the anger and emotional turmoil although Daniel Radcliffe was funny when he had to be different characters. He has a gift for comedy. But the dramatic acting is still lacking. Rupert Grint lacked some anger in some pivotal scenes but frankly he is the best actor of the younger actors. He has serious talent in comedy and I think he did well. Emma Watson improved and I love the fact that the scene of her wiping out her memory from her parents was included in the movie, shows the urgency of the situation and the sadness. However she is way too serious to be the level headed Hermione I know from the books. Good thing is that in Book 7 Hermione has to be so serious looking. But I still don't like Emma Watson who still doesn't seem where to stand in a room full of people; she looked awkward. The adults were all great even if their role is reduced. Helen McCrory was a miscast and also terribly underused.

Anyway I felt some scenes were great, like when Harry, Ron and Hermione drank Polyjuice potion and entered Ministry of Magic as 3 adults and these 3 actors portrayed the 3 younger actors' personalities perfectly! I love how Snape appeared. I love all those scary scenes were not deleted but in fact played out in full. I really love how the 3 brothers' story were told in animation and I find that creative and artistic. I love Dobby! And when he died I was very sad, I was sadder reading his death but the movie did the scene justice. When Hedwig fell from the sky I was in shock eventhough I knew that was coming. I like the fact that Fred and George are given something to do than to just stand around like in previous movies. I dread Part 2 because of what is coming for the twins. I cannot stand Ginny so I am glad her role is minimal. The most waste of space of the role of Narcissa. No dialogue at all, just wallpaper. Draco had some scene but not enough. And I thought Dumbledore was buried standing up instead of laying down. And most of all, the last scene should not have ended with Voldemort getting the elder wand, it should have been a long or far shot of Hogwarts since Part 2 will deal with the great battle at Hogwarts and the destruction of further Hocrux and a major revelation.

I have a feeling the director will manage that well but I hope Neville will be given his day of glory and Ron as well. Very significant roles as well for Mrs Weasley. But I really want Neville to have his day. And more importantly, Snape. This will be Snape's moment and I hope this movie, after 7 movies will not screw up Snape's big moment and the answer to why he did what he did.

Anyway for all my complaints, Part 1 is a great adaptation. You can't have it all, especially for such a rich book as this one. But I would have hoped another 20 minutes on the above scenes would have made this movie into a brilliant one. Do read the book to fill in the gaps.

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  1. Love the movie..cant wait for the next part. I still love book 3 and 4 the most!!

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  3. Bridget29.11.10

    This one was definitely my favourite movie of all. People were right saying that this was the best adaptation yet, although I agree with your list of missing scenes, along with these ones:

    1. When the trio goes to Grimmauld Place and the transition from when Kreacher insults Hermione but then shows his respect to her at the end of the discussion, I thought that was important dialogue that shouldn't have been left out.

    2. Not only Dudley, but the scene where specifically Aunt Petunia parts with Harry I thought was key and missing. I would argue Aunt Petunia and Harry have a more intriguing relationship given Petunia's history with Lily and the way she parts with her nephew in the book also speaks to her knowledge about the kind of danger Harry is about to face.

    3. I don't like at all the way the writers handled the whole radio plot. In the movie it was Ron's source of comfort and annoying to Harry but in the book it is supposed to be all 3's source of comfort. The radio storyline is supposed to show that in this huge mission the trio are not alone, that they have friends and family who may not know about the Horcruxes but are joined with them in this dangerous mission, and this gives them comfort as well as hope.

    4. Maybe this will be addressed in Movie 2 but I thought the whole scene with Lupin coming and wanting to join the trio and then Harry bluntly telling him to take off was missing.

    All in all, though, it was very good adaptation. It is difficult to show everything in the book, after all. I thought the way the movie opened was brilliantly done, and I was also glad to see the scene of Hermione wiping out her parents' memories, which technically happened 'out of camera' in the book, as it was very sad and the way the scene panned out to show the trio in their individual 'last moments' before the big mission I thought was moving and to the point. This movie focuses more on the trio and I like that, although as you mentioned it left out some key characters' and their development such as Kreacher and Luna.

    Can't wait until next July!

  4. Just a little comment, as far as I remember from the book, and I just re-read it, there is no discussion between Harry and Lupin in the 7 potters bit. Tonks only anounces they got married in the kitchen.
    Later on in Grimmauld Place Lupin tells the trio that Tonks is pregnant and offers his help, followed by the discussion. Just to be sure, I guess that Lupin doesn't visit Grimmauld Place in the movie?

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