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[17.02.2011] ALL MY OPEN LETTERS

Kenneth Ma, Ma Ming, Sir

I love you. You know I do. I am watching The Hippocratic Crush and I do love you. But please stop pouting! Please stop biting your lips or look like you're about too! The moment you get angry, you have this pouty puppy dog look and your lips, already rather thin, gets thinner!! How can anyone with thin lips can pout so much is beyond my level of understanding. I love it when you act really really really angry because that's when you don't pout and you look scary BUT when you're moderately angry or you get very emotional, you pout and it just destroys that authoritative sulky faced guy image! I mean I am beginning to think Him Law is more watchable than you because he doesn't pout! Please!!



Him Law, Him Him, Handsome,

I sorta love you too. You have improved a lot in acting wise. However I am afraid viewers still remember that nasty scandal, however cute you are onscreen. But no worries; I understand you have reasons. Work hard, improve more and make your character likeable which I already do feel he is. Keep up the good work and thank you for not stripping. All credibility will be gone if you do!



Tavia, Miss Yeung, Miss "everchanging looks",

Fire the makeup dept. That person is making you look pale and drab, boring and the bloody lipstick isn't red enough! It has no colour! Your hair is still darn short. I am bored with your looks. But acting wise, so far quite good but I feel zero chemistry with our Mr Pouty Lips. At least you are not shouting your lines and that is great news for me. But your nose... sideways is hard to look, frontal is still bearable. You don't look too thin but your face seems way too sharp and thin, almost as sharp as those surgeon's blade! Ouch! Yes, if looks can hurt, yours just sliced me. Why? Why does a pretty ordinary looking but perfectly ok face girl wanna go and do that to herself? Your button nose was beautiful. Now you put too much powder on your face, your face too sharp and the nose.. the nose!! Everytime I concentrate on you, I get blocked by that nose! So I had to not concentrate at you and for an actor, that is bad news! I heard the procedure you did can be reversed and I beg you to please reverse it!! Please!!! Other than that, good performance. 



Dear Ben Wong and Mandy Wong,

The Wongs of this series,  I do think both of you are good. Ben, you look like a real deal neurosurgeon with an attitude problem and Mandy, you are looking believable as a young intern even if you character is really not very likeable. Too sulky. You can sulk contest with Kenneth and You will win because how can I ever be angry with Kenneth eh? Hopefully you will have a good storyline.



Producers of The Hippocratic Crush,

That is one stupid title. I like the Chinese title, 36 hours on call, so why not call that? Anyway, so far I like your series. First 4 episodes is mostly on patients care, and the dilemma facing doctors and the interns and residents and I like it. Healing Hands was so superficial and you did what they couldn't do; make the hospital look real. At least the exterior is real and what a nice looking hospital. However those interns and seniors and what nots sort of relationship, I do not believe they're ever that cordial and close. So I like how Ben Wong and Mr Pouty Lips don't get along which is great! Get out the claws! I also know later on there will be love story and I shall enjoy the medical dilemma for now until the love story destroys the medical dilemma part. At least this is not 4 In Love, which is really going round and round and round and round with the stories, when we know where they will end up.



[21.02.2011] Was watching this series today, getting rather... interesting and melodramatic, anyway suddenly my mom said loudly "How come her nose top is so... meaty? And her nose so high like those gwailos?" and it was Tavia and I explained what she did, and said luckily it is reversible since only injection and right here I must confess I am not sure IF IT IS reversible but I just follow the general opinion of netizens and my sis said "Where got nose job can be reversible?!" and I said "GOT! No longer smash inside, just inject away!" and I wasn't sure if I was right and my mom said "Her nose is distracting" and that ladies and gentlemen, is why it is very important never to mess with something too much! Now even my mom can't get past her nose tip! And when you got past it, it is the idea that Tavia = boredom. I mean she is a competent actress but to sit there to watch her is like = boredom and I realise her nose whilst distracting is actually making her interesting as in to talk about! Because if not, normally would you sit down and talk about Tavia Yeung?! And then there's Mandy and her sulky faced character. I hope she gets to smile beautifully some time soon because however good an actress she is, I am darn bored with her sulking away, more so now that she discovered...*drum roll!!* ...that she and Tavia are full sisters!! Woah! Woah! Like as if I wasn't expecting that! Well, I wasn't. I thought half sister. Oh that scene I hope Tavia develops and attitude and scold Mandy? Never happened. At all. Kenneth is ermmm... handsome but overacting in some, pouting too much in some other.  Him Law is cute. Seriously, he is the cute, beefcake reason in this episode and his acting has improved like to stratosphere. I bet he would be most improved in the next TVB awards until he got itchy hands and well, feel like punching something. Again seriously, I kinda believe his version of story. Like I said, he may be a two timing jerk (if report is to be believed), that doesn't mean he is a woman basher. Anyway speculation time; I think Tavia will get brain tumour, sister Mandy and boyfriend(s) Kenneth and Ben will all try to operate on her to save her, thus

1. saving her relationship with Mandy
2. proving Kenneth loves her a lot and she places her trust on him
3. Ben is a gentleman loser in love

And everyone in this series will gather around to watch the operation whereby Tavia will fall into deep coma and then wake up and everyone looks to the camera and say "That is why doctors are best best best!". Ok, maybe not the slogan part but you get what I mean.

OR this could happen to Mandy but Tavia always gets her man! Always!!

[07.03.2012] Poor Dr Cheong Yat Kin. He just got demoted by Fu Chai. Look at how she addressed him in her letters. MR Cheong Yat Kin!! 5 years of education, another probably 5 years of training, a neurosurgeon and he is MISTER Cheong Yat Kin!! Poor man!

[08.03.2012] A wonderful episode on 07.03.2012 where Yat Kin Tau's brother suffered from low self esteem issue and Yat Kin Tau was at a lost and Yu Chai managed to provide some very nice relief that made his brother very happy and I was thinking after this how can Yat Kin Tau not fall madly for this independent resourceful woman? She used action to prove her love for him whilst Mandy schemed. Granted she wouldn't have the budget nor time to do what Yu Chai did but nevertheless, what Yu Chai did was a very kind gesture.


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